Balcony window FGH-V P2 Gallery Music School Louviers Alteration/extension of Farm House Chapel of Rest IMARSPLASH Rathbone Market
The Way of the Enthusiasts WI Product System National and University Library of Slovenia Lancaster University Engineering Building Egar Mueller street art North-West Cambridge development
Arts centre on Olympic Fringe SEMPERIT sliding gaskets Wallis House conversion Anthony Floriade 2022 Schlaich Bergermann and Partner
Surgical University Clinic Ulm KBSTI AllesWirdGut Formula 1 Lotus Sculpture Monolithic apartment block MEGAMAN LED Crown Silver
Paisley World Cities Network 425 Park Avenue The new KONE MonoSpace Glaster Perclax
Exhibition Road Expansion, Victoria and Albert Museum Dudley House The Grand Canal Square Theatre Catmose Campus The Titanic Belfast The Titanic Belfast
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