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29-04-16 Operating suite upgrade  United States 
29-04-16 Hospital laboratory upgrade  United States 
29-04-16 Ideas: streetscape improvements  Germany 
29-04-16 New hotel  Bolivia 
29-04-16 New recreation & sports facility  Morocco 
29-04-16 Central park design  China 
29-04-16 Media centre landscape design  China 
29-04-16 Car park & landscape design  China 
29-04-16 Laboratory expansion  United States 
29-04-16 Kindergarten & sports facilities  Germany 
29-04-16 New campus outdoor areas  Germany 
28-04-16 Ideas: humanitarian design  Italy 
28-04-16 Education centre upgrade  United States 
28-04-16 New hi-tech park  Bangladesh 
28-04-16 Countryside zone planning  China 
28-04-16 Schools layout planning  China 
28-04-16 Ancient-style garden design  China 
28-04-16 Poverty zone resettlements  China 
28-04-16 Castle renovation  Germany 
27-04-16 Government buildings design  United States 
27-04-16 New nursing home  United States 
27-04-16 Government facilities design  United States 
27-04-16 City redevelopment assistance  Australia 
27-04-16 New careers advice centre  United States 
27-04-16 Tourist facilities development  India 
27-04-16 National park design services  Canada 
27-04-16 Ideas: innovative urban design  Russia 
27-04-16 Sports park design  China 
27-04-16 District ecological planning  China 
26-04-16 Crematoria rehabilitation  India 
26-04-16 New park  United States 
26-04-16 Civil works design services  United States 
26-04-16 Civil works design services  United States 
26-04-16 New hospital  India 
26-04-16 New hospital  India 
26-04-16 School & kindergarten design  Poland 
26-04-16 Airport facilities expansion  France 
26-04-16 Urban development framework  France 
25-04-16 New sports pavilion  Australia 
25-04-16 University upgrade  India 
25-04-16 Cemetery redevelopment  Singapore 
25-04-16 Castle buildings design  Germany 
25-04-16 Outdoor pool complex design  Germany 
25-04-16 School complex design  Germany 
25-04-16 Schools rehabilitation planning  Germany 
25-04-16 Residential garden design  Finland 
25-04-16 Ski slopes upgrade  Italy 
25-04-16 University campus masterplanning  China 
25-04-16 Public open space design  China 
25-04-16 Streetscape masterplanning  Australia 
25-04-16 Parisian squares design  France 
22-04-16 University campuses master plan  India 
22-04-16 New splash pad  Canada 
22-04-16 New football pitch  Panama 
22-04-16 Ideas: sustainability improvements  United Kingdom 
22-04-16 Festival installations  Russia 
22-04-16 New sports facility  Chile 
22-04-16 New sculpture park  Chile 
22-04-16 Historic courthouse upgrade  United States 
22-04-16 Hospital design services  United States 
22-04-16 Theme park design  China 
22-04-16 Public spaces redevelopment  France 
22-04-16 School complex design  France 
21-04-16 New science complex  Egypt 
21-04-16 Worker housing re-development  India 
21-04-16 Sustainable art installations  United States 
21-04-16 3 new office buildings  United States 
21-04-16 New student support centre  United Kingdom 
21-04-16 New hospital recovery centres  Tanzania 
20-04-16 Boating facilities design  United States 
20-04-16 New laboratory  United States 
20-04-16 Park upgrade  Canada 
20-04-16 Scenic area urban planning  China 
20-04-16 Wetland park design  China 
20-04-16 Sports park design  China 
20-04-16 Ideas: future city dwellings  Germany 
19-04-16 Ideas: response to challenges  Portugal 
19-04-16 Festival environment design  Russia 
19-04-16 City site redevelopment  Australia 
18-04-16 School spaces design  France 
18-04-16 Sports facility design  France 
18-04-16 New school sports fields  Canada 
18-04-16 Historic park upgrade  Georgia 
15-04-16 New fire station  United States 
15-04-16 New play space  Australia 
15-04-16 Ideas: accessible hotel design  United Kingdom 
15-04-16 Military & civil design services  United States 
15-04-16 29 new residential units  France 
14-04-16 Recreational facilities master plan  United States 
14-04-16 School upgrade  Australia 
14-04-16 Senior centre expansion  United States 
14-04-16 New outdoor theatre  Ukraine 
14-04-16 School design  China 
14-04-16 Schools design framework  Norway 
13-04-16 11 new multi-storey buildings  Bangladesh 
13-04-16 Convention centre expansion  United States 
13-04-16 Ideas: historic area development  Spain 
13-04-16 New park entrance  Sweden 
13-04-16 Social space installation  United States 
13-04-16 Wetland park design  China 
13-04-16 School expansion design  Austria 
12-04-16 Research facilities design services  United States 
12-04-16 Foreshore revitalisation  Australia 
12-04-16 Government design excellence scheme  Australia 
12-04-16 Sports arena future use study  Canada 
12-04-16 Heritage site regeneration  China 
12-04-16 Ideas: inclusive memorials  United States 
11-04-16 Brownfield site revitalisation  United States 
11-04-16 Language school redesign  United Kingdom 
08-04-16 Ideas: social & environmental design  United States 
08-04-16 New national conservatory  Australia 
06-04-16 Public plaza upgrade  Australia 
06-04-16 Ideas: sustainable design  United States 
06-04-16 Aquatic centre design  France 
06-04-16 School restructuring  France 
06-04-16 Armoured vehicles infrastructure  France 
06-04-16 School group design  France 
05-04-16 Compact multifunctional spaces  Italy 
05-04-16 New Winter amusement park  Russia 
04-04-16 National parks design  Canada 
04-04-16 New visitor centre  Canada 
04-04-16 Health facilities design  United States 
04-04-16 Army facilities design  United States 
04-04-16 Ideas: responsive design  Poland 
04-04-16 College spaces redesign  France 
04-04-16 Health facilities design  United States 
01-04-16 Park extension  United States 
01-04-16 Water sports centre reconstruction  France 
01-04-16 Agronomy consultancy framework  United Kingdom 
31-03-16 New war memorial  New Zealand 
30-03-16 Hospital & garden design  United Kingdom 
29-03-16 Temporary public space  Canada 
24-03-16 Seafront museum design  United Kingdom 
23-03-16 Ideas: historic pavilion renovation  United States 
21-03-16 Ideas: town development  United Kingdom 
18-03-16 Ideas: innovations for sea & space  France 
18-03-16 Urban park conceptual planning  China 
15-03-16 Ideas: floating cities  United States 
11-03-16 Ideas: new thermal baths  Italy 
10-03-16 Cultural complex masterplan  South Korea 
10-03-16 Ideas: university development  Italy 
09-03-16 New motorsports complex  Canada 
01-02-16 Ideas: diversity in cities  United States 
29-01-16 Ethnographic museum complex  Russia 
20-01-16 Ideas: urban regeneration  United States 
06-01-16 Ideas: architecture in nature  Spain 
05-01-16 Ideas: physical & virtual space  United States 
02-09-15 University campus developments  St. Vincent and the Grenadines 
06-07-15 City centre re-development  New Zealand 



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