Mandarin Oriental 20a The Droveway Bodegas Ysios Marqués de Riscal West Stockwell Primary Care and Community Resource Centre Treasure Island Mall
Shenzhen Stock Exchnage (SSE) New College Campus Smithsonian Museum Fontana Temistocles 12 Triple award winner
Tower Verre The Annual Imagination Cube Awards Competition West Coast Mall Wilhelm Busch Senior High School Pedestrian Swing Bridge Evergreen Brick Works
The Wind House Manhattanville redevelopment plan, Columbia University Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Monument Offices Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre
Editorial, Pompidou Centre Forum Coimbra V-3 House Urban Development Project Ashtown Development BOH Visitor Center, Sungei Palas Estate Cameron Highlands
K House Oakland House SOHO Shangdu United Arab Emirates Pavilion High School Number 9, Los Angeles Unified School District Synergy, Business Bay
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