Urban design (Contact us to see full tender details)
23-02-17 Ideas: sustainable construction  United States 
23-02-17 Ideas: street library  Turkey 
23-02-17 Lakeside area urban design  China 
23-02-17 Urban renewal framework  France 
23-02-17 Health industry park planning  China 
23-02-17 City centre urban regeneration  France 
22-02-17 Main street design report  Canada 
22-02-17 Ideas: productive cities  France 
22-02-17 Designs for London  United Kingdom 
22-02-17 City sub-centre land plot design  China 
22-02-17 High school design services  Finland 
22-02-17 Sculpture monument surroundings  Poland 
22-02-17 Sports centre design  United Kingdom 
21-02-17 Ideas: response to war  United States 
21-02-17 Regional city planning  China 
21-02-17 Public spaces development  France 
20-02-17 City district design  Singapore 
20-02-17 Design advisory services  Australia 
20-02-17 Mixed-use regional framework  United Kingdom 
20-02-17 City theatre complex design  France 
17-02-17 London housing 2017  United Kingdom 
17-02-17 Town square upgrade  Canada 
17-02-17 Regional urban design  China 
17-02-17 Public spaces design framework  France 
17-02-17 Urban mixed-use design  France 
15-02-17 Arts festival installations  Russia 
15-02-17 Mixed-use design services  France 
14-02-17 New ferry terminal  South Korea 
14-02-17 Mixed-use design services  Germany 
14-02-17 National Archives public space transformation  United Kingdom 
13-02-17 Town planning advice  Australia 
13-02-17 Historic city area beautification  Pakistan 
09-02-17 Horticultural conservatory study  United States 
09-02-17 Neighbourhood urban redevelopment  France 
09-02-17 Ideas: futuristic design  India 
08-02-17 Market district master plan  Australia 
08-02-17 Ideas: new island  United States 
08-02-17 Oldest beer garden restoration  Germany 
08-02-17 Post-war housing redevelopments  Iraq 
08-02-17 Unique swimming complex  Denmark 
07-02-17 Ideas: greening the city  Russia 
06-02-17 Racecourses area plan  Australia 
06-02-17 Ideas: evolving cities  South Korea 
06-02-17 Urban planning & rehabilitation  France 
06-02-17 Residential design services  France 
03-02-17 Neighbourhood urban planning  Germany 
03-02-17 City square design  Canada 
03-02-17 Mixed-use design  United States 
01-02-17 New museum  South Korea 
01-02-17 Mixed-use urban development  France 
01-02-17 Neighbourhood urban renewal  France 
31-01-17 Public spaces development  France 
27-01-17 New urban development  Canada 
25-01-17 Urban planning framework  France 
24-01-17 Residential infill developments  United States 
23-01-17 Downtown district reinvention  United States 
20-01-17 Ideas: campus redesign  Portugal 
20-01-17 University hospital design  Slovakia 
19-01-17 Tourist site redevelopment  Canada 
18-01-17 Ideas: innovative design solutions  United States 
18-01-17 Ideas: design in the city  Russia 
18-01-17 Urban mixed-use design  Finland 
17-01-17 Ideas: eco-friendly coast development  Estonia 
16-01-17 Coastal area study  Chile 
12-01-17 New collective living space  Spain 
11-01-17 Ideas: overcrowded cities solutions  United States 
10-01-17 Ideas: residential complex  Italy 
16-12-16 New cultural centre  Sweden 
15-12-16 New exhibition spaces  Czech Republic 
15-12-16 Riverside development  Czech Republic 
09-12-16 Architecture journal  United Kingdom 
06-12-16 Ideas: cybernetic framework  United States 
05-12-16 Congress centre design  Czech Republic 
07-11-16 Ideas: city centre development  France 
31-08-16 Ideas: town design  Spain 
08-07-16 Transport systems development  Russia 
12-04-16 Government design excellence scheme  Australia 



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