Temporary Pavilion, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Campus Grand Central Terminal Masterplan Grand Central Terminal Masterplan Roosevelt Island Campus, Cornell University UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences/CDRD Snow Words
DC Elementary School Drift L Tower Museum of Contemporary Art Joan & Sanford I. Weill Hall, Donald & Maureen Green Music Center Porter Street Residences
Bacardi Tower and Museum WNYC Transmitter Park, Brooklyn 425 Park Avenue Tower Wythe Hotel ENfold Pavilion School of Image Arts and Ryerson Image Centre Ryerson University
King's Street Towers New York Wheel Westside Multimodal Transit Centre (WSMMTC) Veracruz Architects Association Headquarters Grace Farms River Building Texcoco Lake Ecological Park
Rethink Vancouver Morgan Street Elevated Station Guthrie Green Urban Park AECOM L.A Bridge San Ysidro Land Port of Entry (SYLPOE) Los Gatos Library
Landscape of Memory Rupp Arena Arts and Entertainment District Masterplan Erie Plaza Atlantic City Tourism District Master Plan Santa Monica Place Manhattan Mountain
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