Landscape (Contact us to see full tender details)
30-07-15 Public works design services  United States 
30-07-15 College building replacement  United States 
30-07-15 New university building  Rwanda 
30-07-15 Park rehabilitation  United States 
30-07-15 Civic design services  United Kingdom 
30-07-15 Public spaces urban design  China 
30-07-15 Natural environment survey  Antarctica 
30-07-15 Business park master plan  China 
29-07-15 Historic farm upgrade  United Kingdom 
29-07-15 New university building  United States 
29-07-15 Built form study  Canada 
29-07-15 New college building  United States 
29-07-15 Transport & office upgrade  Switzerland 
29-07-15 Historic square redevelopment  France 
29-07-15 Sports education development  Poland 
29-07-15 Residential buildings design  United Kingdom 
29-07-15 New central park  Germany 
29-07-15 Central park landscape design  China 
29-07-15 Railway area urban design  China 
29-07-15 Park urban master planning  China 
29-07-15 Tourism master planning  China 
29-07-15 Parks rehabilitation master plan  Australia 
28-07-15 Riverfront development  United States 
28-07-15 New hospitality & recreational space  India 
28-07-15 Airport landscaping upgrades  United States 
28-07-15 Business park development  France 
28-07-15 Public spaces redesign  France 
28-07-15 Public spaces reconstruction  French Polynesia 
28-07-15 Listed school building reconstruction  Germany 
28-07-15 City master planning  China 
28-07-15 Residential buildings renovations  France 
28-07-15 Oil field urban development  China 
27-07-15 New arboretum shelter  Australia 
27-07-15 New skate park  Australia 
27-07-15 Temporary mini golf course  United States 
27-07-15 Ideas: tourist viewing area  Norway 
27-07-15 New sports centre  Morocco 
27-07-15 New kindergarten  France 
27-07-15 New schools  Germany 
27-07-15 Museum upgrade design  France 
27-07-15 New residential complex  Germany 
27-07-15 Garden & leisure park extension  Germany 
27-07-15 University landscape master plan  United Kingdom 
27-07-15 Innovative gardens exhibition  Canada 
27-07-15 Business park urban design  China 
27-07-15 Real estate landscape design  China 
27-07-15 School group extension  France 
27-07-15 Administration centre design  Germany 
27-07-15 University framework agreement  United Kingdom 
27-07-15 Public spaces redesign  Germany 
24-07-15 Town square transformation  Australia 
24-07-15 City centre urban development  China 
24-07-15 University design services  United States 
24-07-15 Mixed-use development  Australia 
23-07-15 Design excellence programme  United States 
23-07-15 Water storage framework  France 
23-07-15 Road & landscape urban design  China 
23-07-15 City centre urban design  China 
23-07-15 Wetland park master plan  China 
22-07-15 Urban redevelopment  United States 
22-07-15 Sports park framework agreement  France 
22-07-15 Urban infrastructure redesign  Germany 
22-07-15 54-home reconstruction  France 
22-07-15 Railway & port park zone  China 
22-07-15 Town centre urban development  France 
22-07-15 Economic & urban design framework  United States 
22-07-15 Airport baggage framework  United Kingdom 
21-07-15 Residential complex design  Germany 
21-07-15 Public building & land redevelopments  Germany 
21-07-15 Station area urban redevelopment  Belgium 
21-07-15 Seaport assessment & redesign  Lithuania 
21-07-15 Urban development framework  France 
21-07-15 New bus station  France 
21-07-15 National park development  India 
21-07-15 New pedestrian bridge  United States 
21-07-15 Care home & lighting design  China 
20-07-15 Historic gardens master plan  Australia 
20-07-15 City redevelopment  Australia 
20-07-15 City redevelopment  Korea 
20-07-15 College renovation & upgrade  United States 
20-07-15 University design services  United States 
20-07-15 City redevelopments  United States 
17-07-15 Historic park upgrade  United Kingdom 
17-07-15 New student recreation centre  United States 
17-07-15 Hospital courtyard expansion  United States 
16-07-15 Park building upgrade  United States 
16-07-15 Green infrastructure design  United States 
16-07-15 Green infrastructure design  United States 
16-07-15 Green infrastructure design  United States 
16-07-15 Public spaces upgrade design  Italy 
16-07-15 Urban & landscape developments  France 
16-07-15 City design & urban planning  United States 
16-07-15 Park master plan  United States 
15-07-15 New recreational area  Canada 
15-07-15 Historic building restoration  Philippines 
15-07-15 New bike & pedestrian greenway  United States 
15-07-15 Staff parking expansion design  Belgium 
15-07-15 City plan urban design  Slovakia 
15-07-15 New swimming centre  France 
15-07-15 New 24-class school  France 
15-07-15 Port design framework agreement  France 
15-07-15 Road master planning  United Kingdom 
15-07-15 Residential framework agreement  United Kingdom 
15-07-15 Community centre design  France 
15-07-15 District nightscape design  China 
15-07-15 Landscape urban development  France 
14-07-15 Business district planning  France 
14-07-15 New nursing home  France 
14-07-15 Town centre redevelopment  United States 
14-07-15 College campus development  United States 
14-07-15 College development  United States 
14-07-15 College expansion  United States 
14-07-15 Tourist infrastructure redevelopment  Spain 
14-07-15 Urban business district framework  France 
14-07-15 Historical monuments framework  France 
14-07-15 Sport facilities development  France 
13-07-15 River trail extension  Australia 
13-07-15 New sports & culture complex  France 
13-07-15 Sport facilities development  France 
13-07-15 City square redesign  Germany 
13-07-15 Station area framework agreement  France 
13-07-15 New air traffic control tower  Poland 
10-07-15 Streetscape renewal  Canada 
10-07-15 Mixed-use development  France 
10-07-15 Mixed-use development  France 
10-07-15 Sports complex upgrade  France 
10-07-15 Historic ranch restoration  United States 
10-07-15 Listed building & landscape redesign  Germany 
10-07-15 Park trail design services  Canada 
10-07-15 Residential development  India 
10-07-15 Urban development  France 
09-07-15 Ideas: brownfield site redevelopment  United Kingdom 
09-07-15 New bicycle path  Czech Republic 
09-07-15 Army facilities design services  United States 
09-07-15 Mixed-use development  China 
08-07-15 Riverfront development  France 
08-07-15 Museum master plan  United Kingdom 
08-07-15 New office building  Germany 
08-07-15 Public spaces upgrade  France 
08-07-15 New apartment block  Finland 
08-07-15 Government design services  Belgium 
08-07-15 Developer lead: industrial land remediation  United Kingdom 
08-07-15 352-unit apartment complex  Germany 
08-07-15 New arts community complex  Germany 
08-07-15 School reconstruction  Germany 
07-07-15 Historic property design services  Australia 
07-07-15 Developer lead: new mixed-use precinct  Australia 
07-07-15 New school  France 
07-07-15 Bypass crossing master plan  France 
07-07-15 Leisure services master plan  Belgium 
07-07-15 New river bridge  Australia 
07-07-15 New school  Germany 
07-07-15 Urban framework agreement  France 
07-07-15 Urban landscape developments  France 
07-07-15 Developer lead: waterfront upgrade  Australia 
06-07-15 City centre re-development  New Zealand 
06-07-15 Government design services  Australia 
06-07-15 Airport infrastructure design  Netherlands 
03-07-15 New park  United States 
03-07-15 Intercommunal master plan  Switzerland 
03-07-15 Urban & mixed-use design  Denmark 
03-07-15 Wetland park master plan & design  China 
03-07-15 Waterfront improvements  United States 
02-07-15 WAN Waterfront award 2015  United Kingdom 
02-07-15 WAN Landscape award 2015  United Kingdom 
01-07-15 Municipal stadium reconstruction  Poland 
01-07-15 Road & landscape developments  China 
01-07-15 New primary school  Netherlands 
30-06-15 Museum extension  Finland 
30-06-15 Avenue design  United States 
30-06-15 Landscape & scenic development  France 
30-06-15 School district on-call services  United States 
30-06-15 New nursing home  Switzerland 
29-06-15 Business park master plan  Russia 
29-06-15 Lake front developments  Russia 
29-06-15 Council framework agreement  Sweden 
29-06-15 New school  France 
29-06-15 Disabled access developments  France 
29-06-15 Mixed-use development  Russia 
25-06-15 Defence facilities design services  Canada 
23-06-15 Developer lead: new park  United Arab Emirates 
23-06-15 Ideas: design for active lifestyles  United States 
22-06-15 Ideas: new public park  United Kingdom 
22-06-15 Comprehensive landscaping development  Czech Republic 
19-06-15 Urban parks renovation  Denmark 
19-06-15 New bionics innovation centre  Hungary 
19-06-15 Landscaping development  Czech Republic 
18-06-15 Infrastructure & urban redevelopment  Germany 
17-06-15 Town plaza redevelopment  Taiwan 
17-06-15 Landscape framework agreement  Sweden 
17-06-15 Commercial street redevelopment  Germany 
16-06-15 Sports facilities redevelopment  Switzerland 
15-06-15 Ideas: harbour development  Papua New Guinea 
12-06-15 Exhibition centre renovation  Belgium 
12-06-15 Exhibition centre revitalisation  Belgium 
12-06-15 Infrastructure development  Norway 
11-06-15 Historic hotel re-use  Greece 
09-06-15 Museum & civic development  Belgium 
09-06-15 Cal Expo masterplan  United States 
08-06-15 City development  Lithuania 
08-06-15 Listed building redevelopment  Belgium 
05-06-15 Ideas: city farm redevelopment  Turkey 
03-06-15 New sustainable public spaces  Canada 
03-06-15 Ideas: adaptable architecture  Poland 
01-06-15 Convent conversion  France 
29-05-15 Parks & trails master plan  Canada 
14-05-15 Ideas: Urban Dreams  Turkey 
12-05-15 Mixed-use development  United Kingdom 
11-05-15 Ideas: sustainable development  United States 
05-05-15 Sustainable communities  United States 
13-04-15 Council property framework  Ireland 
24-03-15 New urban plaza  Peru 
06-03-15 Ideas: sustainable building  United States 
06-03-15 Ideas: unbuilt design concepts  United States 
28-11-14 Developer lead: mixed-use facilities  United Kingdom 
07-10-14 Historic park design  United Kingdom 



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