Birmingham Women’s Hospital 551 West 21st Street Abedian School of Architecture UK Pavilion for Milan Expo 2015 Far East Organization Children's Garden Minsk Forest City
Scale Lane Bridge MegaFon Olympic Pavilion Taj Residential United Arab Emirates pavilion for Milan Expo 250 Bowery Phase 2 of University of Michigan's MMPL renovation
Monsoon Retreat Revitalisation of a half-block in the City of Long Beach EDITION Hotel, Times Square Comcast Innovation and Technology Center Shard Number 3 Los Angeles Union Station Master Plan
Laureus Learning Pavilion SkyCycle Bridge as sustainable multi-storey car park Alumni Hall at Vanderbilt University The Photographer's House Cambridge Science Park railway station
Park Russia Jellyfish House Demolition of American Folk Art Musem for MoMA expansion Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics at Durham University Residential Centre at BZL-Lauterbach Redesign and expansion of MoMA
Schüller Showroom Korea Appraisal Board Headquarters in Daegu Inaugure Hospitality Headquarters Redevelopment of the former Panhard car factory in Porte d'Ivry NYRP EDGE/ucation Pavilion Design Competition Iron Arena
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