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How I unlocked the Enigma...
Kei Boon Yeoh

“I bought the book from Waterstone's (On line) and took it with me on holiday. Would you believe me if I told you I knew the answer before the shape was revealed? Well, of course I didn't. But as I was travelling


through Europe, I had lots of maps with me and was tracing out my own journey regularly. As I got engaged in the story, I actually wondered if the riddle would relate to the many places referenced in the book.

When the shape was revealed, I thought that perhaps the shape might relate to the countries that were mentioned in the book- Lebanon, Moldova, China, France, UK. But checking the points, I quickly discounted that. I also wondered if it related to architectural practices or engineering firms or London landmarks mentioned in the book. But Alas no. I was therefore quite certain that it referred to restaurants and bars and such when the first clue was revealed (finer things). The word 'mapped' signalled that I was on the right path.

The second clue confirmed it for me when the phrase 'western extremity' leapt out at me. To be honest, I did try to transfer the points onto the map of London but couldn't quite get the


scale right but I think that the bottom-most point perhaps related to The Wolseley and the three points which are very close to each other related to the places on Charlotte Street. By coincidence - I was out with friends on Charlotte Street and I spotted Rasa Samudra and Cafe Nero at the corner and from then on- I just thought- Ahhh what the heck... just submit my guess and see what happens! “



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