Civic buildings (Contact us to see full tender details)
29-06-16 New administrative building  Tunisia 
29-06-16 Hospital library & gym relocation  New Zealand 
29-06-16 New cemetery folly  South Korea 
29-06-16 Ideas: vertical cemetery  Japan 
29-06-16 Government house refurbishment  United Kingdom 
29-06-16 Castle landscape design  United Kingdom 
29-06-16 Social housing framework  United Kingdom 
29-06-16 Council design services  United Kingdom 
29-06-16 Music school & halls design  Latvia 
29-06-16 Aquatic centre design  France 
29-06-16 Station areas redevelopment  Germany 
29-06-16 Technology institute development  Germany 
29-06-16 Civic buildings overhaul  Bulgaria 
29-06-16 New olympic park restrooms  South Korea 
29-06-16 Research centre design  China 
29-06-16 Scenic area urban design  China 
29-06-16 Riverbank square landscaping  China 
29-06-16 E-Commerce building design  China 
29-06-16 Civic accessibility improvements  France 
29-06-16 Residential redevelopment schemes  United Kingdom 
29-06-16 City hall design services  France 
29-06-16 Dormitory design services  Germany 
29-06-16 Elizabeth Tower refurbishment  United Kingdom 
28-06-16 Institute design services  Guatemala 
28-06-16 New institute building  Philippines 
28-06-16 New planetarium  Australia 
28-06-16 New museum gallery  Australia 
28-06-16 Cemeteries design services  United States 
28-06-16 Defence facilities design  United States 
28-06-16 New military facilities  United States 
28-06-16 Border service building design  China 
28-06-16 Town tourism planning  China 
28-06-16 Children's park design  China 
28-06-16 Residential rehabilitation  France 
28-06-16 Sports accessibility upgrade  France 
28-06-16 Neighbourhood urban redevelopment  France 
27-06-16 Public space development  Russia 
27-06-16 Ideas: accessible museum  Turkey 
27-06-16 Ideas: child-centric design  Netherlands 
27-06-16 New community centre  United Kingdom 
27-06-16 Swimming facility renewal  Canada 
27-06-16 Sports arena repair  Canada 
27-06-16 New outdoor youth space  Australia 
27-06-16 New soccer complex  United States 
27-06-16 Historic buildings upgrades  France 
27-06-16 Ecological environment planning  China 
27-06-16 Financial centre development  China 
27-06-16 Ecological park masterplanning  China 
27-06-16 Wetland park development  China 
27-06-16 Aviation hub masterplanning  China 
27-06-16 Science & innovation centre  Lithuania 
27-06-16 30 new residential units  France 
27-06-16 24 new social housing units  France 
27-06-16 34 units residential design  France 
27-06-16 Children's centre design  France 
27-06-16 Archives building extension  France 
27-06-16 College reconstruction  France 
27-06-16 85 new residential units  France 
27-06-16 Sports facilities development  Mayotte 
27-06-16 Civic spaces development  France 
27-06-16 Town hall accessibility upgrade  France 
27-06-16 Historic building renovation  United Kingdom 
27-06-16 Castle & surroundings restoration  France 
27-06-16 Family hospital development  Belgium 
24-06-16 New school buildings  United States 
24-06-16 Research centre renovation  Canada 
24-06-16 Military research base upgrade  Canada 
24-06-16 Defence base design  Canada 
24-06-16 Defence base design  Canada 
24-06-16 Tennis centre & park upgrade  United States 
24-06-16 Library expansion  United States 
24-06-16 Navy facilities design  Singapore 
24-06-16 Naval facilities design  United States 
24-06-16 12 railway stations design  China 
24-06-16 Urban park design  China 
24-06-16 Library study development  United States 
24-06-16 Social housing design  United Kingdom 
23-06-16 Museum conversion  United States 
23-06-16 New visitor centre  United States 
23-06-16 New visitor centre  United States 
23-06-16 New exhibition centre  India 
23-06-16 Curling rink renovation  Canada 
23-06-16 Court house upgrade  United States 
23-06-16 Army facilities improvements  United States 
23-06-16 Fuel facilities design  United States 
23-06-16 Recreation centre upgrade  United States 
23-06-16 War museum building design  United Kingdom 
23-06-16 Social housing framework  United Kingdom 
23-06-16 2 camping grounds upgrade  United States 
23-06-16 Council design services  Latvia 
23-06-16 Hospital building reconstruction  Germany 
23-06-16 Aircraft workshop development  Germany 
23-06-16 Neighbourhood development  Sweden 
22-06-16 New public transport facility  South Africa 
22-06-16 New transport centre  South Africa 
22-06-16 New transport facility  South Africa 
22-06-16 New public transport facility  South Africa 
22-06-16 New airport distribution facility  United States 
22-06-16 Rail station review  United States 
22-06-16 Cemetery landscape master plan  United States 
22-06-16 Court renovation  Canada 
22-06-16 Court renovation  Canada 
22-06-16 Airstrip expansion  Kenya 
22-06-16 University library renovation  United States 
22-06-16 University library improvements  United States 
22-06-16 Performance spaces renovation  United States 
22-06-16 Arts centre upgrade  Canada 
22-06-16 Local assembly design  Kenya 
22-06-16 Resettlement spaces design  China 
22-06-16 Cultural centres development  China 
22-06-16 Office complex reconstruction  France 
22-06-16 Office building development  France 
22-06-16 Ideas: civic spaces design  Germany 
22-06-16 Court building design  Poland 
21-06-16 Police station assessment  South Africa 
21-06-16 New royal palace  Lesotho 
21-06-16 Senior care centres development  Singapore 
21-06-16 Bank upgrade  Philippines 
21-06-16 Magistrate court renovation  South Africa 
21-06-16 New multi-purpose hall  India 
21-06-16 Ministry office space development  India 
21-06-16 Community centre upgrade  Canada 
21-06-16 New trading pavilion  Bulgaria 
21-06-16 Army museum design  United Kingdom 
21-06-16 Play area improvements  United Kingdom 
21-06-16 Office refurbishments  United Kingdom 
21-06-16 Accessibility accommodation design  United Kingdom 
21-06-16 Ruins site park planning  China 
21-06-16 12 city courtyards design  China 
21-06-16 County park design  China 
21-06-16 Residential housing development  United Kingdom 
21-06-16 Residential housing development  United Kingdom 
21-06-16 Neighbourhood transformation  France 
21-06-16 Housing design & renovation  France 
21-06-16 Sheltered housing rehabilitation  France 
21-06-16 Residential design & redevelopment  France 
21-06-16 Civic buildings development  Germany 
21-06-16 Residential development framework  Germany 
20-06-16 New fire training centre  Canada 
20-06-16 Sports facilities design  United States 
20-06-16 Conference hall renovation  India 
20-06-16 New firing ranges  United States 
20-06-16 Civic spaces development  France 
20-06-16 Ecotourism complex design  France 
20-06-16 Urban campus design framework  France 
20-06-16 Mixed-use redesign  France 
20-06-16 Hospital complex design  China 
20-06-16 Airlines base expansion  China 
20-06-16 Science museum design  China 
20-06-16 Emergency centre planning  Germany 
20-06-16 District office development  Germany 
17-06-16 New arts & culture facility  Canada 
17-06-16 Residential development  India 
17-06-16 Ideas: sports park regeneration  Poland 
17-06-16 Library refurbishment  Australia 
17-06-16 Administrative building renovation  Chile 
17-06-16 Parking silo design  France 
17-06-16 Exhibition hall design  China 
17-06-16 Riverbank area urban design  China 
17-06-16 Cultural facilities reconstruction  China 
17-06-16 Cultural facilities upgrade  China 
17-06-16 Cultural & art centre design  China 
17-06-16 Neighbourhood design services  Slovakia 
17-06-16 Council design services  France 
17-06-16 Children's hospital design  Denmark 
17-06-16 Plaza redesign  Spain 
16-06-16 New community centre  United States 
16-06-16 County facilities design  United States 
16-06-16 City improvement programs  United States 
16-06-16 New library  Canada 
16-06-16 New museum exhibition  Canada 
16-06-16 Federal buildings design  United States 
16-06-16 Airport master plan  United States 
16-06-16 Farm site redevelopment  United Kingdom 
16-06-16 Conservation & infrastructure design  United Kingdom 
16-06-16 Gardens design consultancy  United Kingdom 
15-06-16 City hall redevelopment  Canada 
15-06-16 71 residential units redevelopment  France 
15-06-16 Healthcare building extension  France 
15-06-16 Civic redevelopment framework  France 
15-06-16 Park design framework  France 
15-06-16 Kindergarten & housing design  France 
15-06-16 Civic mixed-use design  France 
15-06-16 School complex redesign  France 
15-06-16 Medical building design  France 
15-06-16 Port areas restructuring  France 
15-06-16 Civic building redevelopment  Germany 
15-06-16 Pedestrian areas redesign  Germany 
15-06-16 Social housing scheme  Ireland 
14-06-16 New public works depot  Canada 
14-06-16 Shoreline promenade development  Azerbaijan 
14-06-16 Aquatic centre redevelopment  Australia 
14-06-16 New timber frame buildings  South Africa 
14-06-16 Administration building renovation  United States 
14-06-16 Housing development framework  United Kingdom 
14-06-16 Urban housing complex design  Germany 
14-06-16 Ecological park design  China 
14-06-16 Music hall design  China 
14-06-16 Civic spaces design  France 
14-06-16 Library redevelopment framework  United Kingdom 
14-06-16 Sports facilities development  United Kingdom 
13-06-16 Reading room upgrade  United States 
13-06-16 Court complex upgrade  United States 
13-06-16 Court facilities renovation  United States 
13-06-16 Military facilities expansion  United States 
13-06-16 City improvements  United States 
13-06-16 Community centre master plan  Canada 
13-06-16 New emergency facilities  Canada 
13-06-16 New visitor centre  United States 
13-06-16 Port landscaping & interiors  Sweden 
13-06-16 Psychotherapy clinic reconstruction  France 
13-06-16 25 social housing units development  France 
13-06-16 Sports & cultural centre design  France 
13-06-16 Civic building design  France 
13-06-16 Community park spaces design  France 
13-06-16 Arts centre conservatory design  France 
13-06-16 Training centre redevelopment  France 
13-06-16 Railway complex design  Germany 
10-06-16 Federal courthouse improvements  United States 
10-06-16 Ideas: city square  Poland 
10-06-16 Communal room rehabilitation  Switzerland 
10-06-16 Community service building design  China 
10-06-16 Public transport hub design  China 
10-06-16 Civic building development  France 
10-06-16 Cathedral interiors restoration  France 
10-06-16 Civic & residential development  France 
09-06-16 Airport expansion  United States 
09-06-16 New university building  United States 
09-06-16 Office interiors design  Canada 
09-06-16 Community building redevelopment  France 
08-06-16 New gymnasium  Japan 
08-06-16 New city hall  Japan 
08-06-16 Ideas: response to floods  Portugal 
08-06-16 Army facilities design  United States 
08-06-16 Naval facilities design  United States 
08-06-16 Community centre development  Belgium 
08-06-16 Coastal restoration  United States 
08-06-16 Coastal restoration  United States 
08-06-16 Spa facility design  Germany 
08-06-16 Campus & landscape renovation  France 
08-06-16 Psychiatry hospital development  Germany 
07-06-16 Court expansion  United States 
07-06-16 Army facilities design  United States 
07-06-16 Naval facilities design  United States 
07-06-16 Youth & culture centre design  France 
07-06-16 Visitor centre design  China 
07-06-16 Nursing home extension  Germany 
07-06-16 Residential developments  Germany 
06-06-16 Mixed use development  United States 
06-06-16 Ideas: factory typology  Spain 
06-06-16 Army facilities design services  United States 
06-06-16 Agricultural economy centre  China 
06-06-16 Hospital renovation  United States 
06-06-16 Social housing redevelopment  France 
06-06-16 Social housing extension  France 
06-06-16 Building complex design  France 
06-06-16 Historical buildings development  France 
06-06-16 City food market planning  Germany 
06-06-16 School gymnasium upgrade  Germany 
06-06-16 Civic infrastructure rehabilitation  Germany 
06-06-16 Police headquarters development  Germany 
06-06-16 Mixed-use design  France 
06-06-16 Civic spaces reconstruction  France 
06-06-16 Bird park redevelopment  France 
06-06-16 Aquatic centre design  France 
06-06-16 Historic wall refurbishment  France 
06-06-16 Dock & office buildings upgrade  France 
06-06-16 Heritage buildings development  France 
06-06-16 Children's centre design  France 
06-06-16 Community service centre design  France 
06-06-16 Sports park design  China 
06-06-16 Wetland park design  China 
06-06-16 City hall & station design  Sweden 
06-06-16 Mixed-use design  France 
06-06-16 Civic development framework  Belgium 
06-06-16 Industrial building development  Germany 
03-06-16 Church restoration  Chile 
03-06-16 New fire department headquarters  Chile 
03-06-16 Light festival installations  Singapore 
03-06-16 Ideas: shanty town improvements  United Kingdom 
03-06-16 New veteran hospital building  China 
03-06-16 Police building replacement  Germany 
03-06-16 Urban village transformation  China 
02-06-16 City festival exhibits  New Zealand 
02-06-16 2 mixed-use developments  United States 
02-06-16 Hospital design  China 
02-06-16 Illuminated bridge design  United Kingdom 
02-06-16 Medical campus development  Estonia 
02-06-16 Institution accessibility renovation  France 
01-06-16 Naval facilities design  United States 
01-06-16 National parks design services  Canada 
01-06-16 Housing redevelopment  United Kingdom 
01-06-16 Town & infrastructure transformation  China 
01-06-16 Hospital renovation  Germany 
01-06-16 Public infrastructure development  Czech Republic 
31-05-16 Defence facilities design  Canada 
31-05-16 New museum building  Peru 
31-05-16 Exhibition hall upgrade  United States 
31-05-16 Mixed-use development  France 
31-05-16 Promenades redevelopment  France 
31-05-16 Barracks building development  Switzerland 
31-05-16 Residential design  France 
31-05-16 Hospital pavilion development  France 
31-05-16 Harbour & marina redevelopment  United Kingdom 
26-05-16 Ideas: Olympic fan zone  Brazil 
26-05-16 Government buildings design  United States 
26-05-16 University hospital development  Czech Republic 
25-05-16 Music & theatre relocation  New Zealand 
25-05-16 Clubhouse redevelopment  Australia 
25-05-16 Ideas: tourist site landmark  Portugal 
25-05-16 Seaport building development  Sweden 
24-05-16 New castle & museum facilities  United Kingdom 
24-05-16 Multi-purpose sports hall  Slovakia 
24-05-16 City urban planning  France 
23-05-16 Municipal kindergarten reconstruction  Poland 
20-05-16 Museum complex master plan  South Korea 
20-05-16 Ideas: use of Baldwin products  United States 
20-05-16 New ceramic tile range  Hungary 
19-05-16 Ideas: use of FAKRO products  Poland 
19-05-16 New park  United States 
19-05-16 Ideas: city centre design  Russia 
10-05-16 Civic Buildings Award 2016  United Kingdom 
10-05-16 Infrastructure Award 2016  United Kingdom 
10-05-16 Metal in Architecture Award 2016  United Kingdom 
10-05-16 Ideas: waterfront design  Italy 
10-05-16 Sports zone development  Japan 
10-05-16 Public housing design  Japan 
06-05-16 Prison hospital renovation  Lebanon 
06-05-16 Council design services  United States 
05-05-16 New science & innovation centre  Lithuania 
04-05-16 City square upgrade  Italy 
27-04-16 Ideas: innovative urban design  Russia 
25-04-16 Town planning competition  Finland 
22-04-16 New sports centre  Chile 
21-04-16 New science complex  Egypt 
21-04-16 New hospital recovery centres  Tanzania 
20-04-16 Ideas: bunker regeneration  South Korea 
14-04-16 New outdoor theatre  Ukraine 
13-04-16 Ideas: historic area development  Spain 
13-04-16 Social space installation  United States 
13-04-16 School expansion design  Austria 
12-04-16 Consultant prequalification scheme  Australia 
12-04-16 Government design excellence scheme  Australia 
11-04-16 Ideas: concrete building  Italy 
04-04-16 Ideas: responsive design  Poland 
31-03-16 New war memorial  New Zealand 
23-03-16 Ideas: historic pavilion renovation  United States 
18-03-16 Ideas: innovations for sea & space  France 
16-03-16 Future Projects 2016  United Kingdom 
03-03-16 Civic buildings design  Ireland 
18-09-12 Architectural services  Canada 



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