Landscape (Contact us to see full tender details)
29-03-17 Trail upgrade  Canada 
29-03-17 Recreational facilities design  United States 
29-03-17 Library design  Germany 
29-03-17 New school  Hungary 
29-03-17 700 new residential units  France 
29-03-17 Campus hall restructuring  France 
29-03-17 New elephant enclosure  Germany 
29-03-17 Primary school campus design  China 
29-03-17 Residential areas landscaping  China 
29-03-17 Science foundation expansion  Sri Lanka 
28-03-17 Seasonal storage assessment  United States 
28-03-17 Ideas: waterfront design  Spain 
28-03-17 Council landscape design  Canada 
28-03-17 Educational facilities renewal  Germany 
28-03-17 Campus outdoor facilities upgrade  Germany 
28-03-17 Urban parks development  China 
28-03-17 School improvement  Poland 
27-03-17 Regional park improvements  United Kingdom 
27-03-17 Town centre public realm  United Kingdom 
27-03-17 Hospital upgrade  United States 
27-03-17 Town planning & design scheme  China 
27-03-17 Urban development framework  France 
27-03-17 30 dwellings development  France 
27-03-17 Nursery expansion & garden upgrade  France 
27-03-17 Council spaces development  Ireland 
27-03-17 New auditorium building  India 
27-03-17 New parkland trail  Canada 
27-03-17 Job corps centre renovation  United States 
27-03-17 Dam renovation  Poland 
24-03-17 New library  United States 
24-03-17 Police facilities design  South Africa 
24-03-17 New walking trail  Australia 
24-03-17 Government facilities design  United States 
24-03-17 Neighbourhood improvements  United Kingdom 
24-03-17 University campus design  United Kingdom 
24-03-17 120 housing units rehabilitation  France 
23-03-17 New university campus  India 
23-03-17 Air force base design  United States 
23-03-17 Mixed-use civic development  France 
23-03-17 New daycare & youth centre  Germany 
23-03-17 Forest park design  China 
23-03-17 New high-rise office building  India 
23-03-17 Mixed-use development  United Kingdom 
22-03-17 Mountain park landscaping  China 
22-03-17 Government facilities master plan  United States 
22-03-17 Public building design  United States 
22-03-17 New park chalet  Canada 
22-03-17 University transport corridor plan  United States 
22-03-17 Civic spaces development  France 
21-03-17 Ideas: Rome riverside regeneration  Italy 
21-03-17 Ideas: propaganda in design  United States 
21-03-17 Bus transit feasibility study  Canada 
21-03-17 Industrial site reuse  Russia 
21-03-17 Residential complex landscape upgrade  Russia 
21-03-17 Workshops rehabilitation  France 
21-03-17 Mixed residential development  France 
20-03-17 New administration building  United States 
20-03-17 City entrance design  Australia 
20-03-17 Theme park development  India 
20-03-17 Fire station design services  Czech Republic 
20-03-17 Mountain ecological planning  China 
20-03-17 Landscape & bridges design  China 
20-03-17 Public spaces design  Latvia 
20-03-17 Public spaces development  France 
20-03-17 Mixed-use design  Norway 
20-03-17 63 new residential units  Ireland 
17-03-17 City hall redevelopment  United States 
17-03-17 New sports facilities  United States 
17-03-17 School improvements  United States 
17-03-17 City streetscape enhancement  New Zealand 
17-03-17 Urban complex landscaping  China 
17-03-17 Educational centre design  France 
16-03-17 Ideas: defiance in architecture  United States 
16-03-17 Park master plan update  Canada 
16-03-17 Industrial structure adaptive reuse  United States 
16-03-17 Science museum master plan  United States 
16-03-17 Social centre expansion  Germany 
16-03-17 New energy centre  Germany 
16-03-17 Public spaces development  France 
16-03-17 Social housing development  France 
16-03-17 Neighbourhood spaces development  France 
16-03-17 68 new residential units  France 
16-03-17 University centre development  United Kingdom 
16-03-17 Playing fields masterplanning  United Kingdom 
15-03-17 Park development  Australia 
15-03-17 Residential outdoor redevelopments  France 
15-03-17 Garbage facilities redesign  France 
15-03-17 National parks design services  United States 
15-03-17 National park facilities design  United States 
15-03-17 County annex renovation  United States 
14-03-17 2 new community centres  United States 
14-03-17 College upgrade  United States 
14-03-17 Soccer field upgrade  Canada 
14-03-17 New information centre  South Korea 
14-03-17 Library site improvements  Canada 
13-03-17 College campus master plan  United States 
13-03-17 77 new residential units  France 
13-03-17 Swimming centre rehabilitation  France 
13-03-17 Commercial & cultural centre design  France 
13-03-17 Multifunctional spaces development  France 
13-03-17 Civic mixed-use design  France 
13-03-17 Landscape development framework  United Kingdom 
13-03-17 Residential regeneration development  United Kingdom 
10-03-17 New hospital parking structure  United States 
10-03-17 15 cities public space upgrade  Russia 
10-03-17 Historic house restoration  United Kingdom 
10-03-17 Schools design services  Germany 
10-03-17 Neighbourhood residential developments  France 
10-03-17 Road & landscaping design  France 
10-03-17 School major overhaul  Germany 
09-03-17 Historic plaza enhancement  United States 
09-03-17 Retail & administrative renovations  Belgium 
08-03-17 New multi-purpose building  Australia 
08-03-17 Festival site redevelopment  France 
08-03-17 105 new residential units  France 
08-03-17 Public spaces development  France 
08-03-17 Administrative centre design  France 
08-03-17 School campus design  France 
08-03-17 Leisure centre design  France 
06-03-17 Station areas redevelopment  Belgium 
06-03-17 Mixed-use design  Belgium 
06-03-17 Ethnographic park revitalization  Romania 
03-03-17 Public spaces development  France 
03-03-17 Healthcare headquarters development  France 
03-03-17 Housing development  United States 
02-03-17 New quay wall design  United Kingdom 
02-03-17 Civic spaces design  Italy 
02-03-17 School facilities upgrade  Switzerland 
27-02-17 Coastal enhancement  Australia 
24-02-17 University expansion design  China 
24-02-17 Cultural square design  China 
23-02-17 80 new residential units  France 
22-02-17 New national cemetery  United States 
22-02-17 Ideas: productive cities  France 
22-02-17 Ideas: wedding venue  Italy 
22-02-17 Competence centre development  Belgium 
21-02-17 Ideas: response to war  United States 
21-02-17 Sports complex & accommodation  France 
20-02-17 Ideas: site sanctuary  Portugal 
20-02-17 Mixed-use regional framework  United Kingdom 
15-02-17 Civic spaces redevelopment  France 
14-02-17 New ferry terminal  South Korea 
13-02-17 New expo centre  Pakistan 
10-02-17 National palace redevelopment  Portugal 
09-02-17 Airport upgrade  United States 
08-02-17 Ideas: new island  United States 
07-02-17 Shoreline improvements  Canada 
06-02-17 Ideas: evolving cities  South Korea 
06-02-17 New vinyl record factory  Latvia 
03-02-17 Neighbourhood urban planning  Germany 
03-02-17 City square design  Canada 
01-02-17 School design services  France 
30-01-17 40-unit infill housing development  Ireland 
26-01-17 Eco-friendly meditation camp  Latvia 
25-01-17 Animal facility design  United Kingdom 
20-01-17 Ideas: campus redesign  Portugal 
20-01-17 47 residential units development  Ireland 
19-01-17 Tourist site redevelopment  Canada 
18-01-17 Ideas: innovative design solutions  United States 
18-01-17 Urban mixed-use design  Finland 
17-01-17 Ideas: eco-friendly coast development  Estonia 
09-01-17 Ideas: architecture in nature  Spain 
06-01-17 New affordable housing  United Kingdom 
22-12-16 New place of worship  Senegal 
09-12-16 Architecture journal  United Kingdom 
02-12-16 Temporary themed gardens  Italy 
01-12-16 Ideas: forest house  United States 
16-05-16 Residential refurbishment  United Kingdom 
12-04-16 Government design excellence scheme  Australia 



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