Urban design (Contact us to see full tender details)
24-06-16 Theme park design  China 
23-06-16 Innovation centre design  China 
22-06-16 New public transport facility  South Africa 
22-06-16 New transport centre  South Africa 
22-06-16 New transport facility  South Africa 
22-06-16 New public transport facility  South Africa 
22-06-16 Ideas: civic spaces design  Germany 
21-06-16 New royal palace  Lesotho 
21-06-16 Smart city development  Australia 
21-06-16 Urban landscape design  China 
21-06-16 12 city courtyards design  China 
20-06-16 Ecotourism complex design  France 
17-06-16 Ideas: sports park regeneration  Poland 
17-06-16 Stadium & hotel developments  Pakistan 
17-06-16 New residential colony  Pakistan 
17-06-16 University upgrade  Pakistan 
17-06-16 Public plaza reconstruction  Chile 
17-06-16 Neighbourhood improvements  Chile 
17-06-16 Mixed-use development  United States 
17-06-16 Riverbank area urban design  China 
17-06-16 Cultural facilities reconstruction  China 
17-06-16 Cultural facilities upgrade  China 
16-06-16 University master plan  United States 
16-06-16 City improvement programs  United States 
16-06-16 New public space  Russia 
15-06-16 Public domain plans  Australia 
15-06-16 Ideas: historic town regeneration  Italy 
15-06-16 Park design framework  France 
14-06-16 Shoreline promenade development  Azerbaijan 
14-06-16 Open space strategy  Australia 
14-06-16 Urban housing complex design  Germany 
14-06-16 Pharmaceutical industry park masterplanning  China 
10-06-16 Ideas: city square  Poland 
10-06-16 New university campus  Brazil 
10-06-16 Town design updates  Chile 
08-06-16 Ideas: response to floods  Portugal 
07-06-16 Mixed-use development  United States 
06-06-16 Mixed use development  United States 
06-06-16 Foreshore revitalisation  Australia 
06-06-16 Ideas: factory typology  Spain 
06-06-16 National institute master plan  United States 
06-06-16 Ideas: sustainable student housing  United States 
03-06-16 3000 new residential units  South Africa 
03-06-16 Light festival installations  Singapore 
03-06-16 Ideas: shanty town improvements  United Kingdom 
02-06-16 City festival exhibits  New Zealand 
02-06-16 Temporary public seating  Canada 
02-06-16 Urban park design  China 
02-06-16 Illuminated bridge design  United Kingdom 
31-05-16 Council building refurbishment  United Kingdom 
26-05-16 Ideas: Olympic fan zone  Brazil 
24-05-16 New castle & museum facilities  United Kingdom 
24-05-16 Multi-purpose sports hall  Slovakia 
24-05-16 City urban planning  France 
20-05-16 Museum complex master plan  South Korea 
19-05-16 Ideas: city centre design  Russia 
16-05-16 New sky garden system  China 
16-05-16 Streetscape enhancement  United States 
12-05-16 Former library redevelopment  United States 
10-05-16 Landscape Award 2016  United Kingdom 
10-05-16 Infrastructure Award 2016  United Kingdom 
10-05-16 Ideas: waterfront design  Italy 
04-05-16 City square upgrade  Italy 
27-04-16 Ideas: innovative urban design  Russia 
21-04-16 New science complex  Egypt 
20-04-16 Ideas: bunker regeneration  South Korea 
14-04-16 New outdoor theatre  Ukraine 
13-04-16 Social space installation  United States 
12-04-16 Consultant prequalification scheme  Australia 
12-04-16 Government design excellence scheme  Australia 
04-04-16 Ideas: responsive design  Poland 
18-03-16 Ideas: innovations for sea & space  France 
16-03-16 Future Projects 2016  United Kingdom 



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