Landscape (Contact us to see full tender details)
27-07-16 Leisure facilities redevelopment  New Zealand 
27-07-16 Army facilities design  United States 
27-07-16 New university building  United States 
27-07-16 Industrial complex renovation  South Korea 
27-07-16 Urban park masterplanning  China 
26-07-16 School feature landscape design  Singapore 
26-07-16 Airport building renovation  Pakistan 
26-07-16 Ideas: urban design features  Russia 
26-07-16 University upgrade  United States 
26-07-16 Urban park development  China 
26-07-16 Road & bridge development  United Kingdom 
26-07-16 Town centre redesign  Germany 
26-07-16 Residential & outdoor development  Germany 
25-07-16 Beach village master plan  Australia 
25-07-16 Entrepreneurship centre design  France 
25-07-16 Sports centre design  France 
25-07-16 Residential outdoor framework  France 
25-07-16 Urban land plot development  China 
25-07-16 Central bank design services  Ireland 
25-07-16 Regional centre urban design  China 
25-07-16 Administrative & social centre design  Germany 
22-07-16 Embassy upgrade  India 
22-07-16 Holiday parks developments  Australia 
22-07-16 Neighbourhood landscape design  Chile 
22-07-16 47 new residential units  United Kingdom 
22-07-16 Mixed-use design  United Kingdom 
21-07-16 Park redevelopment  India 
21-07-16 National fitness activity centre  China 
21-07-16 Exhibition park masterplanning  China 
21-07-16 University outdoor areas design  Germany 
21-07-16 New district park  Germany 
20-07-16 New zoo exhibit  United States 
20-07-16 Highway beautification  United States 
20-07-16 Sports park landscaping  China 
20-07-16 College upgrade  France 
20-07-16 Spa centre development  Germany 
19-07-16 Council facilities development  Canada 
19-07-16 Ideas: cultural exchange centre  Spain 
19-07-16 Ideas: concert hall  United States 
19-07-16 New children's day centre  Netherlands 
19-07-16 Hospital design services  Luxembourg 
19-07-16 Park landscape expansion  Germany 
18-07-16 Park repairs  Canada 
18-07-16 Ideas: sustainable city design  United States 
18-07-16 New water playground  Australia 
18-07-16 Residential & landscape design services  France 
18-07-16 Intercommunal park development  France 
18-07-16 Zoo & landscape redesign  France 
18-07-16 Sports complex redesign  France 
18-07-16 Sports centre design  France 
18-07-16 Island areas redevelopment  France 
18-07-16 Landscape design services  Germany 
18-07-16 Castle park development  United Kingdom 
15-07-16 Park enhancement  Australia 
15-07-16 3 new schools  India 
15-07-16 High school design  China 
15-07-16 Mixed-use development  France 
14-07-16 New commercial building  India 
14-07-16 Park master plan  United States 
14-07-16 City landscape design  United States 
14-07-16 2 new office buildings  United States 
14-07-16 New outdoor amphitheatre  United States 
14-07-16 Public spaces redevelopment  France 
14-07-16 Park installations  Cyprus 
14-07-16 Park observatory restoration  United Kingdom 
14-07-16 Station infrastructure development  France 
14-07-16 Library & central hall design  Belgium 
14-07-16 City areas development framework  Belgium 
13-07-16 New university library  Kenya 
13-07-16 City district master plan  Singapore 
13-07-16 Ecological park development  China 
13-07-16 Mixed-use development  United Kingdom 
13-07-16 Park development  France 
13-07-16 City hall reconstruction  Martinique 
13-07-16 Urban campsite reconstruction  Germany 
12-07-16 Ideas: city district plan  Finland 
12-07-16 Public areas improvement  Chile 
12-07-16 New tourist viewing points  Chile 
12-07-16 Village landscape regeneration  China 
12-07-16 Park & plaza remodel  Chile 
12-07-16 Cemetery study  Chile 
12-07-16 Heritage building restoration  India 
12-07-16 School district design  United States 
11-07-16 New multi-purpose stadium  Australia 
11-07-16 Historic city centre plan  Russia 
11-07-16 School extension  Germany 
11-07-16 School complex design  Martinique 
11-07-16 University landscape expansion  Germany 
11-07-16 Football club buildings design  France 
08-07-16 New university buildings  Panama 
08-07-16 Common space upgrade  Canada 
08-07-16 Factory extension  Germany 
07-07-16 Land use analysis  United States 
07-07-16 Ideas: botanical architecture  Japan 
07-07-16 Theme park planning  China 
06-07-16 New sports facilities  Panama 
06-07-16 New baseball stadium  Panama 
06-07-16 Urban centre master plan  Panama 
06-07-16 Tennis centre design  France 
05-07-16 Air force facilities design  United Kingdom 
05-07-16 Ideas: flood mitigation  United States 
05-07-16 Canal areas restoration  France 
05-07-16 Mountain tourism resort planning  China 
05-07-16 Residential design services  Germany 
04-07-16 32 new residential units  France 
04-07-16 Residential development framework  United Kingdom 
01-07-16 House of The Year Award 2016  United Kingdom 
01-07-16 Waterfront Award 2016  United Kingdom 
01-07-16 School design  France 
30-06-16 Public realm improvement  Canada 
30-06-16 Ideas: adaptive city design  Taiwan 
30-06-16 Radio & TV station development  Latvia 
29-06-16 Ideas: vertical cemetery  Japan 
29-06-16 School & land renovation  Poland 
29-06-16 City hall design services  France 
28-06-16 Children's park design  China 
28-06-16 32 social housing units  Ireland 
27-06-16 Public space development  Russia 
27-06-16 Ideas: child-centric design  Netherlands 
27-06-16 New community centre  United Kingdom 
27-06-16 School design  Austria 
27-06-16 College reconstruction  France 
27-06-16 Sports facilities development  Mayotte 
22-06-16 Court building design  Poland 
21-06-16 New royal palace  Lesotho 
21-06-16 12 city courtyards design  China 
20-06-16 Residential & landscape design`  France 
20-06-16 University spaces design  Germany 
17-06-16 Ideas: sports park regeneration  Poland 
17-06-16 Mixed-use development  United States 
17-06-16 Plaza redesign  Spain 
16-06-16 New community centre  United States 
15-06-16 Boarding school design  France 
15-06-16 Park design framework  France 
14-06-16 Shoreline promenade development  Azerbaijan 
13-06-16 Port landscaping & interiors  Sweden 
13-06-16 Sports & cultural centre design  France 
07-06-16 Ideas: new park  United States 
07-06-16 Mixed-use development  United States 
06-06-16 Mixed use development  United States 
06-06-16 Ideas: sustainable student housing  United States 
06-06-16 Residential & garden design  China 
03-06-16 Light festival installations  Singapore 
02-06-16 2 mixed-use developments  United States 
01-06-16 Sports complex design services  Belgium 
26-05-16 Ideas: Olympic fan zone  Brazil 
25-05-16 Ideas: tourist site landmark  Portugal 
24-05-16 Multi-purpose sports hall  Slovakia 
19-05-16 New monument  United States 
19-05-16 Ideas: city centre design  Russia 
17-05-16 Ideas: new park  Chile 
16-05-16 Residential refurbishment  United Kingdom 
29-04-16 Ideas: streetscape improvements  Germany 
27-04-16 Ideas: innovative urban design  Russia 
21-04-16 New science complex  Egypt 
15-04-16 Ideas: accessible hotel design  United Kingdom 
14-04-16 New outdoor theatre  Ukraine 
13-04-16 Social space installation  United States 
12-04-16 Government design excellence scheme  Australia 
04-04-16 Ideas: responsive design  Poland 
18-03-16 Ideas: innovations for sea & space  France 
02-09-15 University campus developments  St. Vincent and the Grenadines 



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