Hangzhou Gateway Qingdao Science and Technology City Cricket-based Communities Civic Cultural Exhibition and Activity Center (CCEAC) Reclaiming an abandoned quarry Kaohsiung Port and Cruise Terminal
Male International Airport Hua'An County City Masterplan Shanghai Oriental Sports Center Football Stadiums Kaohsiung Port Station Urban Design Ordos Protestant Church
Raffles City BDP Projects Congress Center Hangzhou Al-Irsyad Mosque Olympic Sports Park Siu Sai Wan Complex
Malatya City Hall Tung Chung Swimming Pool Bangabandhu Open Theatre A conserved civic building, Central Market Sun Moon Lake Administration office of Tourism Bureau Al Shaqab Equestrian Arena
Shahama and Bahia Revitalisation Master Plan Skynet, Logo Square, The Polytechnic University of Hong Kong Hong Kong Federation of Women T.S. Kwok Service Centre, Lockhart Road Pazhou District Masterplan Astana Arena India Glycols Corporate Office
Sherborne Qatar Design Competition Nebuta-no-ie Warrase New City Hall and Concert Hall Nebuta House (Nebuta-no-ie Warasse) Hutye Civic Center Museum of the Built Environment
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