China Central Place KIA Headquarters Building Penang Global City Center (PGCC) Petra Gateway Editorial Nanjing Center for Chinese and American Studies
Ernst & Young Building Huvafen Fushi Spa Capital Airport The Apeiron House ’Ö’ Yusuhara Town Hall
CNBC Awaaz Real Estate Awards 2007 The Israel Museum India’s Top Architects Awards 2007 Residential District Kamraj Domestic Terminal Building at Chennai Airport Emerald Gateway Project
159 – Marni Aoyama The growing Genghis Park Hyatt Guangzhou Mixed-Use Tower Cityscape 2007 Editorial Palm Deira
Al Sharq Office Complex Beijing Olympics 2008 Medeu Village & Ski Village Astana Stadium Museum of Contemporary Art Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art
Burj Tower Colours House F2-2 Mixed-Use Concept Summer Palace Rooftop Garden Living Wall
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