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Available in 5 languages, ArchiExpo is the permanent virtual exhibition, connecting manufacturers and buyers around the world. With 1.8 million visitors a month sourcing from over 37,000 high-standard architectural products, it is the biggest online specialised show. Its wealth of information, ease of use and unique services make it an essential tool for both professionals and enthusiasts. ArchiExpo ensures comprehensive product updates in categories such as furniture, bathrooms, decorative lighting, floors, roofing, facades, etc

contemporary sofa
contemporary leather sofa
contemporary modular sofa
designer sofa
commercial sofa
epoch style sofa
classic sofa
contemporary corner sofa
contemporary sofa bed
contemporary garden sofa
hydromassage bath-tub
built-in bath-tub
built-in hydromassage bath-tub
oval bath-tub
corner hydromassage bath-tub
walk-in bath-tub for the disabled
bath-tub on legs
commercial hydromassage bath-tub
two seater hydromassage bath-tub
pendant lamp
contemporary pendant lamp
designer pendant lamp
contemporary pendant lamp
classic pendant lamp
contemporary pendant lamp
epoch style pendant lamp
designer pendant lamp
contemporary pendant lamp
designer pendant lamp
contemporary pendant lamp
(blown glass)
electric radiator
hot water / electric designer radiator
electric towel radiator
infrared electric radiator for outdoor use
commercial infrared electric radiator
electric bathroom fan radiator
electric radiant panel radiator
mobile infrared electric radiator
electric radiator with aluminium heating
electric steel towel radiator
electric radiator with cast-iron brick heating
bathroom tile
bathroom ceramic wall tile
bathroom ceramic tile
bathroom porcelain stoneware tile
bathroom white body ceramic wall tile
bathroom porcelain stoneware wall tile
bathroom mosaic tile
bathroom white body ceramic tile
bathroom relief ceramic wall tile
bathroom large size ceramic tile
bathroom glazed ceramic wall tile
acoustic panel
wooden sound absorption wall panel
printed sound absorption wall panel
felt sound absorption wall panel
sound absorption wall panel
(wood imitation)
wooden sound absorption panel
foam sound absorption panel
wood wool sound absorption panel
felt sound absorption panel
stone wool acoustic panel with a high resistance to impact damage
textile sound absorption panel
calculation software
concrete structural calculation software
light calculation software
structural calculation software
structural calculation software for metal frameworks
seismic risk calculation software
geotechnical calculation software
special foundations calculation software
thermal calculation software
calculation software for energy needs
structural calculation software for wood frameworks
coffee table
contemporary coffee table
contemporary glass coffee table
designer coffee table
designer glass coffee table
commercial coffee table
epoch style coffee table
contemporary garden coffee table
contemporary wooden coffee table
classic coffee table
contemporary coffee table with casters
contemporary wooden bookcase
classic bookcase
office bookcase
epoch style bookcase
classic glass pane bookcase
children's bookcase
contemporary lacquered bookcase
designer wooden bookcase
designer lacquered bookcase
contemporary metal bookcase
mixer tap
3 hole washbasin mixer tap
1 hole washbasin mixer tap
3 hole wall-mounted washbasin mixer tap
kitchen mixer tap
bidet mixer tap
2 hole shower mixer tap
3 hole bidet mixer tap
4 hole bath-tub mixer tap
2 hole wall-mounted mixer tap for bath-tub
2 hole bath-tub mixer tap