Civic buildings (Contact us to see full tender details)
17-04-14 New fire station  United States 
17-04-14 Energy systems renovation  Belgium 
17-04-14 Design team framework  United Kingdom 
17-04-14 Architectural services  Sweden 
17-04-14 Government building renovation  Germany 
17-04-14 Architectural services  Sweden 
17-04-14 Architectural framework  Germany 
17-04-14 Architectural services  United States 
17-04-14 New multipurpose facility  United States 
17-04-14 Library renovation  United States 
17-04-14 Fire station redesign  United States 
17-04-14 Architectural services  United States 
16-04-14 Police station renovation  United States 
16-04-14 Architectural services  Norway 
16-04-14 New police buildings  France 
16-04-14 Architectural services  Sweden 
16-04-14 Historic building renovation  Italy 
16-04-14 New fire station  United States 
16-04-14 Architectural services  United States 
15-04-14 Building renovation  France 
15-04-14 Council building renovation  United States 
15-04-14 New parking facility  United States 
15-04-14 New children/family centre  Germany 
14-04-14 New civic centre  Italy 
14-04-14 Office building renovation  Belgium 
14-04-14 Court building remodel  Poland 
14-04-14 7 Courthouses  Ireland 
14-04-14 Civic building renovation  France 
14-04-14 Developer lead: Mixed-use investment  United Kingdom 
14-04-14 Federal buildings renovation  United States 
14-04-14 Architectural services  United States 
14-04-14 New multi user facility & youth precinct  Australia 
14-04-14 New police offices  United States 
14-04-14 Architectural services  Kenya 
11-04-14 Operation centre renovation  France 
11-04-14 New rescue centre  France 
11-04-14 New railway stations  China 
11-04-14 New multipurpose building  Bangladesh 
11-04-14 Transit centre master plan  United States 
11-04-14 New training institutes  India 
10-04-14 Building renovation  Germany 
10-04-14 New fire station  United States 
10-04-14 Library expansion  Canada 
10-04-14 Architectural services  United States 
10-04-14 New library  United States 
10-04-14 Municipal public facilities  China 
10-04-14 New building  Congo, Democratic Republic of 
09-04-14 New community centre  Germany 
09-04-14 Building renovation  Germany 
09-04-14 New library  Germany 
09-04-14 New railway building  Switzerland 
09-04-14 New mixed-use building  Switzerland 
09-04-14 Architectural feasibility study  United States 
08-04-14 Civic centre renovation  Canada 
08-04-14 Postal facilities projects  United States 
08-04-14 New town hall  Austria 
08-04-14 Architectural services  Sweden 
08-04-14 Facility renovation  United States 
07-04-14 New city hall  Germany 
07-04-14 Building renovation  France 
07-04-14 Roof renovation  France 
07-04-14 Architectural services  Sweden 
04-04-14 New science park  United Kingdom 
04-04-14 Fire centre renovaton  Canada 
04-04-14 Park and theatre renovaton  United Kingdom 
03-04-14 Building expansion  Austria 
03-04-14 Architectural services  Canada 
03-04-14 Architectural services  United States 
03-04-14 Chief architect  Belgium 
03-04-14 New emergency centre  France 
03-04-14 Architectural services  Belgium 
02-04-14 Fleet maintenance facility  United States 
02-04-14 New fire station  Austria 
02-04-14 Civic buildings redevelopment  Germany 
02-04-14 3 new fire stations  Germany 
02-04-14 Architectural services  United States 
01-04-14 City wall redevelopment  Germany 
01-04-14 Architectural services  Norway 
01-04-14 Architectural services  Sweden 
01-04-14 Architectural consultant  Sweden 
01-04-14 Treatment plant building  Germany 
01-04-14 Architectural services  Sweden 
01-04-14 New science building  Germany 
01-04-14 Architectural services  Sweden 
01-04-14 Roof replacement  Canada 
31-03-14 Architectural services  Sweden 
31-03-14 Architectural services  Sweden 
31-03-14 Architectural services  Sweden 
31-03-14 New court  Estonia 
31-03-14 Building renovation  France 
31-03-14 Town hall renovation  France 
31-03-14 City hall renovation  Netherlands 
31-03-14 New police facility  Germany 
31-03-14 New care home  France 
31-03-14 New police hall  Belgium 
31-03-14 Public facilities expansion  United States 
28-03-14 Ideas: Building expansion  Germany 
28-03-14 New civic centre  France 
28-03-14 Poice headquarters renovation  Germany 
28-03-14 New administration block  United Kingdom 
28-03-14 Institute of immunity & transplantation  United Kingdom 
28-03-14 New headquarters  Morocco 
27-03-14 New administrative building  Germany 
27-03-14 Administrative building renovation  Germany 
27-03-14 Civic building expansion  France 
27-03-14 Building renovation  Germany 
25-03-14 Innovative Architectural Projects  France 
24-03-14 Airport buildings renovation  Germany 
24-03-14 New library  France 
24-03-14 Library expansion & renovation  France 
24-03-14 Police buildings expansion  Germany 
21-03-14 Architectural services  France 
21-03-14 Architectural services  Sweden 
21-03-14 Castle redevelopment  United Kingdom 
21-03-14 Architectural services  South Africa 
19-03-14 Embassy renovation  Denmark 
19-03-14 New maintenance facility  United States 
17-03-14 Architectural services  Sweden 
17-03-14 Factory wall transformation  Netherlands 
14-03-14 City hall renovation  Germany 
12-03-14 Architectural services  Sweden 
07-03-14 Tower remodel  Korea 
06-03-14 Architectural council leader  Norway 
03-03-14 Museum buildings  Hungary 
28-02-14 New intermodal terminal  Bulgaria 
25-02-14 City hall renovation  France 
21-02-14 Architectural services  Finland 
08-01-14 Library renovation  Czech Republic 
07-01-14 Ideas: Cemetry expansion  Italy 
23-09-13 Architectural/Engineering consultant  United States 
13-03-13 Architectural & Engineering services  United States 
18-09-12 Architectural services  Canada 



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