Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean St. Petersburg Football Stadium China Central Television Station and Headquarters Palace of Peace Marina Bay Sands University of Iowa School of Art
The Beijing Olympic Green Convention Centre Watercube- National Swimming Centre Hummingbird Centre Yellow Dragon Hotel Vershina Utah State Performing Arts Theater
Bognor Regis Redevelopment Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision Deventer City Hall/ Library Haeundae Hotel The Louvre The Savill Building
Tianjin Museum Tate Modern 2 Newcastle Region Art Gallery Cinema and music complex Edificio Veles e Vents House of music
Musée Des Confluences Cidade do Sexo 2012 Olympics - Procurement Seafront windshelter The Beacon The Good Life: New Public Spaces for Recreation
Lee Valley Regional Athletics Centre Lift New Parliament Dubai Crescent Club St Paul’s Church, Onslow Square London 2012 Brighton Marina
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