West Don Lands The Claude Watson School for the Arts UMBRA Retail and Concept Store Nathan Phillips Square Revitalization Toronto Resource Center Wychwood Green Arts Barns
Camino Nuevo High School Liberty Hotel A contemplation Transformation Space Whitman College Barrett Honors College Student Union Building Expansion
Contemporary Art Museum at the Presidio Point Loma Residence The Shenandoah Retreat The Yoga Studio St. Paul’s Anglican Church Consolidated Rental Car Facility & Parking Garage
Wylie House Aerie Miami Art Museum Salt Point House Hudson Rail Yards Natick Collection
School of Business, University of Washington Motores Japoneses (Suzuki ) Sustainable Private Residence Torqued House School of Architecture and Planning Mandarin Oriental
Smithsonian Museum Temistocles 12 Triple award winner Tower Verre The Annual Imagination Cube Awards Competition Pedestrian Swing Bridge
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