Landscape (Contact us to see full tender details)
02-12-16 Temporary themed gardens  Italy 
02-12-16 Park accessibility improvements  Chile 
02-12-16 Natural urban area upgrade  Chile 
02-12-16 Urban regeneration  Chile 
02-12-16 2 new schools  United States 
02-12-16 Sports park design  China 
02-12-16 Public space improvement  Chile 
01-12-16 Ideas: forest house  United States 
01-12-16 Zoo master plan  United States 
01-12-16 Park concept plan  Canada 
01-12-16 New health hub  Canada 
01-12-16 Town relocation  United States 
01-12-16 Scenic area planning design  China 
01-12-16 Town centre landscaping  Russia 
30-11-16 Urban & open space restructuring  Germany 
30-11-16 Park design  United States 
30-11-16 New trail & visitor centre  United States 
30-11-16 New playground  Canada 
30-11-16 Urban city design  France 
30-11-16 New courthouse  United States 
30-11-16 New immigration holding centre  Canada 
30-11-16 3 park master plans  United States 
30-11-16 Ideas: lakefront development  United States 
30-11-16 New recreation campus  Canada 
30-11-16 City design services  United States 
30-11-16 Residential development  Belgium 
30-11-16 Multifunctional complex redesign  Slovakia 
29-11-16 300 new residential units  United States 
29-11-16 Civic spaces development  France 
29-11-16 Office building development  France 
29-11-16 Sports facility design  France 
29-11-16 Coastline & infrastructure development  France 
29-11-16 Campus design  Norway 
28-11-16 Institute expansion  Japan 
28-11-16 Town developments review  Australia 
28-11-16 New regimental complex  Canada 
28-11-16 Downtown streetscape plan  Canada 
28-11-16 Hospital remodel  United States 
28-11-16 New day care centre  Denmark 
28-11-16 Park design services  China 
28-11-16 Urban park landscape improvement  China 
28-11-16 Eco sports park design  China 
28-11-16 Residential area development  Germany 
28-11-16 Riverside landscape belt design  China 
28-11-16 City public spaces upgrade  Lithuania 
28-11-16 School restoration  Germany 
28-11-16 30 new residential units  Germany 
28-11-16 Ideas: country border public space  Pakistan 
28-11-16 Port masterplanning  Estonia 
28-11-16 Defence forces development  Estonia 
28-11-16 Bridge redevelopment  United Kingdom 
28-11-16 New leisure centre building  United Kingdom 
25-11-16 Business zone upgrade  India 
25-11-16 Industrial area reuse  Portugal 
25-11-16 New daycare centre  Germany 
25-11-16 Outdoor spaces redevelopment  France 
25-11-16 Healthcare residential design  Ireland 
25-11-16 Civic landscaping development  France 
24-11-16 Mixed-use development  United States 
24-11-16 Military institute expansion  United States 
24-11-16 University development  United States 
24-11-16 School & college extension  Ireland 
24-11-16 Neighbourhood spaces redevelopment  France 
24-11-16 10 colleges rehabilitation  France 
24-11-16 Civic spaces development  France 
24-11-16 New library  United States 
23-11-16 Wildlife service buildings design  United States 
23-11-16 New institute buildings  India 
23-11-16 New college building  Canada 
23-11-16 Business centre design  China 
23-11-16 School areas upgrade  Reunion 
22-11-16 National parks design service  Canada 
22-11-16 Ski training facilities development  Germany 
22-11-16 Biogas plant planning  Germany 
22-11-16 College campus development  United Kingdom 
22-11-16 Sports hall & areas development  Spain 
22-11-16 Kindergarten spaces design  Germany 
22-11-16 Sports centre design  France 
21-11-16 National guard facilities design  United States 
21-11-16 Park design services  Canada 
21-11-16 New hospital  India 
21-11-16 Police office landscaping  South Africa 
21-11-16 Residential & commercial development  China 
21-11-16 Play areas redevelopment  United Kingdom 
21-11-16 Sports centre renovation  Germany 
21-11-16 Town hall & square redevelopment  United Kingdom 
21-11-16 Sports hall development  Germany 
20-11-16 Public spaces development  France 
20-11-16 Laboratory building redevelopment  France 
20-11-16 Space museum renovation  French Guiana 
20-11-16 Mixed-use development  France 
20-11-16 Public spaces design  France 
18-11-16 City centre redevelopment  Canada 
18-11-16 Urban park development  United States 
18-11-16 Waste site & station development  France 
18-11-16 Parks & airport areas development  Reunion 
18-11-16 School buildings design  Estonia 
18-11-16 Parks & complex design  Lithuania 
18-11-16 Urban landscape development  France 
18-11-16 Prison centre developments  France 
18-11-16 Railway infrastructure framework  Ireland 
18-11-16 Houses of Parliament framework  United Kingdom 
17-11-16 Gulf coast development  United States 
17-11-16 Villa design  China 
17-11-16 Cultural & sports park design  China 
17-11-16 Campus development  Norway 
17-11-16 Biodiversity centre design  Germany 
17-11-16 Landscape development  United Kingdom 
17-11-16 Residential redevelopment framework  United Kingdom 
16-11-16 Park improvements  United States 
16-11-16 School expansion  United Kingdom 
16-11-16 Community mixed-use design  France 
16-11-16 School workshops redevelopment  France 
16-11-16 School complex design  France 
16-11-16 Campus redevelopment  France 
16-11-16 Historic gardens development  Germany 
15-11-16 87 residential units design  United Kingdom 
15-11-16 Sports hall redevelopment  Germany 
15-11-16 School buildings design  Germany 
15-11-16 Education centre design  Germany 
15-11-16 School reconstruction  Germany 
15-11-16 Police buildings development  Germany 
15-11-16 Council mixed-use framework  United Kingdom 
14-11-16 Ideas: colony on Mars  United States 
14-11-16 Ideas: interconnected villas  United Kingdom 
14-11-16 College sports hall redevelopment  Germany 
14-11-16 Botanical gardens development  United Kingdom 
14-11-16 School & land area development  Germany 
14-11-16 Football arena design  Slovakia 
13-11-16 University expansion framework  France 
13-11-16 Civic spaces redevelopment  Reunion 
13-11-16 Public spaces development  France 
11-11-16 Sports facilities masterplanning  France 
11-11-16 New primary school  France 
11-11-16 Healthcare spaces framework  United Kingdom 
10-11-16 New recreational complex  Canada 
10-11-16 Temporary park installation  Canada 
10-11-16 Kindergarten design services  France 
10-11-16 Barracks urban design  France 
10-11-16 Railway station design  Poland 
10-11-16 Civic landscaping development  France 
10-11-16 40 new residential units  France 
10-11-16 School design services  France 
09-11-16 Tourist scenic area design  China 
09-11-16 Lake area landscaping  China 
09-11-16 High school design services  France 
09-11-16 New innovation building  United Kingdom 
09-11-16 School campuses & gyms planning  Germany 
08-11-16 Ideas: design inspired by nature  United Kingdom 
08-11-16 Civic landscape planning  Spain 
08-11-16 Riverbank meeting place design  Sweden 
08-11-16 Urban community school design  France 
08-11-16 12 commercial spaces design  United Kingdom 
07-11-16 New fire stations  United States 
07-11-16 Ideas: city centre development  France 
07-11-16 Public spaces & parks framework  Sweden 
07-11-16 Public spaces redevelopment  France 
07-11-16 Landscape design consultancy  Sweden 
07-11-16 Educational complex modernization  Bulgaria 
06-11-16 Mountainside residential design  Finland 
06-11-16 University outdoor developments  Germany 
04-11-16 Coastal facilities design  United States 
04-11-16 University development framework  United Kingdom 
04-11-16 2 campuses design  Germany 
04-11-16 School centre design  Germany 
04-11-16 Former hotel urban development  Germany 
03-11-16 Sustainable residential development  India 
03-11-16 University campus expansion  China 
03-11-16 School group development  France 
03-11-16 Leisure centre design  France 
03-11-16 Elderly housing design  France 
02-11-16 34 new residential units  Ireland 
02-11-16 Mixed-use healthcare development  France 
02-11-16 Community areas redevelopment  France 
01-11-16 Historic house adaptive reuse  Australia 
01-11-16 Ideas: beach resort master plan  Mexico 
01-11-16 Wood in Architecture Award 2016  United Kingdom 
01-11-16 Small Spaces Award 2016  United Kingdom 
31-10-16 Health facilities design  United States 
31-10-16 Greenway development  United States 
31-10-16 Mixed-use development  France 
31-10-16 University campus design  Germany 
28-10-16 New children's eco village  Kenya 
28-10-16 Transport urban design & landscaping  Switzerland 
28-10-16 Mixed-use campus design  United Kingdom 
28-10-16 Airport modernization  Poland 
27-10-16 Public transport redevelopment  France 
26-10-16 Commercial store design services  United Kingdom 
26-10-16 Bike & hiking trail development  France 
26-10-16 Arts & music building development  Belgium 
24-10-16 New spa guest house  Latvia 
24-10-16 Ideas: tourist site dwelling  Portugal 
24-10-16 New public art work  Ukraine 
21-10-16 Government facilities design  Armenia 
21-10-16 Ideas: water in design  Portugal 
21-10-16 Link road design  United Kingdom 
20-10-16 Ideas: tranquil public space  France 
19-10-16 Summer camp installation  United States 
19-10-16 Mixed-use redevelopment  Switzerland 
18-10-16 New beer garden  Italy 
18-10-16 Landfill site development  Japan 
17-10-16 Kindergarten centre design  France 
11-10-16 Street furniture designs  Czech Republic 
10-10-16 Ideas: sports facilities  France 
04-10-16 Transport & landscape planning  Germany 
28-09-16 Innovative architectural drawings  Russia 
26-09-16 Ideas: unbuilt projects  United States 
16-09-16 Civic centre revitalization  Portugal 
07-09-16 Ideas: stories in architecture  United States 
22-08-16 City site redevelopment  Italy 
19-08-16 Ideas: concept of time in design  Germany 
01-08-16 Ideas: skyscraper design  United States 
19-07-16 Ideas: concert hall  United States 
16-05-16 Residential refurbishment  United Kingdom 
12-04-16 Government design excellence scheme  Australia 



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