Park East Synagogue Conrad Hotel Museum of African Art Mariposa Residence Skid Row Housing - Rainbow Apartments World Trade Centre Development Team
Pittsburg RiverParc Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts 980 Madison The Olympic Sculpture Park The Micheels House Imagination Playground
Barry Diller Headquarters CB 30 apartment building A House for a Butcher and an Art Denizen Nazareth House Kultura UMDNJ New Jersey Medical School - University Hospital Cancer Center
The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art Eleven Times Square Toledo Museum of Art Museum of Contemporary Art Rutgers University Dallas Center for the Performing Arts
8 Millsborough Crescent Hill House Premier Lac du Nord Malibu 5 Lakeside Residence Larsson House, Lock Isle Road
139 Ledbury Street The Massa residence Sentinel Hill House Museum Plaza HANNspree Escala
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