MADe YNL Design Kantana Film & Animation Institue Shanxi Grand Theater Taipei Performing Arts Center Beijing Bohai Innovation City
dotA O Studio Architects Sanjay Puri Architects University of Sistan and Bluchestan Restaurant Kuwait University Teaching School Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University, Academic Building
Teaching Complex at Western Campus, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Patna Museum The Presidential Archives Cultural Projects Yas Island Masterplan Bangkok University Landmark Complex
GDPE Landmark Building Reflections at Keppel Bay LH - Korean Land + Housing Corporation Pacific Dream Plaza Yuan Ze University Innovation Tower, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Travertine Dream House Terminal Complex at Abu Dhabi International Airport Earth, Wind & Sunshine Central Bank of Iraq Headquarters Zhengdong Transit Hub Masterplan Building Trust International - Moving Schools
MDIS Residences @ Stirling Crystal Hall Siemens Middle East Headquarters Trump Tower Manila Shopping Centre in Al Ahsa The Garden and the Tower: The OIC Headquarters
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