Urban design (Contact us to see full tender details)
25-10-16 Town & foreshore revitalisation  Australia 
25-10-16 City streets upgrade  Australia 
25-10-16 10 city sculptures design  China 
25-10-16 Urban renewal development  France 
24-10-16 New worksite modules  Canada 
21-10-16 Ideas: water in design  Portugal 
21-10-16 Ideas: research residency proposals  Sweden 
21-10-16 Urban complex design  China 
21-10-16 Park & areas redevelopment  Belgium 
20-10-16 Council facilities planning  Australia 
20-10-16 Ideas: tranquil public space  France 
20-10-16 Urban design planning  China 
20-10-16 Business complex design  China 
19-10-16 Ideas: cities on Mars  United States 
19-10-16 Transport corridor study  United States 
19-10-16 Design enforcement programme  United States 
18-10-16 Riverside facilities master plan  South Korea 
18-10-16 Housing authority developments  United States 
17-10-16 Ideas: Eiffel tower redesign  France 
17-10-16 Family centre design  Germany 
17-10-16 Residential urban development  Germany 
14-10-16 Streetscape development  Canada 
14-10-16 Civic urban areas development  Sweden 
14-10-16 Business park urban development  France 
13-10-16 New mobile structure  Sweden 
13-10-16 New cultural space  South Korea 
12-10-16 Streetscape upgrade  Australia 
12-10-16 Neighbourhood improvement  Chile 
12-10-16 Historical centre revitalisation  Portugal 
12-10-16 Castle areas urban design  Germany 
11-10-16 Museum precinct redevelopment  Australia 
11-10-16 City centre renewal  Australia 
11-10-16 Town centre redevelopment  Spain 
11-10-16 City centre developments  Norway 
11-10-16 Street furniture designs  Czech Republic 
10-10-16 Ideas: sports facilities  France 
10-10-16 Regional town masterplanning  China 
10-10-16 Housing complex framework  France 
10-10-16 Public spaces redevelopment  France 
10-10-16 Urban & landscape development  France 
07-10-16 New expo complex  Latvia 
07-10-16 Ideas: city transformations  Greece 
07-10-16 Landscape & urban design framework  France 
07-10-16 Civic spaces design services  France 
07-10-16 Air navigation headquarters development  Poland 
06-10-16 New government complex  Philippines 
06-10-16 New business park  Australia 
06-10-16 City hall building restoration  Germany 
05-10-16 Landscaping & urban development  France 
05-10-16 5 housing developments  Belgium 
05-10-16 University campus design  Germany 
04-10-16 Innovative housing development  United States 
04-10-16 Ideas: island developments  Switzerland 
04-10-16 School redevelopment  Germany 
03-10-16 Urban community redevelopment  France 
03-10-16 Mixed-use design framework  United Kingdom 
03-10-16 Public spaces urban development  France 
03-10-16 Mixed-use design  France 
30-09-16 Outdoor cat shelters  United States 
30-09-16 Ideas: furniture in public spaces  Italy 
30-09-16 Railway station renewal  Australia 
30-09-16 Mixed-use development  Morocco 
29-09-16 Council spaces redevelopment  France 
29-09-16 Car parks urban renewal  Sweden 
28-09-16 Innovative architectural drawings  Russia 
28-09-16 New urban culture spaces  France 
27-09-16 Neighborhood urban regeneration  France 
26-09-16 Ideas: artisan district  Italy 
26-09-16 Ideas: unbuilt projects  United States 
25-09-16 Urban development planning  Spain 
25-09-16 Tourism areas enhancement  France 
23-09-16 City areas planning  France 
21-09-16 ACA International Design Competition  India 
21-09-16 Animation centre design  South Korea 
21-09-16 Multi-purpose park design  United States 
16-09-16 Ideas: public space lighting  Canada 
14-09-16 New supreme court complex  Philippines 
09-09-16 New metro rail network  Israel 
07-09-16 Port master plan  India 
07-09-16 Ideas: stories in architecture  United States 
05-09-16 New social centre  Russia 
05-09-16 Ideas: cultural centre  Italy 
05-09-16 Airport/congress centre development  Russia 
01-09-16 Mixed-Use Award 2016  United Kingdom 
01-09-16 Adaptive Reuse Award 2016  United Kingdom 
31-08-16 Ideas: town design  Spain 
22-08-16 City site redevelopment  Italy 
19-08-16 Ideas: concept of time in design  Germany 
17-08-16 Ideas: downtown redevelopment  United States 
15-08-16 City centre redevelopment  Spain 
09-08-16 TechnoGarden urban design  Russia 
09-08-16 International spatial design  China 
03-08-16 Ideas: lunar colony  United Kingdom 
01-08-16 Ideas: skyscraper design  United States 
28-07-16 Ideas: city development  Russia 
19-07-16 New children's day centre  Netherlands 
14-07-16 Culture & art centre design  China 
08-07-16 Transport systems development  Russia 
17-06-16 Cultural facilities reconstruction  China 
06-06-16 Ideas: sustainable student housing  United States 
27-04-16 Ideas: innovative urban design  Russia 
12-04-16 Government design excellence scheme  Australia 
04-04-16 Ideas: responsive design  Poland 
18-03-16 Ideas: innovations for sea & space  France 



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