Urban design (Contact us to see full tender details)
26-05-17 Sunset Boulevard assessment  United States 
26-05-17 Town urban design  China 
26-05-17 Central business district design  China 
26-05-17 Exhibition centre design  Czech Republic 
25-05-17 Pedestrian walkway design  Chile 
25-05-17 Ideas: sustainable design  Switzerland 
25-05-17 Tourism zone urban design  China 
24-05-17 Public plaza upgrade  Chile 
24-05-17 Ideas: re-thinking design  United Kingdom 
24-05-17 Public spaces urban design  France 
24-05-17 Public plaza improvement  Chile 
24-05-17 Municipal plaza replacement  Chile 
23-05-17 Open space development plan  Australia 
23-05-17 Lake area urban design  China 
23-05-17 Council urban design services  Ireland 
23-05-17 3 mixed-use developments  United States 
22-05-17 District & urban landmark design  China 
22-05-17 Urban green space landscaping  China 
19-05-17 City district redevelopment  New Zealand 
19-05-17 Village master plan  Australia 
19-05-17 New intermodal transit hub  South Korea 
19-05-17 Neighbourhood urban design  France 
19-05-17 Municipality urban development  Spain 
19-05-17 School expansion  Germany 
18-05-17 City area study  Tunisia 
18-05-17 Ideas: bridging design  Japan 
17-05-17 City centre urban redevelopment  France 
16-05-17 Future Projects Award 2017  United Kingdom 
16-05-17 Waterfront Award 2017  United Kingdom 
16-05-17 Development area strategies  Australia 
16-05-17 Harvey Milk memorial plaza  United States 
16-05-17 Ideas: riverside rehabilitation  Canada 
16-05-17 Council design services  Canada 
16-05-17 Public space regeneration  Italy 
15-05-17 Mixed-use development  Kuwait 
15-05-17 Reservoir protection planning  China 
15-05-17 Innovation industrial park planning  China 
15-05-17 Station & areas urban design  Germany 
12-05-17 Public spaces development  Canada 
11-05-17 New waterfront destination  United States 
11-05-17 New cultural centre  Belgium 
09-05-17 Museum development  United States 
09-05-17 Business district urban design  China 
08-05-17 Science building urban design  Croatia 
08-05-17 Open space design  Australia 
05-05-17 New recreation zone  Russia 
04-05-17 Airport industrial zone planning  China 
04-05-17 Town centre urban design  Australia 
04-05-17 Ideas: drought resilience  Singapore 
03-05-17 Urban corridor master plan  United States 
02-05-17 Ideas: urban open space  Japan 
28-04-17 Ideas: creative hub  Australia 
28-04-17 Ideas: modern collective living  China 
28-04-17 Innovative public realm design  United States 
26-04-17 New high-rise courtyards  China 
25-04-17 Tourism town urban planning  China 
25-04-17 Urban infrastructure development  France 
24-04-17 Sustainable urban regeneration  China 
21-04-17 Residential complex landscaping  Russia 
21-04-17 Heritage park design  China 
20-04-17 New Chinatown gateway  United States 
19-04-17 Affordable housing developments  United States 
18-04-17 Integrated public realm project  United Kingdom 
18-04-17 Hospital upgrade  Czech Republic 
12-04-17 New city gateway  South Korea 
12-04-17 Ideas: cultural centre  Portugal 
12-04-17 Ideas: Bauhuas inspired design  United States 
30-03-17 Ideas: construction containers  United States 
21-03-17 Industrial site reuse  Russia 
21-03-17 Ideas: city centre redevelopment  Poland 
22-02-17 Ideas: productive cities  France 
08-02-17 Ideas: new island  United States 
08-02-17 Post-war housing redevelopments  Iraq 
06-12-16 Ideas: cybernetic framework  United States 
12-04-16 Government design excellence scheme  Australia 



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