Sherborne Qatar Design Competition Nebuta-no-ie Warrase New City Hall and Concert Hall Nebuta House (Nebuta-no-ie Warasse) Hutye Civic Center Museum of the Built Environment
The Jewels of Aoyama Mirza Shafi Wuhan Greenland Center Museum of the Built Environment 3Beirut Summer International Business & Trading Center
Shanghai Museum of Glass The Ice Cubes Open House Conference Levinski Garden Library Casa de la Flora Pan Long Gu Valley Conference and Exhibition Centre
Gyeonggi-do Jeongok Museum of Prehistory Athletic Ripples China Comic and Animation Museum Vivanta Hotel Chu Hai college Eco-housing Development
Xiangyun Island International Cruise Terminal The Park Hyatt Maçka Palace The Jewels of Riyadh One & Only, The Palm City of Gandhinagar Vietnam Cement Industry Corporation Headquarters
Islamia Eye Hospital Extension Taichung Echo Wind Tower Serena Hotel Hongdae Project The DE BEERS Ginza Building Svalbard Science Centre
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