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World Architecture Day 2014
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Date Headline Project Name Architect City
31/08/2011 Relaxing mind, body and soul  Sole Park & Spa Lützow 7  Bad Essen 
31/08/2011 Effective office spaces  Eurochem headquarters NEW SPACE ARCHITECTS PTE LTD.   
31/08/2011 Concept channels energy into civic centre  Busan Opera House Peter Ruge Architekten  Busan 
31/08/2011 Fun in the sun  Benidorm Waterfront Office of Architecture  Benidorm (Alicante) 
31/08/2011 Experience the new waterfront city  Oosteroever Conix Architects  Ostend 
31/08/2011 Eco-Friendly homes  Shelford Suites NEW SPACE ARCHITECTS PTE LTD.   
31/08/2011 Diplomatic design from Conix Architects  Residence of an Ambassador Conix Architects  Brussels 
31/08/2011 Mediterranean spirit  Villas Beli Kriz Groleger arhitekti  Portoroz 
31/08/2011 Populous builds world's largest arena  World's Largest Arena Populous  Manila 
31/08/2011 GGA passes the first test...  One Green Street Development Editorial  City of Pasadena 
31/08/2011 A model for the transformation process  Wenzhou Central Business District Henn Gmbh  Wenzhou 
31/08/2011 Carving out the possibilities  Frankston Hospital Mental Health AMA Refurbishment Project BBP Architects  Melbourne 
31/08/2011 Performing architecture  Lyneham Performing Arts Centre HBO+EMTB  Canberra 
31/08/2011 Gold at the end of the Rainbow  Wahroonga Preparatory School GGF Architects  Sydney 
31/08/2011 Just around the riverbend...  River Bend Arkhefield  Brisbane 
31/08/2011 The search is over for effective office design  Google Headquarters Clive Wilkinson Architects  Mountain View 
31/08/2011 Just do it  Nike European Headquarters William McDonough + Partners  Hilversum 
31/08/2011 Desert Waterfront Housing  PhX caseXcase LEVENBETTS  Phoenix, Arizona 
30/08/2011 The post-carbon city  Fayetteville 2030: Transit City Scenario University of Arkansas Community Design Center  Fayetteville 
30/08/2011 Old methodologies meet new technologies  U.S. Department of Energy’s Research Support Facility at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) RNL  Golden 
30/08/2011 Home away from home  Madrid Idom Headquarters ACXT  Madrid 
30/08/2011 No hackneyed school design...  Bridge Academy BDP  London 
30/08/2011 A natural choice  Dhirubhai Ambani University EDIFICE CONSULTANTS PVT. LTD.  Bhopal 
30/08/2011 Tunnel vision  Malmö Central Station Metro Arkitekter / Claes R Janson  Malmö