Healthcare (Contact us to see full tender details)
23-01-17 Hospital upgrade  United States 
23-01-17 Hospital upgrade  United States 
23-01-17 Military facilities design  Germany 
23-01-17 2 new medical complexes  India 
23-01-17 Healthcare facilities development  United Kingdom 
23-01-17 Healthcare facilities upgrade  United Kingdom 
20-01-17 New medical warehouse  Zambia 
20-01-17 New optometric centre  United States 
20-01-17 University hospital design  Slovakia 
20-01-17 Hospital dental wing upgrade  United States 
20-01-17 Hospital roadways redevelopment  United States 
20-01-17 Healthcare building redevelopment  France 
19-01-17 Hospital upgrade  United States 
19-01-17 New care centre  United States 
18-01-17 Hospital roadways improvement  United States 
18-01-17 New hospital store  New Zealand 
18-01-17 Ideas: innovative design solutions  United States 
18-01-17 Renovation 2 nursing homes  United States 
18-01-17 Apartments design services  France 
18-01-17 Health centre design  France 
17-01-17 Hospital buildings design  China 
17-01-17 New psychiatric care building  Sweden 
17-01-17 University health centre design  United Kingdom 
17-01-17 Transport mixed-use design  United Kingdom 
16-01-17 New hospital unit  Canada 
16-01-17 Hospital upgrade  United States 
16-01-17 New women's centre  Chile 
16-01-17 Mixed-use developments  Burkina Faso 
16-01-17 Hospital upgrade  United States 
16-01-17 New medical centre  Chile 
13-01-17 Psychiatry & psychotherapy developments  Austria 
13-01-17 Hospital design  China 
12-01-17 Hospital renovation  United States 
12-01-17 Hospital fa├žade repair  United States 
12-01-17 Health centre design services  Canada 
12-01-17 Laboratory building extension  Germany 
12-01-17 Health centre design  France 
12-01-17 Therapy workshop extension  Germany 
12-01-17 Hospital upgrade  Philippines 
11-01-17 New medical warehouse  Zambia 
11-01-17 New pharmaceutical warehouse  Zambia 
11-01-17 Public institutions rehabilitation  Iraq 
11-01-17 New medical warehouse  Zambia 
11-01-17 Hospital assessment  United States 
11-01-17 Hospital renovation  Puerto Rico 
11-01-17 53 apartments development  France 
11-01-17 Mixed-use design  United Kingdom 
11-01-17 Medical warehouse extension  Zambia 
10-01-17 Hospital upgrade  Puerto Rico 
09-01-17 University medical branch design  United States 
09-01-17 Institute facades refurbishment  Germany 
09-01-17 Neighbourhood & town centre planning  Germany 
09-01-17 Polyclinic renovation  France 
09-01-17 Nursing homes renovation  France 
09-01-17 School design  France 
09-01-17 Ideas: architecture in nature  Spain 
06-01-17 Hospital renovation  Italy 
06-01-17 Hospital renovation & expansion  Germany 
06-01-17 Care facilities planning  Canada 
06-01-17 Hospital renovation  United States 
06-01-17 University hospitals redevelopment  France 
05-01-17 Sustainable Buildings Award 2017  United Kingdom 
05-01-17 Mega logistics park development  Pakistan 
04-01-17 2 nursing homes design  France 
03-01-17 Oncology pharmacy upgrade  United States 
03-01-17 Hospital pharmacy upgrade  United States 
03-01-17 Hospital improvement  United States 
03-01-17 Hospital design services  China 
03-01-17 Elderly housing rehabilitation  France 
23-12-16 Healthcare spaces framework  United Kingdom 
23-12-16 Nursing home development  Belgium 
23-12-16 University hospital development  France 
22-12-16 Designs using Renga software  Russia 
22-12-16 New hospital building  Poland 
21-12-16 Schools & community framework  United Kingdom 
20-12-16 Medical centre redevelopment  Canada 
19-12-16 Hospitals upgrade  United States 
16-12-16 Medical centre development  Philippines 
15-12-16 Nursing home development  France 
15-12-16 Healthcare buildings framework  France 
15-12-16 Schools & community buildings  United Kingdom 
15-12-16 Schools & community buildings  United Kingdom 
14-12-16 University renovation  Canada 
12-12-16 Architecture festival curation  Portugal 
09-12-16 Architecture journal  United Kingdom 
07-12-16 Hospital transformation  Australia 
06-12-16 Ideas: mythology in design  United States 
05-12-16 Hospital redevelopment  Canada 
05-12-16 Nursing school design  China 
02-12-16 Health centre & residential design  Norway 
01-12-16 Hospital renovation  United States 
25-11-16 Nursing home development  United Kingdom 
08-11-16 Ideas: design inspired by nature  United Kingdom 
07-11-16 Hospital centre development  Switzerland 
19-08-16 Ideas: concept of time in design  Germany 
12-04-16 Government design excellence scheme  Australia 
30-04-15 49 new medical facilities  Cameroon 



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