Healthcare (Contact us to see full tender details)
27-07-17 New children's centre  Panama 
27-07-17 Nursing home improvements  France 
27-07-17 Hospital consultancy framework  United Kingdom 
27-07-17 Hospital design  China 
27-07-17 New health centre  Chile 
27-07-17 Elderly care facility restoration  Germany 
27-07-17 Hospital department expansion  Germany 
27-07-17 Hospital spaces development  France 
26-07-17 Health facilities design  United States 
26-07-17 Hospital upgrade  United States 
26-07-17 Hospital renovation  United States 
26-07-17 New medical institute  India 
26-07-17 New medical warehouse  Guinea-Bissau 
26-07-17 Nursing home extension  France 
26-07-17 Disabilities home design  France 
26-07-17 Health centre design  France 
25-07-17 Emergency building development  France 
25-07-17 Hospital interior design  China 
25-07-17 New psychiatry building  Netherlands 
25-07-17 New wellness & fitness centre  France 
25-07-17 Senior centre renovation  United States 
24-07-17 New college health science centre  Canada 
24-07-17 Health facilities design  Canada 
24-07-17 Health facilities design  Canada 
24-07-17 Bathhouse extension  Czech Republic 
24-07-17 Elderly residence development  France 
21-07-17 Health facilities design  United States 
21-07-17 New hospital centre  India 
21-07-17 Health facilities design  Nigeria 
21-07-17 Medical centre renovation  United States 
21-07-17 Hospital building renovation  France 
21-07-17 Retirement home redevelopment  France 
21-07-17 Emergency centre extension  France 
21-07-17 Dental clinic design  United States 
21-07-17 University hospital renovation  Japan 
20-07-17 New maternity ward  Rwanda 
20-07-17 New assisted living lodge  Canada 
20-07-17 Hospital design services  United States 
20-07-17 Health facilities design  United States 
20-07-17 Mixed-use development  France 
20-07-17 Healthcare spaces development  United Kingdom 
20-07-17 Nursing homes development  France 
19-07-17 Medical facilities design  South Africa 
19-07-17 Mortuary expansion  United Kingdom 
19-07-17 Seniors residence development  France 
19-07-17 Hospital building design  France 
18-07-17 New sports & health centre  Australia 
18-07-17 Nursing home design  France 
18-07-17 Hospital buildings redevelopment  France 
18-07-17 Medical centre renovation  United States 
18-07-17 Hospital assessment  United States 
17-07-17 Hospital upgrade  United States 
17-07-17 Hospital outpatient building design  China 
17-07-17 Hospital centre redevelopment  France 
17-07-17 Hospital area upgrade  Germany 
14-07-17 Innovative architectural drawing  United Kingdom 
14-07-17 Spa design services  Germany 
13-07-17 Heritage care centre upgrade  Canada 
13-07-17 Nursing home renovation  France 
13-07-17 Hospital redevelopment  France 
13-07-17 New hospital department  Canada 
13-07-17 Land use planning  Philippines 
12-07-17 Renal centre redevelopment  Australia 
12-07-17 New women's centre  Morocco 
11-07-17 Health centre upgrade  Canada 
11-07-17 Hospital upgrade  United States 
11-07-17 Healthcare spaces development  Italy 
10-07-17 Army facilities design  United States 
10-07-17 Residential redevelopment  France 
10-07-17 New 30-unit elderly residence  France 
10-07-17 New hospital staff accommodation  United Kingdom 
10-07-17 New college building  United States 
10-07-17 Residential home elevations  United States 
07-07-17 Hospital design services  United States 
07-07-17 New hospital buildings  Japan 
07-07-17 University hospital relocation  Japan 
07-07-17 New mental health building  Germany 
07-07-17 Hospital design services  Germany 
05-07-17 Medical building rehabilitation  France 
05-07-17 Hospital wards rehabilitation  France 
05-07-17 Hospital design services  United Kingdom 
05-07-17 Care home development  Belgium 
04-07-17 Nursing home development  France 
04-07-17 Mixed-use development  France 
04-07-17 New hospital  Norway 
03-07-17 24 new apartments  France 
03-07-17 Hospital spaces development  Ireland 
03-07-17 Senior housing development  Australia 
29-06-17 Ideas: use of ceramic slabs  Italy 
28-06-17 20 new senior housing units  France 
28-06-17 Residential senior centre  Spain 
28-06-17 Hospital upgrade  Philippines 
27-06-17 Architectural drawing excellence  United States 
27-06-17 Science centre design  Switzerland 
27-06-17 Elderly & foster homes development  France 
27-06-17 Healthcare spaces reconstruction  France 
26-06-17 Healthcare spaces development  Spain 
26-06-17 Care housing development  United Kingdom 
22-06-17 Hospital extension  United Kingdom 
20-06-17 New temporary residences  United States 
16-06-17 Healthcare facilities development  United Kingdom 
14-06-17 Ideas: BIM formatted designs  Spain 
13-06-17 Health centre development  Spain 
13-06-17 New medical institute  India 
09-06-17 Hospital renovation  United States 
08-06-17 Nursing home design  Iceland 
08-06-17 Research centre design  United Kingdom 
05-06-17 Best emerging architecture firm  United States 
05-06-17 Ideas: augmented reality design  Russia 
25-05-17 Ideas: retirement community  United Kingdom 
25-05-17 Ideas: sustainable design  Switzerland 
18-05-17 Ideas: bridging design  Japan 
04-05-17 Mixed-use design services  United Kingdom 
28-04-17 Hospital data centre design  United Kingdom 
12-04-17 Care homes design  United Kingdom 
23-03-17 Public infrastructure design  Jamaica 
12-04-16 Government design excellence scheme  Australia 
30-04-15 49 new medical facilities  Cameroon 



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