Education (Contact us to see full tender details)
24-04-14 School roof replacement  United Kingdom 
24-04-14 Education park  China 
23-04-14 College building renovation  United States 
23-04-14 College expansion  France 
23-04-14 New primary school  China 
23-04-14 Design team  United Kingdom 
22-04-14 School expansion  Germany 
22-04-14 Architectural consultant services  United Kingdom 
22-04-14 New student accommodation  United Kingdom 
22-04-14 Large urban complex  China 
17-04-14 Education facilities  China 
17-04-14 BioQuarter campus infrastructure  United Kingdom 
17-04-14 New school  Netherlands 
17-04-14 Ideas: New school  Italy 
17-04-14 School renovation  Canada 
16-04-14 New kindergarten  Switzerland 
16-04-14 School expansion  France 
16-04-14 University building renovation  Germany 
16-04-14 New university building  Germany 
16-04-14 College renovation  Germany 
16-04-14 New school  Germany 
16-04-14 Technology building replacement  New Zealand 
15-04-14 Campus getaway project  United States 
15-04-14 Architectural services  Pakistan 
15-04-14 New school building  Germany 
15-04-14 New kindergarden  France 
15-04-14 Art academy school design  Estonia 
15-04-14 New school  France 
15-04-14 New university building  France 
15-04-14 New science building  Germany 
15-04-14 Campus infrastructure design  United Kingdom 
15-04-14 New school building  Finland 
15-04-14 New university centre  United Arab Emirates 
15-04-14 Architectural services  United States 
15-04-14 New parking facility  United States 
15-04-14 New children/family centre  Germany 
14-04-14 College renovation  France 
14-04-14 School renovation  Germany 
14-04-14 School expansion  Germany 
14-04-14 New school  United Kingdom 
14-04-14 College master plan  Canada 
11-04-14 School expansion  Germany 
11-04-14 School expansion  Germany 
11-04-14 Architectural services  United States 
11-04-14 Architectural services  Kenya 
11-04-14 University walkway design  United Kingdom 
11-04-14 New training institutes  India 
11-04-14 School renovation  New Zealand 
10-04-14 New sceince building  Germany 
10-04-14 Gym addition  United States 
09-04-14 New school  France 
09-04-14 New student centre  France 
09-04-14 School expansion  Germany 
09-04-14 School renovation  Germany 
09-04-14 New college building  United Kingdom 
09-04-14 School renovation  New Zealand 
08-04-14 Nursery renovation  France 
08-04-14 School renovation  New Zealand 
07-04-14 School expansion  France 
07-04-14 New science building  Italy 
07-04-14 School expansion  Germany 
07-04-14 New school centre  Philippines 
04-04-14 Schools renovation  United Kingdom 
04-04-14 New university centre  Switzerland 
04-04-14 Architectural services  United Kingdom 
04-04-14 New school  France 
03-04-14 New school centre  Germany 
03-04-14 Education facilities  China 
03-04-14 New primary school & kindergarten  China 
03-04-14 New university campus  United Kingdom 
03-04-14 School renovation  Germany 
02-04-14 New school  French Guiana 
02-04-14 School expansion  Germany 
02-04-14 New school building  Finland 
02-04-14 College renovation  France 
01-04-14 New school  France 
01-04-14 School expansion  Germany 
31-03-14 College expansion  France 
31-03-14 New school  Germany 
31-03-14 New school  France 
28-03-14 School renovation  Germany 
28-03-14 Sports & science facility  United Kingdom 
28-03-14 School expansion  Switzerland 
27-03-14 Campus renovation  France 
27-03-14 New nursery and housing units  France 
27-03-14 New university building  United Kingdom 
25-03-14 College expansion  France 
25-03-14 School expansion  New Zealand 
25-03-14 Innovative Architectural Projects  France 
25-03-14 New gymnasium & learning centre  South Africa 
24-03-14 Accommodation building renovation  Germany 
24-03-14 University building expansion  Germany 
21-03-14 Architectural services  Sweden 
21-03-14 New student residences  United Kingdom 
21-03-14 New school  Switzerland 
21-03-14 Secondary school relocation project  China 
20-03-14 Public space development  Belgium 
18-03-14 New school centre  Austria 
11-03-14 Greek village design services  United States 
10-03-14 New school & library  Finland 
27-02-14 Scientific campus renovation  France 
06-02-14 New university research park  Bangladesh 
30-01-14 New university buildings  France 
23-01-14 School architectural services  Switzerland 
22-11-13 New school  Switzerland 
05-11-13 New student housing  Switzerland 



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