Famen Temple Zen Meditation Centre Stade de Bordeaux Sancaklar Mosque Stadium of Salvador Joao Havelange Stadium Kangneung Speed Skating Arena & Sports Complex Masterplan
Olympic Swimming Pool Arena Steel structure shelters for rock churches Rio Olympic Park and Village 'Designing for Champions' FFR Grand Stade Cathedral of Northern Lights
Stéphane Diagana Athletics Centre Raise Nouvelle Cathédrale Notre Dame de l’Assomption Deal struck for promotion of London Olympics design work Interfaith Chapel, University of North Florida Olympic Ice Rink
Phoenix Stadium Reader Review: Temppeliaukio Church and Kamppi Chapel of Silence Reader Review: San Cataldo Cemetery University of Leicester Sports Centre Drayton Green Church Sultan Qaboos Sports Academy
Winning with WAN Ulm Synagogue Circuit of the Americas Japan National Stadium Skidome Denmark Arena Calcetto
New National Stadium Qingdao Chengyang Cultural Arts & Sports Center YIBD C 1-20 Nike Camp Victory Masjid an-Nabawi Mosque Tianjin Tuanbo Tennis Center
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