Pentagon Library and Conference Centre University of Sheffield Environmental Research Centre University of Michigan House of Human Rights Cultural Centre Jean Nouvel's Residential Tower The Lighthouse
Drexel University New Songdo City Northern Quarter Development Brasov Apartments Whitney Water Purification Facility and Park City Academy Project
Maas Tower Yueda Xinyi Time Mall José E. Serrano Center for Global Conservation Editorial Town Villas WWF Headquarters, Schoonoord Estate
Atlas Building - University of Wageningen Capital Health System New Mercer Hospital James A. Michener Museum Liverpool Waters Thurles Arts Centre & Library Michael Lee-Chin Crystal at the Royal Ontario Museum
The Enlivened Memory of Trotcha M House Hong Yi Plaza The Contemplation Pavilion 157 Hudson Street Akron Art Museum
Royal Academy of Arts Light*house Redbrook Hayes Primary School Litexpo Exhition Pavilion Middlehaven Levent loft
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