WAN AWARDS 2011 Civic Buildings Sector - completed projects - longlist
CRAM Foundation Fogo Island Studios Expansion and Reform of the Nautical Sport Services Building Enfield Library Voyager New Zealand National Maritime Museum Prince Henry Community Centre The Morris Lemma Indoor Sports Centre
Harpa Reykjavik Concert + Congress Centre Holmenkollen Ski Jump Shelter home for the Homeless Al-Irsyad Mosque Siu Sai Wan Complex Malatya City Hall Saint Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church
Ruth Lilly Visitors Pavilion U.S. Courthouse San Joaquin County Administration Building Cowboys Stadium Denver Justice Center Sun Moon Lake Administration office of Tourism Bureau Newcastle City Library
Al Shaqab Equestrian Arena Benozzo Gozzoli Museum Hong Kong Federation of Women T.S. Kwok Service Centre, Lockhart Road Dundee House for Dundee City Council Ruhr Museum at Zollverein World Heritage Site Astana Arena Nebuta House (Nebuta-no-ie Warasse)
Aviva Stadium Corby Cube Sunset Chapel Lille Museum Of Modern, Contemporary and Outsider Art Bourne Hill Offices
  WAN AWARDS 2011 Civic Buildings Sector - unbuilt projects - longlist
Ordos Protestant Church Aylesbury Crown Court Parliament Complex U.S. Embassy Olympic Sports Park Peanut Pavilion Nevsky Town Hall
Pier Museum Nevada City Courthouse AOC Long Beach Courts Building Bangabandhu Open Theatre A conserved civic building, Central Market Birmingham Magistrates' Court Trois-Rivières Amphitheatre
New City Hall and Concert Hall Visitor Centre and Open Air Theatre for the Iron Gates National Park on the Danube Hutye Civic Center V&A at Dundee Museum of the Built Environment BCEC on Grey Centro de Artes Nadir Afonso
BORÅBorås park pavilions and skating rink Gyeonggi-do Jeongok Museum of Prehistory