Brighton Hippodrome Uzuri Hotel Resort ICI Plant & Headquarters Tower Striga 1 Korea East-West Power Headquarters Asia Aerospace City
Moorgate Exchange 5 Pancras Square Wanda Skyscraper Solar Orchid Mall of the World 2014 WAN Glass in Architecture Award Shortlist
Clubhuis VVW Blankenberge 20 Farringdon Street K21 Thane One Santa Monica Gateway Yacht Club de Monaco
2013 Commercial Buildings Award Winner Crescent McKinney and Olive The CUBE Infoversum Home & Shopping HQ Building Urban Skyfarm
Hankook Technodome Beach houses Bank of Shanghai Data Processing Center Phoenix Towers InsectCity and the BuzzBuilding Room, The Beaumont
Suning Plaza Heathrow Terminal 2 Abu Dhabi Airports Architectural & Engineering Framework The Transformer Skyscraper Competition MAA Mixed-use Complex
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