Urban design (Contact us to see full tender details)
22-07-14 Urban development  France 
22-07-14 Redesign municipal plaza  United States 
22-07-14 Hospital expansion  Poland 
22-07-14 New research building  France 
21-07-14 Ideas for Prishtina  Kosovo 
21-07-14 Urban & open space planning  Germany 
18-07-14 Ideas: Public recreation space  Australia 
18-07-14 New sustainable housing  France 
18-07-14 City buildings development  Finland 
18-07-14 City development  China 
18-07-14 Urban master plan  Canada 
18-07-14 The Deira Islands Coastline design  United Arab Emirates 
18-07-14 Urban regeneration  Korea 
17-07-14 Regional urban design  China 
17-07-14 Innovation campus  United States 
17-07-14 Business district revitalization  United States 
17-07-14 Modern agricultural technology park  China 
17-07-14 New urban complex  China 
17-07-14 Regional urban master-plan  China 
17-07-14 Urban development  United States 
16-07-14 Public green space redesign  Germany 
16-07-14 Various architectural services  Belgium 
16-07-14 Port redevelopment  France 
16-07-14 Housing community resettlement  China 
16-07-14 Urban park planning & design  China 
15-07-14 City centre plan  Lithuania 
15-07-14 City centre plan  Lithuania 
15-07-14 Ideas: Freehand architecture sketch  United Kingdom 
15-07-14 Streetscape renovation  United States 
15-07-14 Comprehensive master plan  United States 
15-07-14 Master plan update  United States 
15-07-14 Architecture services  Haiti 
15-07-14 Various architectural services  United States 
15-07-14 Town centre renewal  France 
15-07-14 Ideas: Natural systems  United States 
15-07-14 Ideas: Town centre design  Australia 
15-07-14 4 new railway stations  China 
15-07-14 New railway stations  China 
14-07-14 Regional master plan  Canada 
14-07-14 Urban development  India 
14-07-14 Master plan revision  Turkey 
14-07-14 Housing development & renovation  Belgium 
14-07-14 New kindergarten  Spain 
14-07-14 Sustainable urban development  Romania 
14-07-14 Implementation study  Germany 
11-07-14 Port development  France 
11-07-14 New housing development  United States 
11-07-14 Regional planning & design  China 
10-07-14 University extension  Croatia 
09-07-14 Train station development  France 
09-07-14 New marina  France 
09-07-14 Urban upgrade master plan  China 
09-07-14 National land use plan research & analysis  Japan 
08-07-14 Ideas: Future Wimbledon  United Kingdom 
08-07-14 Urban renewal framework  France 
08-07-14 New science centre  Germany 
08-07-14 Ideas: New skyscraper  United Kingdom 
08-07-14 Industrial zone development & urban design  China 
08-07-14 Waterfront urban park  China 
07-07-14 Rural development plan  Bulgaria 
07-07-14 Scenic area renovation master plan  China 
07-07-14 New town design  Denmark 
07-07-14 Ideas: Sustainable cities  Canada 
04-07-14 WAN Urban Design Award 2014  United Kingdom 
04-07-14 WAN Sustainable building of the year 2014  United Kingdom 
04-07-14 City regeneration  Bulgaria 
03-07-14 Park masterplan  United States 
03-07-14 Town center development  France 
03-07-14 Ideas: Disaster resilient structures  Canada 
03-07-14 Ideas: Live/work micro dwellings  United States 
03-07-14 Ideas: Natural disasters innovative design solution  Canada 
03-07-14 eVolo 2015 Skyscraper Competition  United States 
02-07-14 New metro line  Russia 
02-07-14 Urban & landscape services  France 
02-07-14 New cycle route  Denmark 
01-07-14 Architect-engineer services  United States 
01-07-14 Architectural & engineering services  United States 
01-07-14 Urban development  Austria 
01-07-14 Landscape development  Germany 
01-07-14 Park & garden show design  Germany 
01-07-14 Ideas: New residential area  Denmark 
01-07-14 City centre study  France 
01-07-14 Park design  Canada 
30-06-14 Public space design  France 
30-06-14 Urban complex  China 
27-06-14 Municipality master plan  Bulgaria 
27-06-14 Urban design competition  China 
25-06-14 City centre redevelopment  France 
24-06-14 New residential units  Belgium 
23-06-14 Urban development  Denmark 
20-06-14 City centre design  Bulgaria 
20-06-14 New school for design & science  United States 
19-06-14 Urban renewal  France 
19-06-14 Ideas: urban development  Italy 
19-06-14 Public spaces renovation  Switzerland 
18-06-14 Open space planning  Germany 
18-06-14 Appointment of city architect  Belgium 
18-06-14 New shopping centre  France 
17-06-14 Urban development  France 
17-06-14 Urban development  Hungary 
13-06-14 Park planning services  Lithuania 
13-06-14 Bridge and street design  Finland 
12-06-14 Square innovation project  China 
09-06-14 Garden show design  Germany 
09-06-14 Heritage site renovation  Italy 
05-06-14 Ideas: urban design  Italy 
02-06-14 Development lead  Germany 
02-06-14 Urban space design  Bulgaria 
28-05-14 New cultural depot  Korea 
20-05-14 Factory reshape  United States 
14-05-14 Ideas: Slum re-imagination  India 
05-05-14 Architectural & urban analysis  Czech Republic 
29-04-14 Piazza redevelopment  Italy 
25-04-14 Development lead  United Kingdom 
24-04-14 Ideas: Urban concept  India 
22-04-14 Ideas: Street redesign  United States 



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