Private villa Hudson Rail Yards New development in Haywards Heath Cubes ATO Headquarters Performers' House
Natick Collection Louisa Road Apartments St. Jude’s Residence Hiriya Landfill Rehabilitation and Ariel Sharon Park School of Business, University of Washington Hospitality destination
Acrylic House Motores Japoneses (Suzuki ) Mainstream Shopping Centre Queens Park Residence Mortuary & Post Mortem Suite And Laundry Development At St. James Hospital One Warrington Place, Mount Street
Jury Hotel, Lancaster Quay Criminal Courts Complex Technical Resort – Multifunctional business house Clare County Council New Headquarters Elizabeth Street Offices Sustainable Private Residence
Albert Park Residence House at Bishopsgate Torqued House Lighthouse Editorial Talo Humlegård
Whitewater Shopping Centre Silvertown Aquarium School of Architecture and Planning Exchange - Bar and Art Gallery Metro News Ratoath College
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