Civic buildings (Contact us to see full tender details)
01-09-14 Ideas: Bamboo building  Korea 
01-09-14 Government office upgrade  Tanzania 
01-09-14 Port authority consultancy  United States 
01-09-14 Various civic projects  Philippines 
01-09-14 Museum renovation  Lithuania 
01-09-14 Urban community complex  United States 
01-09-14 Metro station development  China 
01-09-14 New railway station  China 
01-09-14 New performing arts facility  United States 
29-08-14 New leisure facilities  Croatia 
29-08-14 City archive relocation  Germany 
29-08-14 Architectural services prequalification  Kenya 
29-08-14 Mid-century modern projects  United States 
29-08-14 New highways maintenance facilities  United States 
29-08-14 New court of appeal building  Poland 
29-08-14 Bus station redesign  Germany 
29-08-14 New exhibition hall  China 
29-08-14 Airports upgrade & expansion  United States 
29-08-14 Health facility renovation & upgrade  United States 
29-08-14 Military buildings upgrade & expansion  Canada 
28-08-14 Town council projects  Sweden 
28-08-14 Law courts modernisation  Kenya 
28-08-14 Government department upgrade  Brazil 
28-08-14 Olympic sports & expo centre  China 
28-08-14 New railway stations  China 
28-08-14 Crime investigation facility expansion  United States 
28-08-14 Health & social services upgrade  United States 
28-08-14 Listed building conversion  Germany 
28-08-14 New fire station  Singapore 
28-08-14 Council projects framework  United Kingdom 
28-08-14 Fire station renovation & extension  Germany 
28-08-14 New community centre  United States 
28-08-14 Coastal urban development  China 
27-08-14 Fire station upgrade  Germany 
27-08-14 City hall expansion  Germany 
27-08-14 Museum modernisation  Georgia 
27-08-14 Architectural inventory: heritage  Ireland 
27-08-14 New emergency communications centre  United States 
27-08-14 Heritage building upgrade  Turkey 
27-08-14 Embassy renovation  Iraq 
27-08-14 New military facilities  Morocco 
27-08-14 New fire station  United States 
27-08-14 Government buildings renovation  Kazakhstan 
26-08-14 Architectural drawing  United States 
26-08-14 Various projects  South Africa 
26-08-14 Urban master plan  United States 
26-08-14 Cemetery master plan  Canada 
26-08-14 New multi-purpose hall  France 
26-08-14 Emergency response facility  Switzerland 
26-08-14 Border checkpoints upgrade  Kyrgyzstan 
26-08-14 Interior design consultancy  United Kingdom 
22-08-14 New mixed-use building  France 
22-08-14 Park master plan  Canada 
22-08-14 Bank building conversion  United States 
22-08-14 Court building expansion  United States 
22-08-14 Library expansion  United States 
22-08-14 City hall renovation  France 
22-08-14 International events facilties  France 
22-08-14 Various governmental developments  United Kingdom 
21-08-14 Airport renovation & extension  United States 
21-08-14 New visitor centre  India 
21-08-14 Historic building renovation  United States 
21-08-14 Administration building upgrade  Bulgaria 
21-08-14 Training centre masterplan  United States 
21-08-14 Fire station extension  United States 
21-08-14 New fire station  United States 
20-08-14 Family centre expansion  Germany 
20-08-14 Governmental offices extension  Morocco 
20-08-14 Governmental offices extension  Morocco 
20-08-14 Governmental offices extension  Morocco 
20-08-14 New community centre  Morocco 
20-08-14 New winter sports centre  Canada 
20-08-14 Park upgrade  China 
20-08-14 New police facilities  Costa Rica 
20-08-14 New cultural centre  Kazakhstan 
20-08-14 Various urban develpments  United States 
20-08-14 Governmental offices extension  Morocco 
20-08-14 Governmental offices extension  Morocco 
20-08-14 Various city developments  Australia 
20-08-14 New community hub  United Kingdom 
19-08-14 New police facilities  United States 
19-08-14 New library & multi-use facility  New Zealand 
19-08-14 Estates projects  United Kingdom 
19-08-14 Court restoration  Germany 
19-08-14 New cultural institution  Germany 
19-08-14 New multifunctional venue  Ireland 
18-08-14 New governmental headquarters  Morocco 
18-08-14 New sports & social facility  Morocco 
18-08-14 Historic building renovation & expansion  Germany 
18-08-14 Historic monument expansion & repair  United Kingdom 
18-08-14 Ideas: The clouds pavilion  Italy 
15-08-14 New police facility  Canada 
15-08-14 Storage architecture design  Canada 
15-08-14 Landscape services  Canada 
15-08-14 Museum complexes services  United States 
15-08-14 Interior design & space planning  United States 
14-08-14 Ideas: Town hall renovation  Germany 
14-08-14 Public leisure facilities upgrade plan  United States 
14-08-14 Safety department relocation  Canada 
14-08-14 Church conversion  Germany 
13-08-14 New council offices  United Kingdom 
13-08-14 Multi-purpose hall expansion  France 
13-08-14 New multi-purpose hall  Germany 
13-08-14 Police station master-plan  Germany 
12-08-14 Palace complex renovation  Germany 
12-08-14 Town hall expansion  Germany 
12-08-14 New prison  United States 
12-08-14 56 homes & police station  France 
12-08-14 Station area upgrade  Germany 
12-08-14 Station area development  France 
11-08-14 New library  United States 
11-08-14 New forensic laboratories  Germany 
11-08-14 New fire station  Germany 
11-08-14 Use of Spanish tiles  Spain 
11-08-14 New police offices  United States 
08-08-14 Leisure buildings renovation  United States 
08-08-14 Architectural services  United Kingdom 
08-08-14 Embassy expansion  Bulgaria 
07-08-14 Ideas: Utilizing abandoned spaces  United States 
07-08-14 Ideas: Interior/exterior use of wood  Russia 
07-08-14 International public projects development  Germany 
07-08-14 Ideas: Interior design  Russia 
06-08-14 Cemetary renovation  Lithuania 
06-08-14 Mixed-use development  Germany 
06-08-14 Recreation centre extension  Canada 
05-08-14 On-demand architectural services  United States 
05-08-14 Barracks conversion & new build  Switzerland 
05-08-14 Hangar restoration  Belgium 
05-08-14 Interractive museum exhibit  Poland 
05-08-14 Various architectural projects  Canada 
04-08-14 New community centre  Germany 
04-08-14 Security centre renovation  France 
04-08-14 Interior design for council properties  Sweden 
04-08-14 Bank modernization  France 
01-08-14 Lighthouse renovation  France 
01-08-14 Public facilities upgrade  United States 
01-08-14 Various infrastructure projects  United States 
31-07-14 Administrative building renovation  France 
31-07-14 New driving test centre  Japan 
31-07-14 New crematorium  Japan 
31-07-14 Judicial complex  United States 
31-07-14 City hall renovation  United States 
30-07-14 Museum extension  France 
30-07-14 New sports & culture hall  Germany 
30-07-14 Ideas: City square redevelopment  Albania 
29-07-14 Welfare services centre renovation  France 
28-07-14 Park + ride & bus station  France 
28-07-14 New housing & activity facilities  France 
28-07-14 New city hall  France 
28-07-14 Library upgrade  Morocco 
28-07-14 New library  Spain 
28-07-14 Ideas: Architectural drawing  Russia 
25-07-14 Framework agreement  Sweden 
24-07-14 New visitor centre  Germany 
24-07-14 Mixed-use framework agreement  Hungary 
24-07-14 New city hall  Philippines 
23-07-14 Government agency renovation  Bulgaria 
22-07-14 Framework agreements for consultancy services  Norway 
22-07-14 New cultural centre  Morocco 
21-07-14 Urban & open space planning  Germany 
18-07-14 Heritage buildings analysis  Czech Republic 
18-07-14 Architectural services  Canada 
16-07-14 50 New homes for elderly & public areas  France 
16-07-14 New police station  France 
15-07-14 Ideas: Freehand architecture sketch  United Kingdom 
15-07-14 Office expansion  France 
14-07-14 New community centre  France 
08-07-14 Ideas: Museum in 2050  United States 
01-07-14 Framework agreement  Sweden 
01-07-14 City centre study  France 
30-06-14 Airport extension  France 
25-06-14 City centre redevelopment  France 
25-06-14 New administrative headquarters  Switzerland 
19-06-14 Public spaces renovation  Switzerland 
19-06-14 Headquarters expansion  Switzerland 
16-06-14 New building  Switzerland 
14-05-14 Ideas: Slum re-imagination  India 
24-04-14 Ideas: Urban concept  India 
09-04-14 New railway building  Switzerland 
18-09-12 Architectural services  Canada 



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