Civic buildings (Contact us to see full tender details)
26-02-15 New youth facilities  United Kingdom 
26-02-15 Historic house redevelopment  Australia 
26-02-15 Library extension  United States 
26-02-15 Museum infrastructure development  Russia 
26-02-15 Regional civil developments  Pakistan 
26-02-15 New fire station design  United States 
26-02-15 Public works framework agreement  United States 
26-02-15 Resources master plan  United States 
26-02-15 National airports master plan  Nigeria 
26-02-15 Embassy renovation  Kuwait 
26-02-15 Government offices redevelopment  United States 
26-02-15 International airport upgrade  India 
25-02-15 Developer lead: leisure centres upgrade  United Kingdom 
25-02-15 New writer's studio  United Kingdom 
25-02-15 Neighbourhood urban development  United States 
25-02-15 Memorial complex design  Lithuania 
25-02-15 New recreation centre  Canada 
25-02-15 Developer lead: cricket stadium  India 
25-02-15 Arts district master plan  United States 
25-02-15 Passenger transportation station  China 
25-02-15 New museum design  China 
25-02-15 Real estate master plan  France 
24-02-15 Sports facilities development  United Kingdom 
24-02-15 Former station re-purposing  United Kingdom 
24-02-15 Ideas: virtual spaces  Canada 
24-02-15 New swimming pool  Australia 
24-02-15 Federal building upgrade  United States 
24-02-15 Utility inspection services  United States 
24-02-15 Office building restoration  India 
24-02-15 Temple & infrastructure master plan  India 
24-02-15 Developer lead: city regeneration  United States 
24-02-15 Media & arts centre design  United Kingdom 
24-02-15 New finance institute  Pakistan 
24-02-15 City framework agreement  United States 
24-02-15 Swimming pool upgarde  Canada 
24-02-15 City square development  Australia 
23-02-15 Historic building re-purposing  Germany 
23-02-15 Elderly care centre  United Kingdom 
23-02-15 Space agency facilities  Canada 
23-02-15 New fire station  Chile 
23-02-15 Landscape framework agreement  United States 
20-02-15 Waterfront development  Russia 
20-02-15 New library  Australia 
20-02-15 Humidification system investigation  United States 
20-02-15 Bank office upgrade  India 
20-02-15 Bank extension  India 
20-02-15 Bank upgrade  India 
20-02-15 Bank upgrade  India 
20-02-15 Railway station development  India 
20-02-15 New library  United States 
20-02-15 Public utility framework  Canada 
20-02-15 Bank refurbishment  Bangladesh 
20-02-15 Civic capital developments  Ireland 
20-02-15 Socially responsible design  United States 
19-02-15 Museum upgrade  United States 
19-02-15 Bank facilities upgrades  India 
19-02-15 Office refurbishment  South Africa 
19-02-15 Community centre expansion  Canada 
19-02-15 New fire station  Canada 
19-02-15 Civic framework agreement  United States 
19-02-15 New government departments  Uganda 
19-02-15 New UN headquarters  Somalia 
19-02-15 Civil defence building design  United Arab Emirates 
19-02-15 County framework agreement  United States 
19-02-15 Military health facilities upgrades  Australia 
19-02-15 New senior centre  Canada 
19-02-15 New civic depot  Canada 
18-02-15 Prison upgrade  Finland 
18-02-15 Ideas: stadium complex re-use  United States 
18-02-15 Mixed-use development  China 
18-02-15 Civic building relocation  United Kingdom 
18-02-15 Exhibition stand design  United Arab Emirates 
18-02-15 Hall renovation  Australia 
18-02-15 Museum improvements  China 
18-02-15 Memorial design  India 
18-02-15 Judicial buildings development  United Arab Emirates 
17-02-15 Multipurpose pavilion development  Australia 
17-02-15 Council planning services  Australia 
17-02-15 New animal pound  Australia 
17-02-15 Court house replacement  United States 
17-02-15 Prison services framework  Finland 
17-02-15 New national laboratory  China 
16-02-15 Museum advisory framework  United Kingdom 
16-02-15 Developer lead: cultural hub  United Kingdom 
16-02-15 Army barracks reconstruction  Germany 
16-02-15 Airport internal design  United States 
16-02-15 Pavilion refurbishment  Australia 
16-02-15 Border crossing expansion  Canada 
16-02-15 New fire hall  Canada 
16-02-15 Olympic district master plan  Germany 
13-02-15 Council framework agreement  Sweden 
13-02-15 New driving school  Morocco 
13-02-15 New driving school  Morocco 
13-02-15 New museum  Russia 
13-02-15 New offices  Malaysia 
13-02-15 Developer lead: city regeneration  United States 
13-02-15 New driving school  Morocco 
12-02-15 Children's facilities development  South Africa 
12-02-15 Park upgrades  Canada 
12-02-15 Fitting-out works  Hong Kong 
12-02-15 Developer lead: new community centre  United Kingdom 
12-02-15 Housing resettlement  China 
11-02-15 Port master plan  India 
11-02-15 Ideas: innovative use of windows  Poland 
11-02-15 Foreign embassy framework  Germany 
10-02-15 Architecture festival attractions  United Kingdom 
10-02-15 Historic building redevelopment  United States 
10-02-15 Museum refurbishment  Japan 
10-02-15 Waterfront park development  United States 
10-02-15 Transport framework agreement  United States 
10-02-15 Military base master plans  United States 
09-02-15 New government building  Papua New Guinea 
09-02-15 County framework agreement  United States 
09-02-15 Civic buildings renovation  Guinea 
09-02-15 County framework agreement  United States 
09-02-15 Cemetery upgrade  France 
06-02-15 New community centre  United Kingdom 
06-02-15 Parks design services  United States 
06-02-15 Building facades renovations  Belgium 
06-02-15 City framework agreement  United States 
06-02-15 Disabled access development  United States 
06-02-15 Community master plan  Canada 
05-02-15 Heritage farm masterplan  United States 
05-02-15 Museum development  Russia 
05-02-15 Airport extension  United States 
05-02-15 New police heardquarters  United States 
05-02-15 Library expansion  United States 
05-02-15 Police facilities expansion  Nicaragua 
04-02-15 Research campus extension  United Kingdom 
04-02-15 Educational & public facilities design  Finland 
04-02-15 Community facilities plan  Canada 
03-02-15 Bus terminal & public transport hub  China 
02-02-15 New memorial  Italy 
30-01-15 Army base extension  France 
30-01-15 Gymnasium upgrade  France 
30-01-15 New gymnasium  France 
30-01-15 Castle restoration  France 
30-01-15 Public art installation  United States 
30-01-15 Youth center upgrade  Japan 
30-01-15 New museum & trade centre  India 
29-01-15 Postal facilities design services  United States 
29-01-15 Observatory design services  United States 
29-01-15 Army base design services  United States 
29-01-15 Administration building upgrade  Canada 
29-01-15 Prison facilities design  Canada 
29-01-15 Children's centre expansion  United Kingdom 
29-01-15 Public transport hub  China 
27-01-15 Ideas: mixed-use development  United Kingdom 
27-01-15 Exhibition design  United States 
26-01-15 New arena  United Kingdom 
26-01-15 Council framework agreement  United Kingdom 
26-01-15 Administration building restructuring  Germany 
26-01-15 Council framework agreement  Ireland 
23-01-15 New cultural complex  France 
23-01-15 Council framework agreement  Finland 
23-01-15 New arts installation  Ireland 
23-01-15 New digital culture facility  France 
22-01-15 Railway facility re-purposing  France 
22-01-15 New convention centre & auditorium  India 
21-01-15 43 new assisted living units  United Kingdom 
21-01-15 Mixed-use development  United States 
20-01-15 Port development  France 
20-01-15 Museum conservation  United Kingdom 
20-01-15 Mixed-use development  United Kingdom 
20-01-15 New administration building  Japan 
16-01-15 Abbey restoration  France 
16-01-15 New field station  United States 
16-01-15 Airport redevelopment  Tonga 
14-01-15 New fire station  Germany 
13-01-15 Council consulting services  Finland 
13-01-15 Ideas: nature interpretation centre  Spain 
12-01-15 New multi-storey car park  United Kingdom 
08-01-15 District court extension  Germany 
08-01-15 Nature reserve visitor centre  Oman 
08-01-15 Ideas: virtual design  United States 
06-01-15 Town centre development  Croatia 
06-01-15 Public service centre  China 
05-01-15 New cemeteries  United Kingdom 
02-01-15 State framework agreement  United States 
19-12-14 Ideas: bullring conversion  Spain 
15-12-14 Historic buildings reuse  Czech Republic 
05-12-14 City building upgrade  United States 
02-12-14 Ideas: virtual spaces  Canada 
02-12-14 Council framework agreement  Norway 
27-11-14 New cultural centre  Australia 
26-11-14 Police stations development  United Kingdom 
18-11-14 Ideas: temporary cinema  Senegal 
28-10-14 Ideas: site specific theatre  Germany 
21-10-14 Multi-storey parking garage  United States 
05-09-14 Civil infrastructure projects  Canada 
29-08-14 Military buildings upgrade & expansion  Canada 
18-09-12 Architectural services  Canada 



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