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21-02-17 New outdoor learning centre  United States 
21-02-17 School district design  United States 
21-02-17 School sports & playground design  United States 
21-02-17 Training centre design services  United States 
21-02-17 Ideas: response to war  United States 
21-02-17 College renovation  United States 
21-02-17 New daycare centre  Germany 
21-02-17 University expansion design  China 
21-02-17 High school design  China 
21-02-17 University buildings rehabilitation  France 
21-02-17 University library development  France 
21-02-17 Maritime museum design services  France 
21-02-17 Research buildings design  France 
21-02-17 Police buildings design  Germany 
21-02-17 School building design  United Kingdom 
21-02-17 New teaching & engagement centre  United Kingdom 
21-02-17 School refurbishment  Germany 
21-02-17 University theatre rehabilitation  France 
21-02-17 Business buildings design  France 
20-02-17 College design services  Canada 
20-02-17 2 schools expansion  Canada 
20-02-17 Mixed-use regional framework  United Kingdom 
20-02-17 University land masterplanning  United Kingdom 
20-02-17 University urban masterplanning  United Kingdom 
20-02-17 City theatre complex design  France 
20-02-17 Primary school reconstruction  France 
20-02-17 College design  France 
20-02-17 College redevelopment  France 
20-02-17 University accessibility upgrades  France 
20-02-17 Museum design services  United Kingdom 
17-02-17 New juvenile detention facilities  United States 
17-02-17 School design services  Canada 
17-02-17 Expansion 2 schools  Canada 
17-02-17 Primary school design  China 
17-02-17 School campus design  China 
17-02-17 School & 111 housing units design  France 
17-02-17 Mixed-use development  France 
17-02-17 Campus buildings upgrade  France 
17-02-17 High school design  United Kingdom 
16-02-17 Theatre upgrade  United States 
16-02-17 College expansion  United States 
16-02-17 College renovation  United States 
16-02-17 Student dormitory design  China 
16-02-17 New university hall complex  Germany 
16-02-17 Education complex design  France 
16-02-17 Cultural & sports centre design  France 
16-02-17 Multi-sports hall design  France 
16-02-17 School & gym design services  France 
16-02-17 School buildings design  France 
16-02-17 8 schools development  Sri Lanka 
15-02-17 New university building  Philippines 
15-02-17 New learning resource centre  Philippines 
15-02-17 2 new school dormitories  Philippines 
15-02-17 University development  India 
15-02-17 Library design  France 
15-02-17 School buildings renovation  France 
15-02-17 Education design framework  Ireland 
15-02-17 School design services  France 
15-02-17 College design  France 
15-02-17 School expansion  Austria 
15-02-17 School extensions  Austria 
14-02-17 University laboratories renovation  Canada 
14-02-17 School district design services  United States 
14-02-17 School district design services  United States 
14-02-17 University expansion  United States 
14-02-17 School renovations  Germany 
14-02-17 Student residence modernization  Germany 
14-02-17 Mixed-use development  Germany 
14-02-17 School buildings design  Latvia 
13-02-17 University accessibility assessment  United States 
13-02-17 Hospital unit relocation  United States 
13-02-17 Experimental college design  France 
13-02-17 College restructuring  France 
13-02-17 College redesign  France 
13-02-17 Brewhouse building redevelopment  Ireland 
13-02-17 College site reconstruction  France 
13-02-17 Primary school design services  United Kingdom 
10-02-17 New school  United States 
10-02-17 School grounds improvements  Canada 
10-02-17 Training centre upgrade  South Africa 
10-02-17 Kindergarten refurbishment  Germany 
10-02-17 Hospital building upgrade  Germany 
10-02-17 Residential buildings retrofit  Germany 
10-02-17 School expansion  Germany 
10-02-17 University design & masterplanning  Ireland 
10-02-17 School design services  Latvia 
10-02-17 Cultural facility design  France 
10-02-17 University buildings design  Poland 
10-02-17 School design services  France 
09-02-17 College upgrade  United States 
09-02-17 Elementary school design  France 
09-02-17 School group restructuring  France 
09-02-17 Schools design services  United Kingdom 
09-02-17 School design services  France 
09-02-17 Education buildings framework  France 
09-02-17 Youth centre design services  France 
09-02-17 Vocational school rehabilitation  France 
08-02-17 New technology education centre  Mongolia 
08-02-17 New school building  Canada 
08-02-17 Ideas: new island  United States 
08-02-17 Gas network adaptation  Brazil 
08-02-17 Historic school extension  Germany 
08-02-17 School sports design services  Germany 
08-02-17 Elementary school expansion  Germany 
08-02-17 Experimental high school design  China 
08-02-17 Student residence extension  Germany 
08-02-17 School design  Finland 
08-02-17 Primary schools design services  Macedonia 
08-02-17 School & library design  France 
08-02-17 School complex redevelopment  France 
08-02-17 School design services  United Kingdom 
08-02-17 Mixed-use development  United Kingdom 
08-02-17 New cultural & education centre  United Kingdom 
07-02-17 New recreational area  Russia 
07-02-17 Institute redevelopment master plan  India 
06-02-17 College upgrade  Canada 
06-02-17 Secondary school design  France 
06-02-17 University development framework  France 
06-02-17 Student accommodation development  France 
03-02-17 Kindergarten design  Germany 
03-02-17 New business incubator  Germany 
03-02-17 New multifunctional building  Latvia 
03-02-17 Technology centre redevelopment  Latvia 
03-02-17 Zoo redevelopment  France 
03-02-17 Sports centre design  France 
03-02-17 University residence rehabilitation  France 
02-02-17 University utilities upgrade  United States 
02-02-17 University design services  United States 
02-02-17 School facilities master plan  United States 
02-02-17 School campus upgrade  Philippines 
02-02-17 New learning centre  Philippines 
02-02-17 New school building  Philippines 
02-02-17 Hospital building design  France 
02-02-17 School buildings design  France 
02-02-17 School extension & refurbishment  United Kingdom 
02-02-17 2 school design services  United Kingdom 
02-02-17 Science laboratories design  United Kingdom 
02-02-17 New school building  Germany 
02-02-17 School sports hall design  Czech Republic 
01-02-17 University master plan  Canada 
01-02-17 School design services  France 
01-02-17 Education masterplanning developments  United Kingdom 
01-02-17 New education centre  United Kingdom 
01-02-17 Inter-municipal aquatic centre  France 
31-01-17 Business innovation hub  United Kingdom 
31-01-17 New school complex  France 
31-01-17 Education developments framework  United Kingdom 
31-01-17 College restructuring  France 
31-01-17 Indoor pool redevelopment  Germany 
31-01-17 Cultural complex design  Belgium 
31-01-17 Hospital campus design services  Estonia 
30-01-17 City school restructuring  France 
30-01-17 Innovation campus design  United Kingdom 
30-01-17 Business incubator redevelopment  Germany 
30-01-17 Abbey development programme  United Kingdom 
27-01-17 School improvements  United States 
27-01-17 Laboratory building design  China 
27-01-17 Museum design services  United Kingdom 
26-01-17 New water facility  United States 
26-01-17 Military base design services  United States 
26-01-17 Arts museum restructuring  France 
26-01-17 Museum & observatory rehabilitation  France 
26-01-17 School complex design  Finland 
25-01-17 University design services  United States 
25-01-17 External environment improvements  United Kingdom 
24-01-17 University building development  Italy 
24-01-17 Education masterplanning developments  United Kingdom 
24-01-17 Education buildings design  United Kingdom 
23-01-17 University buildings redevelopment  France 
23-01-17 School & town hall redevelopment  Germany 
20-01-17 Ideas: campus redesign  Portugal 
20-01-17 University hospital design  Slovakia 
19-01-17 College design  China 
18-01-17 Ideas: innovative design solutions  United States 
18-01-17 Ideas: academy campus  Kenya 
18-01-17 Schools accessibility redevelopment  France 
17-01-17 Hospital buildings design  China 
12-01-17 School building development  Switzerland 
11-01-17 School & activity centre design  Norway 
11-01-17 High school design  Italy 
09-01-17 Ideas: architecture in nature  Spain 
09-01-17 School expansion  United Kingdom 
06-01-17 High school design  China 
05-01-17 Education Award 2017  United Kingdom 
05-01-17 Sustainable Buildings Award 2017  United Kingdom 
03-01-17 Federal buildings design  United States 
21-12-16 New college buildings  United Kingdom 
21-12-16 Schools & community framework  United Kingdom 
16-12-16 New cultural centre  Sweden 
15-12-16 Schools & community buildings  United Kingdom 
15-12-16 Schools & community buildings  United Kingdom 
15-12-16 Learning & teaching centre design  United Kingdom 
14-12-16 Student accommodation development  United Kingdom 
09-12-16 Architecture journal  United Kingdom 
05-08-16 Government facilities design  Australia 
12-04-16 Government design excellence scheme  Australia 



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