One Island South SCA Design Studio Paragon Central Park Noon Square The Second Floor, American Club
Unilever The Children's Museum C.P.C Headquarters Deublin Precision Rotating Union Headquarters Universiade Culture Park Sugamo Shinkin Bank - Shimura Branch
Orchard Central DDB Singapore Grand Park Orchard Urban Paradox Taikoo Hui International Management Institute
Tianjin West Railway Station Shijiazhuang International Convention and Exhibition Centre The Wharf Yun Long Digital and Technology Park Hansteel Headquarters Nanjing Waterfront Redevelopment Design
Longxi International Hotel Connect-Inn ECO PARK MUSOLLA GUODIAN Ningxia Solar Co. Ltd Office Building Karle Town Centre SEZ Nanjing Tower Block
Barud House Diamond Arena Kuwait International Airport Riviera TwinStar Square The Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural and Popular Music Center Shanghai International Cruise Terminal
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