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Gensler designs Workplace Performance Index
Enrico Caruso

In 2008 Gensler initiated its Workplace Survey, UK and the US, and it was established that effective workplace design directly correlates to better business performance.

The survey revealed that the physical work environment is an asset with specific and quantifiable impacts on business success within top performing companies – those with higher


profits, better employee engagement and stronger market and brand position. And that these companies have significantly higher performing work environments than average companies.

Measuring workplace effectiveness is extremely valuable; understanding exactly what drives effectiveness up or down allows companies to problem solve and maximise strengths, ensuring a workplace that is effective for knowledge economy workmodes*.

Gensler created the Workplace Performance Index to help clients understand specifically what comprises space effectiveness in their workplaces so that design solutions can be highly targeted. The WPI is a web enabled pre-and post occupancy evaluation tool that creates an index based on work mode criticality, work space effectiveness for work modes, time spent and quality of individual attributes of each type of work space. Gensler now holds a global database that provides clients with comparative information for benchmarking purposes.

*The four key workmodes are: Socialising, Collaboration, Learning and Focus work.


“The effectiveness of spaces where work happens impacts employees performances and satisfaction in a knowledge economy workplace. Top performing companies are designing more effective workmodes than most, but all companies can do more to make their work environments better support the new workmodes and thus greatly improve organisational performance.”

Enrico Caruso
Principal Gensler Workplace

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