• Senior or Associate Design Manager 

    Bath | United Kingdom

  • Director of The Architecture Foundation 

    London | United Kingdom

  • Architects in Development 

    Abu Dhabi | United Arab Emirates

  • On-line News Editor 

    Brighton | United Kingdom

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    Singapore | Singapore

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Award News
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In Pictures
Date Headline Project Name Architect City
31/10/2014 Promoting Hellenic culture  Leventis Art Gallery World Architecture News  Nicosia 
31/10/2014 Anatomy of a building  'Sancaklar Mosque' World Architecture News  Istanbul 
31/10/2014 Not just for kids  Sunrise to High-Rise World Architecture News   
31/10/2014 Natural order  Locales en Ordaz t3arc  Cuernavaca Morelos 
30/10/2014 Redeveloping New Orleans  Future Ground World Architecture News  New Orleans 
30/10/2014 Food for thought  USA Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 Biber Architects  Milan 
29/10/2014 Building bridges  Léon Blum viaduct World Architecture News  Poitiers 
29/10/2014 Art meets architecture  10x10 Drawing the City, 100 views around the Shard World Architecture News  London 
29/10/2014 Flashes of Light  Building the Essence workshop, Universidad Veritas World Architecture News  San José 
28/10/2014 From squiggle to masterpiece  Fondation Louis Vuitton Gehry Partners, LLP  Paris 
28/10/2014 BAU 2015: Forums  BAU 2015: Forums BAU   
28/10/2014 Containing homelessness  Richardson's Yard World Architecture News  Brighton 
28/10/2014 Interview: LAVA  Interview: LAVA World Architecture News   
27/10/2014   Parliament - Senate - Congress / People's Democratic Republic of Algeria World Architecture News  Algiers 
27/10/2014 The height of innovation  Yinchuan Greenland Center World Architecture News  Yinchuan 
27/10/2014 Making history  Philips Wing, Rijksmuseum Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos  Amsterdam 
24/10/2014 The main event  Granada Studios conversion Levitt Bernstein  Manchester 
24/10/2014 Reaching new heights  Miami Design District Tower Studio Gang Architects  Miami 
23/10/2014 Pushing the envelope of design  Situation Room, Storefront for Art and Architecture World Architecture News  New York 
23/10/2014 A question of education  Dr. Verna and Peter Dauterive Hall, USC World Architecture News  Los Angeles 
23/10/2014 Designs on digital  Guggenheim Helsinki World Architecture News   
22/10/2014 An environmental education  University of Pembangunan Jaya World Architecture News  South Tangerang 
22/10/2014 Making music  Wunderbugs World Architecture News  Rome 
21/10/2014 Boxing clever  Ideas Cubes, Hackney Gensler