Australia Post’s NSW Headquarters The Sandcrawler Garanti Bank Regional Headquarters New Bondway Løgstør Sports Hall River Champagne Bar Competition
Imperial West Research and Translation Hub 1144 Fifteenth Wine Trade Center RMK Headquarters Window of Guangzhou Ham Yard
Hub Créatic Heron Tower to become Salesforce Tower London? Novartis Office Building and Visitor Reception Lotus Exhibition Centre and People’s Park Northeast Asia Trade Tower South African Embassy
Wood Wharf Singapore Sports Hub Brighton Hippodrome Uzuri Hotel Resort ICI Plant & Headquarters Tower Striga 1
Korea East-West Power Headquarters Asia Aerospace City Moorgate Exchange 5 Pancras Square Wanda Skyscraper Solar Orchid
Mall of the World 2014 WAN Glass in Architecture Award Shortlist Clubhuis VVW Blankenberge 20 Farringdon Street K21 Thane One
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