Landscape (Contact us to see full tender details)
31-07-14 New media library  Poland 
31-07-14 Botanical gardens renovation  Germany 
31-07-14 College improvements  United States 
31-07-14 Expo 2016 planning & design  China 
31-07-14 Urban Voids: Opportunities along the rivers  United States 
30-07-14 Urban renewal & housing project  France 
30-07-14 Urban renewal  Australia 
30-07-14 Park design  New Zealand 
30-07-14 Urban redesign  Iceland 
30-07-14 Wetland park design  China 
30-07-14 University masterplan  United Kingdom 
30-07-14 Community facilities upgrade  Canada 
30-07-14 Ideas: City square redevelopment  Albania 
29-07-14 Ideas: Park design  United Kingdom 
29-07-14 Welfare services centre renovation  France 
29-07-14 Archaeological park planning & design  China 
29-07-14 Dockland survey & plans  India 
28-07-14 Reservoir landscape project design  China 
28-07-14 New swimming pools  France 
28-07-14 New city hall  France 
28-07-14 Urban park landscape design  China 
28-07-14 Ideas: Use of BRAER materials  Russia 
28-07-14 Ideas: Architectural drawing  Russia 
28-07-14 Ornamental fountain renovation  Austria 
28-07-14 New hospital  Kenya 
25-07-14 New memorial complex  Russia 
25-07-14 Landscape upgrade project  China 
25-07-14 City redevelopment  Germany 
25-07-14 Ideas: Future of architecture  United States 
25-07-14 City parks improvements  South Africa 
24-07-14 New sports & social club  France 
24-07-14 Park redevelopment  Germany 
24-07-14 New public green spaces  Germany 
24-07-14 University renovation framework agreement  United Kingdom 
24-07-14 Ideas: Zero net energy development  United States 
24-07-14 New city hall  Philippines 
24-07-14 City park master plan  United States 
24-07-14 Park redevelopment  United Kingdom 
23-07-14 New business park  France 
23-07-14 Hospital extension  Germany 
23-07-14 Residential units renovation  France 
23-07-14 Landfill reclamation  Germany 
23-07-14 New health centre  France 
23-07-14 Park redevelopment  France 
23-07-14 Design for relaxation spaces  France 
23-07-14 Design of solar dome for eco park  India 
23-07-14 Academy & park relocation  Taiwan 
23-07-14 Urban regeneration project  United Kingdom 
22-07-14 New student accommodation  Germany 
22-07-14 Urban development  France 
22-07-14 New school  China 
22-07-14 Ecological park  China 
22-07-14 New public park  Germany 
22-07-14 Framework agreements for consultancy services  Norway 
22-07-14 Redesign municipal plaza  United States 
22-07-14 Worldwide governmental projects  United States 
22-07-14 New residential units  France 
21-07-14 Urban & open space planning  Germany 
21-07-14 Tennis club extension  France 
21-07-14 College extension & renovation  France 
21-07-14 New sports hall  Morocco 
21-07-14 Park redevelopment  United States 
21-07-14 New fire station  United States 
18-07-14 Ideas: Public recreation space  Australia 
18-07-14 The Deira Islands Coastline design  United Arab Emirates 
17-07-14 General landscaping services  Canada 
17-07-14 Housing renovation  France 
17-07-14 New library  United States 
17-07-14 Innovation campus  United States 
17-07-14 Historic parks renovation  United States 
16-07-14 University masterplan  France 
16-07-14 School renovation  Belgium 
16-07-14 50 New homes for elderly & public areas  France 
16-07-14 Public green space redesign  Germany 
16-07-14 Various architectural services  Belgium 
16-07-14 University facilities expansion & renovation  Germany 
16-07-14 Port redevelopment  France 
16-07-14 Sports fields improvements  Canada 
16-07-14 Urban park planning & design  China 
15-07-14 City centre plan  Lithuania 
15-07-14 Ideas: Freehand architecture sketch  United Kingdom 
15-07-14 Comprehensive master plan  United States 
15-07-14 Technology park expansion  United States 
15-07-14 Town centre renewal  France 
15-07-14 Outdoor spaces installations  Germany 
15-07-14 Housing upgrade framework agreement  Denmark 
14-07-14 Garden show framework agreement  Germany 
14-07-14 Housing development & renovation  Belgium 
14-07-14 New kindergarten  Spain 
14-07-14 Implementation study  Germany 
14-07-14 New railway tunnel  Germany 
14-07-14 New park master plan  United States 
11-07-14 New museum  Germany 
11-07-14 Port development  France 
11-07-14 New sports complex  France 
11-07-14 Playground renovation  United States 
11-07-14 New housing development  United States 
10-07-14 Fortress restoration  Lithuania 
10-07-14 Scenic Area landscape design  China 
09-07-14 New park  Poland 
09-07-14 Architectural & landscape services  Switzerland 
09-07-14 New marina  France 
09-07-14 New technology centre  United Kingdom 
08-07-14 Ideas: Future Wimbledon  United Kingdom 
08-07-14 Ideas: New skyscraper  United Kingdom 
08-07-14 Ideas: Ice rink & pavilion  United Kingdom 
08-07-14 New pop-up park  Australia 
08-07-14 Tourism area conceptual design  China 
07-07-14 New nursery  Germany 
07-07-14 Rural development plan  Bulgaria 
07-07-14 Landscape corridor  China 
07-07-14 New town design  Denmark 
07-07-14 Residential/landscape design  Norway 
07-07-14 Ideas: Sustainable cities  Canada 
07-07-14 University extension  Germany 
07-07-14 Sustainable development master plan  Canada 
04-07-14 WAN Urban Design Award 2014  United Kingdom 
04-07-14 WAN Landscape Award 2014  United Kingdom 
03-07-14 Park masterplan  United States 
02-07-14 Park design  United States 
02-07-14 New cycle route  Denmark 
02-07-14 New community hall  France 
01-07-14 New school  Norway 
01-07-14 Architectural & engineering services  United States 
01-07-14 Urban development  Austria 
01-07-14 University expansion  United Kingdom 
01-07-14 Park & garden show design  Germany 
01-07-14 Ideas: New residential area  Denmark 
30-06-14 Public space design  France 
25-06-14 New boiler facility  France 
25-06-14 City centre redevelopment  France 
25-06-14 New road design  France 
25-06-14 New campus design  United Kingdom 
24-06-14 Architectural & engineering services  United States 
23-06-14 Urban development  Denmark 
23-06-14 New school  Sweden 
20-06-14 New school for design & science  United States 
18-06-14 Botanical gardens renovation  Lithuania 
18-06-14 Ideas:water purification system  Italy 
09-06-14 Garden show design  Germany 
02-06-14 Garden exhibition design  Germany 
05-05-14 Historic site upgrade  United Kingdom 



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