ArtA Cultural Center Rupp Arena Archivo Sports Building, Godolphin and Latymer School Public Plaza, The Broad Art Museum Designing with Nature
Hy-Fi, MoMA Arena das Dunas Temporary Pavilion HP Designjet T2500 Kennedy Center The Curragh Racecourse
2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Park Santiago Bernabeu Stadium Caracas Stadium Towson University Arena Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium Richard Meier Model Museum
MegaFon Olympic Pavilion Laureus Learning Pavilion Redesign and expansion of MoMA Iron Arena Studio Art Hall at Pomona College Interview: Nico Marques/Photekt
New Queens Park Clark Art Institute Christmas Tree Cultural Center Dartmoor Arts Theatrical Space Taekwondo-Won
Outdoor Room Kimbell Art Museum Gulfstream Racecourse The M├ętaphone Anne-Marie Edward Science Building at John Abbott College Museum of the Human Body
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