Civic buildings (Contact us to see full tender details)
22-08-17 New cultural & community centre  Australia 
22-08-17 Council design services  Australia 
22-08-17 Port upgrade  Panama 
22-08-17 Library redevelopment  Canada 
22-08-17 Passenger station design  China 
22-08-17 Science exhibition design  China 
22-08-17 Airport cultural portal planning  China 
22-08-17 Historic & cultural buildings study  South Korea 
22-08-17 Flood protection development  France 
22-08-17 New multi-storey car park  United Kingdom 
22-08-17 Nature tourism centre design  Latvia 
22-08-17 Civic buildings development  France 
22-08-17 New commemorative monument  Panama 
22-08-17 New tourist discovery centre  Australia 
22-08-17 New creative precinct  Australia 
22-08-17 Police complex repairs  South Africa 
21-08-17 Council centre consultancy  United Kingdom 
21-08-17 Zoo park development  Germany 
21-08-17 New zoo car park  Germany 
21-08-17 Civic spaces development  France 
21-08-17 Mixed-use development framework  Norway 
21-08-17 Police buildings development  Poland 
21-08-17 Public spaces design  Poland 
21-08-17 Administrative offices design  Canada 
21-08-17 Port terminal reconstruction  Japan 
21-08-17 Transit facilities assessment  United States 
21-08-17 New community centre  Canada 
21-08-17 3 new museum galleries  United States 
21-08-17 Government complex development  India 
21-08-17 Government ministry design services  Trinidad and Tobago 
18-08-17 Development bank outfitting  Sudan 
18-08-17 New iconic administrative building  Philippines 
18-08-17 Airport terminal development  Australia 
18-08-17 Civic hall modernization  United States 
18-08-17 Cultural arts centre design  China 
18-08-17 Urban park design  China 
18-08-17 Mixed-use urban park design  China 
18-08-17 2 rail stations masterplanning  United States 
18-08-17 New rescue station  Germany 
18-08-17 Museum design services  Germany 
18-08-17 Council urban developments  Germany 
18-08-17 New town hall  Germany 
18-08-17 Social housing developments  Ireland 
18-08-17 New penitentiary infirmary  Germany 
18-08-17 Public spaces development  France 
18-08-17 Training centre design  Estonia 
18-08-17 Ideas: public space enhancement  Canada 
17-08-17 Correctional facility expansion  United States 
17-08-17 District court redevelopment  Poland 
17-08-17 Police spaces framework  United Kingdom 
17-08-17 Waterside precinct planning  Australia 
16-08-17 School renovation  United States 
16-08-17 New airport building interior  Mauritius 
16-08-17 New airport building landscaping  Mauritius 
16-08-17 Ideas: tourist development  India 
16-08-17 Culture centre revitalization  Germany 
16-08-17 Council spaces framework  United Kingdom 
16-08-17 Mixed residential development  Ireland 
16-08-17 Fire & rescue centre design  Germany 
16-08-17 Castle restoration  Germany 
16-08-17 New childcare centre  Germany 
16-08-17 Laboratory & daycare development  Germany 
16-08-17 Barracks buildings renovation  Germany 
16-08-17 Neighbourhood spaces development  France 
16-08-17 Public spaces development  France 
16-08-17 Residential colony redevelopment  India 
16-08-17 New institute campus  India 
15-08-17 New arts centre  Australia 
15-08-17 New metro line stations  India 
15-08-17 Council design consultancy  United Kingdom 
15-08-17 University building reconstruction  United Kingdom 
15-08-17 New airport customs centre  Mauritius 
15-08-17 Cultural centre & museum design  China 
15-08-17 Archives centre design  China 
15-08-17 7 new bus hubs  New Zealand 
15-08-17 New leisure centre  Australia 
15-08-17 Temporary world expo pavilion  United Arab Emirates 
15-08-17 New fire hall & public works building  Canada 
15-08-17 Heritage area enhancement  Australia 
14-08-17 Ideas: responsive cities  Spain 
14-08-17 Ideas: outdoor theatre  Portugal 
14-08-17 New rural arts center  Senegal 
14-08-17 Research facility upgrade  Canada 
14-08-17 New park pavilion & pool  Canada 
14-08-17 News sports fieldhouse  Canada 
14-08-17 Naval facilities design  United States 
14-08-17 New multi-use community centre  France 
14-08-17 Civic development framework  France 
14-08-17 New art gallery  China 
14-08-17 Museum upgrade  Italy 
14-08-17 Civic spaces development  France 
14-08-17 Air base facilities development  France 
14-08-17 New city hall  France 
14-08-17 New housing scheme  United Kingdom 
14-08-17 Research centre development  Germany 
14-08-17 New seniors facility  Germany 
14-08-17 Community centre renovation  Germany 
14-08-17 Museum upgrade  Germany 
11-08-17 Civic sustainability development  Netherlands 
11-08-17 Tourism building design  Portugal 
11-08-17 Mixed-use design  China 
11-08-17 Municipal buildings design  France 
11-08-17 Rescue station refurbishment  Canada 
11-08-17 Archiving centre design  Morocco 
10-08-17 Railside promenade design  United States 
10-08-17 Civic buildings design  India 
10-08-17 Commercial centre revitalization  Poland 
10-08-17 Castle redevelopment  United Kingdom 
10-08-17 Theatre extension  United Kingdom 
10-08-17 Cultural & social spaces design  Egypt 
10-08-17 Theatre upgrade  Germany 
10-08-17 Neighbourhood redevelopment  Italy 
10-08-17 Public spaces redevelopment  Italy 
09-08-17 Emergency life-support design  United Kingdom 
09-08-17 Listed building reconstruction  Switzerland 
09-08-17 Castle redevelopment  United Kingdom 
09-08-17 Historical museum design  Bulgaria 
09-08-17 Temple renovation  Italy 
09-08-17 Art museum design  Italy 
09-08-17 Metro public spaces design  Canada 
09-08-17 Public spaces & interiors design  Russia 
09-08-17 Mixed-use developments  United States 
08-08-17 Historic hall renovation  United Kingdom 
08-08-17 Town hall renovation  United Kingdom 
08-08-17 Central station development  France 
08-08-17 Museum rehabilitation  Germany 
08-08-17 Hall redevelopment  Germany 
08-08-17 Fire & rescue centre design  Guyana 
08-08-17 New aquarium centre  Austria 
08-08-17 New technical centre  France 
07-08-17 Memorial building rehabilitation  Canada 
07-08-17 Police spaces development  Canada 
07-08-17 Historic townhouse conservation  Germany 
07-08-17 Civil & education developments  China 
07-08-17 Castle redevelopment  United Kingdom 
07-08-17 Cathedral upgrade  United Kingdom 
07-08-17 City fountains renewal  Australia 
07-08-17 Police spaces development  Canada 
07-08-17 Police spaces development  Canada 
04-08-17 Transport facilities design  Canada 
04-08-17 Courthouse addition  United States 
04-08-17 Capital improvements design  United States 
04-08-17 New tourist building  Germany 
04-08-17 Hall expansion & renovation  Germany 
04-08-17 New ministry building  Italy 
04-08-17 New train station  Spain 
04-08-17 Administrative headquarters renovation  Spain 
04-08-17 Prison renovation  France 
04-08-17 New cultural & scientific area  China 
03-08-17 Public service office addition  Canada 
03-08-17 New fire station  Australia 
03-08-17 New museum  France 
03-08-17 Municipality design services  Finland 
03-08-17 Drama centre transformation  France 
03-08-17 New police headquarters building  Germany 
03-08-17 New research building  Germany 
03-08-17 Mixed-use development  Italy 
03-08-17 Railway station design  Bulgaria 
03-08-17 Sport centre renovation  France 
02-08-17 New fire station  Australia 
02-08-17 New senior centre  United States 
02-08-17 New maintenance building  United States 
02-08-17 New county jail  United States 
02-08-17 New police accommodation  Netherlands 
02-08-17 Community centre expansion  Austria 
02-08-17 Expo centre upgrade  France 
02-08-17 Administrative headquarters rehabilitation  France 
02-08-17 Police facilities modernisation  Poland 
01-08-17 New judicial court  Chile 
01-08-17 New library  Chile 
01-08-17 Airport master plan review  Mauritius 
01-08-17 Administrative campus renovation  Germany 
01-08-17 Sports hall upgrade  Germany 
01-08-17 Swimming complex upgrade  Germany 
01-08-17 District court renovation  Germany 
01-08-17 New educational facility  Spain 
01-08-17 New housing complex  France 
31-07-17 Developer lead: city regeneration  United Kingdom 
31-07-17 Airport terminal redevelopment  United States 
31-07-17 Prison master plan  Australia 
31-07-17 Cultural area development  China 
31-07-17 New tourist service centre  China 
31-07-17 Educational facilities redevelopment  France 
31-07-17 Town hall upgrade  Belgium 
31-07-17 New fire brigade centre  Germany 
31-07-17 Upgrade 2 police barracks  France 
31-07-17 New social facility  France 
28-07-17 Naval facilities design  United States 
28-07-17 Municipal hall rehabilitation  Philippines 
28-07-17 Mixed-use development  United Kingdom 
28-07-17 Government offices framework  United Kingdom 
28-07-17 Library design  Germany 
28-07-17 New fire station  Germany 
28-07-17 Public spaces development  France 
28-07-17 Conservatory development  France 
27-07-17 Community spaces design  France 
27-07-17 Neighbourhood design services  Luxembourg 
27-07-17 Council design services  Ireland 
27-07-17 Tank museum modernization  Germany 
27-07-17 Museum redevelopment  France 
27-07-17 New school  Germany 
26-07-17 City planning services  United States 
26-07-17 Public spaces design  France 
26-07-17 Municipal services building  France 
26-07-17 Public spaces urban development  France 
26-07-17 Administrative building design  Canada 
25-07-17 Naval facilities design  United States 
25-07-17 Ideas: urban recreation space  Denmark 
25-07-17 Public spaces renovation  Germany 
25-07-17 Museum redevelopment  Portugal 
25-07-17 Public spaces development  France 
25-07-17 Council restoration framework  United Kingdom 
25-07-17 Ideas: sustainable tourism  Mexico 
25-07-17 Training academy development  Germany 
24-07-17 Health facilities design  Canada 
24-07-17 New administrative building  Canada 
24-07-17 Civic building redevelopment  France 
24-07-17 Media library design  France 
24-07-17 Library design  France 
24-07-17 Neighbourhood spaces framework  France 
24-07-17 Mixed-use development  France 
24-07-17 Council areas design  United Kingdom 
24-07-17 Health facilities design  Canada 
24-07-17 Botanical gardens entrance  Czech Republic 
24-07-17 Old fire station rehabilitation  France 
24-07-17 County road park design  France 
21-07-17 Community spaces rehabilitation  France 
21-07-17 Emergency centre extension  France 
21-07-17 Park buildings framework  France 
20-07-17 Council spaces framework  United Kingdom 
20-07-17 Community centre rehabilitation  France 
20-07-17 Riverside building reconstruction  Russia 
19-07-17 Cemetery expansion  United States 
19-07-17 Council spaces development  Ireland 
19-07-17 Cultural & community centre redevelopment  Germany 
19-07-17 Kitchen infrastructure development  France 
19-07-17 Civic spaces development  France 
18-07-17 New city square  Poland 
18-07-17 Embankment areas rehabilitation  St. Pierre and Miquelon 
18-07-17 Arts museum centre rehabilitation  France 
17-07-17 Police training base design  China 
17-07-17 Public spaces design  Bulgaria 
17-07-17 New community hub  Australia 
14-07-17 New airport terminal  Canada 
14-07-17 Innovative architectural drawing  United Kingdom 
14-07-17 Civic building development  United Kingdom 
13-07-17 Children's centre design  France 
13-07-17 Mixed-use development  Sweden 
13-07-17 Public spaces modernization  Lithuania 
13-07-17 Community spaces framework  France 
12-07-17 New national choreographic centre  France 
12-07-17 Council spaces framework  United Kingdom 
12-07-17 New pavilion  United States 
11-07-17 Museum design services  Italy 
10-07-17 Community spaces redevelopment  France 
10-07-17 Urban community development  France 
10-07-17 Community spaces framework  France 
10-07-17 Barracks & residential development  France 
10-07-17 Religious buildings restoration  Belgium 
10-07-17 Community spaces design  Belgium 
07-07-17 Military installations design  United States 
06-07-17 Digital pavilion development  France 
03-07-17 National library site renovation  France 
03-07-17 Public spaces design  Spain 
30-06-17 Public spaces development  Denmark 
30-06-17 Public spaces design  Estonia 
29-06-17 Council spaces framework  United Kingdom 
29-06-17 Fire & police centre development  France 
29-06-17 Ideas: use of ceramic slabs  Italy 
28-06-17 Council spaces framework  United Kingdom 
27-06-17 Architectural drawing excellence  United States 
27-06-17 Science centre design  Switzerland 
27-06-17 New council leisure facilities  United Kingdom 
27-06-17 Cultural centre remodelling  Slovakia 
26-06-17 Community spaces framework  Sweden 
23-06-17 New concert centre  Lithuania 
21-06-17 Civic spaces framework  United Kingdom 
19-06-17 Canal spaces development  Spain 
19-06-17 Hall refurbishment  United Kingdom 
19-06-17 City council design services  Canada 
15-06-17 Car park design  United Kingdom 
14-06-17 New police headquarters  Japan 
14-06-17 Community building framework  United Kingdom 
14-06-17 Ideas: BIM formatted designs  Spain 
12-06-17 Ideas: sustainable visitor centre  United States 
12-06-17 New funeral hall  Czech Republic 
08-06-17 Station design services  Greece 
07-06-17 Ideas: new museum typology  United Kingdom 
07-06-17 New recreational centre  Russia 
07-06-17 Ideas: futuristic design  France 
05-06-17 Temporary small-scale library  United States 
05-06-17 Best emerging architecture firm  United States 
05-06-17 Ideas: augmented reality design  Russia 
01-06-17 New multi-storey car park  United Kingdom 
31-05-17 Mixed-use redevelopment  United Kingdom 
30-05-17 Public spaces development  United Kingdom 
26-05-17 Security centre design  Austria 
25-05-17 Ideas: sustainable design  Switzerland 
23-05-17 Ideas: Mughal Empire memorial  India 
18-05-17 Ideas: bridging design  Japan 
16-05-17 Council design services  Canada 
11-05-17 Museum spaces development  United Kingdom 
09-05-17 Library master plan  United States 
04-05-17 New museum  South Korea 
28-04-17 Ideas: creative hub  Australia 
26-04-17 Council housing framework  Ireland 
24-04-17 Public spaces design  Czech Republic 
24-04-17 Sustainable urban regeneration  China 
18-04-17 New exhibition centre  Japan 
11-04-17 Science museum planning  United Kingdom 
23-03-17 Public infrastructure design  Jamaica 
21-03-17 Ideas: city centre redevelopment  Poland 
23-02-17 Temporary pavilion  Mexico 
12-01-17 Social housing design  Belgium 
02-11-16 Theatre facade restoration  France 
09-09-16 Defence research facility design  Canada 
24-06-16 Military research base upgrade  Canada 
12-04-16 Government design excellence scheme  Australia 
18-09-12 Architectural services  Canada 



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