Newark-Elizabeth Rail Link 340 on the Park Michigan State University The Wayne L. Morse United States Courthouse McCormick Place West Hendrie Gateway Pavilion
Mourning House Burj Dubai Suntro House Lamar Construction Headquarters Loblaw Companies Ltd The Banff Centre
Solar Wind Pavilion Chelsea High Line railway park Sunset Boutique Fake Plastic Trees at the Schindler House Nautilus House 2-INNS
Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America Home Office Luna Rossa, Sedona, Arizona Kayak House FP3 residential development ABC Cancer Center 83 Redpath
CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind) Telus Tower Discovery Panorama Development Art Museum of Western Virginia Merger
Diamond and Schmitt waterfront project Parrish Art Museum Alexander Residences Sun Valley Center of the Arts Private home, Humber Valley Editorial
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