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Firstly, a very happy New Year to you all.

Over the Christmas break I gave some thought to the endless possibilities for gifts designed by architects, and decided that I would be more than happy to receive any, or all of them…. so here’s my list for next year;

Norman Foster’s super yacht Ocean Emerald please. Any colour will do. Apparently the panoramic saloon on the upper deck has coconut husk flooring


‘evocative of the laid-back interior of a beach hut’? Sadly not any beach hut I have ever frequented, but I love the sound of the ‘scene setting ceilings, which change the mood and atmosphere of every room’, you may have to order now to avoid disappointment.

Then I’d like Calatrava’s Mother and Child sculpture in gold-plated brass with black granite, it’s currently in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but that’s just a detail, it would look charming on Zaha Hadid’s stunning Aqua Table. Talking of which a thoughtful stocking filler would be Zaha’s Crevasse Vase (or niche centrepiece as the Design Museum somewhat coyly describes it), apparently the ‘five separate dishes’ can be ‘nested or arranged in multiple configurations’…clever stuff.

I adored the Frank Gehry bracelets, I’m not sure they are still available, so maybe a relatively inexpensive black gold ring which apparently has ‘an inner energy’ and ‘deceptively simple shape’ or a Gehry heart necklace that was ‘inspired by billowing sails with a curved sensual surface that catches the light’.

For my kitchen there is plenty on offer from


architects including a Renzo Piano electric oven with a ‘refreshingly different retro clock’ (yes, really). Michael Graves has innovative paper towel holder and mess-less pepper mill, and of course the beautiful Cookpots from John Pawson, perfect for creating some of the many delicious recipes in his Living & Eating cook book.

I’m sure between now and next year you clever bunch will have designed many more highly desirable products to add to my Christmas list. So here’s to a successful and creative 2010. I don’t believe there have been any shoes designed by architects yet….and I do so love shoes.



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