Urban design (Contact us to see full tender details)
19-09-14 City open space development  United States 
19-09-14 City master plan  United States 
19-09-14 Urban land use planning  Dominican Republic 
19-09-14 City plaza landscaping  China 
19-09-14 Industrial park master plan  China 
19-09-14 Urban transformation  China 
19-09-14 City development plan  Morocco 
18-09-14 Urban development  South Africa 
18-09-14 Urban planning & landscaping  Morocco 
18-09-14 Urban design  Russia 
18-09-14 Urban landscape design  China 
17-09-14 Tram line extension  France 
17-09-14 Training centre upgrade  France 
17-09-14 New urban developments  India 
17-09-14 Ideas: Mexico city development  Mexico 
17-09-14 New town urban design  China 
17-09-14 Urban master plan  India 
17-09-14 Urban development plan  Russia 
16-09-14 Landscape & urban planning  Ecuador 
16-09-14 Urban design framework  South Africa 
16-09-14 Town master plan  Canada 
16-09-14 35 new contemporary apartments  Belgium 
16-09-14 Underground space master plan  China 
16-09-14 Smart city urban design  China 
15-09-14 New tourist information office  Germany 
15-09-14 City planning  Italy 
15-09-14 Housing sustainability study  France 
15-09-14 Council architects panel  Singapore 
15-09-14 Urban design  United Arab Emirates 
15-09-14 Town master plan  United States 
15-09-14 Mixed-use city development  Australia 
15-09-14 Coastal master planning  Netherlands 
15-09-14 School expansion  Germany 
15-09-14 70 rental apartments  Germany 
15-09-14 Regional urban design  China 
15-09-14 Exposition park planning & design  China 
15-09-14 New Olympic sports centre  China 
15-09-14 Town redevelopment  China 
12-09-14 Urban revitalisation project  Croatia 
12-09-14 Urban master plan  Kenya 
12-09-14 Land-use & infrastructure survey  Pakistan 
12-09-14 Urban development  Morocco 
12-09-14 Urban regeneration strategy  Taiwan 
12-09-14 New cultural & educational quarter  United Kingdom 
12-09-14 Riverbank area urban design  China 
12-09-14 Urban open spaces plan  United States 
11-09-14 Town centre re-development  Canada 
11-09-14 City square reconstruction  Poland 
11-09-14 New schools planning  United Kingdom 
11-09-14 University projects  United Kingdom 
11-09-14 Urban development  Morocco 
10-09-14 Ideas: City transformation  Finland 
10-09-14 Large scale infrastructure projects  South Africa 
10-09-14 University expansion  Croatia 
10-09-14 Urban master palnning  Cameroon 
10-09-14 Underground space development study  Hong Kong 
10-09-14 Urban development projects  Cameroon 
10-09-14 Urban development  Bhutan 
09-09-14 Urban regeneration project  United Kingdom 
09-09-14 Urban expansion plan  Kazakhstan 
09-09-14 Urban master plan  India 
09-09-14 Waterfront buildings mapping  United States 
09-09-14 Urban precinct design  Australia 
09-09-14 Waterfront urban park concept  China 
08-09-14 Urban development  Japan 
08-09-14 Urban square design  United States 
08-09-14 New cultural centre  Belgium 
08-09-14 Enterprise zones masterplan  United Kingdom 
08-09-14 Government projects pre-qualification  Australia 
05-09-14 Urban development  Czech Republic 
05-09-14 New library  Poland 
05-09-14 Station renovation  Poland 
05-09-14 Urban master plan  Kazakhstan 
05-09-14 Ideas: new logistics centre  Finland 
05-09-14 Federal facilities upgrade  United States 
04-09-14 Urban development  Australia 
04-09-14 Council projects  Australia 
04-09-14 Urban development  Russia 
04-09-14 Urban riverfront design  China 
03-09-14 Residential development  Germany 
03-09-14 Technology park expansion  Croatia 
03-09-14 Urban design  Morocco 
03-09-14 Ideas: Structure celebrating nature  Sweden 
03-09-14 City centre redevelopment  United States 
03-09-14 City centre development  India 
03-09-14 Urban development master plan  Australia 
03-09-14 Industrial area development  India 
03-09-14 Residential & urban development  United Kingdom 
02-09-14 Government projects  Australia 
02-09-14 Urban design  Norway 
02-09-14 Heritage sites conservation  Algeria 
02-09-14 Warehouse conversion  United States 
02-09-14 Regional planning & design  Brazil 
02-09-14 Urban & industrial design  Russia 
02-09-14 Urban development  Australia 
01-09-14 Urban development  France 
01-09-14 Housing development  France 
01-09-14 Urban planning services  Lithuania 
01-09-14 City master plan  Brazil 
01-09-14 Urban community complex  United States 
29-08-14 Residential improvement  France 
29-08-14 New leisure facilities  Croatia 
29-08-14 Architectural services prequalification  Kenya 
29-08-14 Urban park design  Australia 
29-08-14 City council projects  United States 
29-08-14 Urban development  France 
29-08-14 Bus station redesign  Germany 
29-08-14 City infrastructure improvement  Zambia 
28-08-14 Mixed-use development  United States 
28-08-14 Urban master plan  Morocco 
28-08-14 Urban conurbation master plan  Morocco 
28-08-14 Urban design  Saudi Arabia 
28-08-14 New housing development  France 
27-08-14 Ideas: Urban development  Australia 
27-08-14 Recreation & parks master plan  United States 
27-08-14 City master plan  United States 
27-08-14 Rural development master plan  Vietnam 
27-08-14 Multiple towns master planning  China 
26-08-14 Urban planning  Macedonia 
26-08-14 Architectural drawing  United States 
26-08-14 City centre redevelopment  Germany 
26-08-14 Competition: Self-Sufficient Habitat  Spain 
26-08-14 Streetscape design  United States 
26-08-14 New school  Germany 
26-08-14 New green spaces  Denmark 
22-08-14 Various governmental developments  United Kingdom 
22-08-14 Infrastructure master plan  China 
21-08-14 Urban development plan  Morocco 
21-08-14 Competition: Cities for Our Time  United States 
20-08-14 New gymnasium & pool  Germany 
18-08-14 Urban development  France 
18-08-14 Regional development programme  Poland 
15-08-14 Interior design & space planning  United States 
14-08-14 Ideas: Town hall renovation  Germany 
14-08-14 City master plan  France 
13-08-14 City centre development  France 
12-08-14 Station area development  France 
11-08-14 Use of Spanish tiles  Spain 
08-08-14 New memorial plaza  United States 
08-08-14 Urban redevelopment  United States 
07-08-14 Ideas: Utilizing abandoned spaces  United States 
07-08-14 City expansion master plan  Botswana 
07-08-14 New residential & golf complex  France 
05-08-14 Health centre development  France 
01-08-14 Ideas: Facade design  Germany 
30-07-14 Ideas: City square redevelopment  Albania 
24-07-14 Ideas: Zero net energy development  United States 
21-07-14 Urban & open space planning  Germany 
18-07-14 New sustainable housing  France 
15-07-14 Ideas: Freehand architecture sketch  United Kingdom 
15-07-14 Ideas: Town centre design  Australia 
08-07-14 Urban renewal framework  France 
08-07-14 Ideas: New skyscraper  United Kingdom 
07-07-14 Ideas: Sustainable cities  Canada 
03-07-14 Ideas: Disaster resilient structures  Canada 
03-07-14 eVolo 2015 Skyscraper Competition  United States 
01-07-14 Park & garden show design  Germany 
01-07-14 Ideas: New residential area  Denmark 
24-06-14 New residential units  Belgium 
14-05-14 Ideas: Slum re-imagination  India 
24-04-14 Ideas: Urban concept  India 
22-04-14 Ideas: Street redesign  United States 



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