Education (Contact us to see full tender details)
17-04-15 College design services  United States 
17-04-15 School design services  United States 
17-04-15 Campus redevelopment  United Kingdom 
16-04-15 Education board services  United States 
16-04-15 Children's foundation masterplan  Palestinian Territories 
16-04-15 Higher education campus  China 
16-04-15 School renovation & expansion  Switzerland 
16-04-15 New high school  United States 
16-04-15 School upgrade  New Zealand 
16-04-15 School upgrade  United States 
16-04-15 College upgrade  France 
16-04-15 College upgrade  United States 
15-04-15 Rooftop installation  United States 
15-04-15 New library & multipurpose room  France 
15-04-15 School development  Norway 
15-04-15 New nursery  Norway 
15-04-15 New elementary school  Germany 
15-04-15 New elementary school  Germany 
15-04-15 New primary school  Germany 
15-04-15 Museum renovation  Netherlands 
15-04-15 Special-need school relocation  China 
14-04-15 New health institute  Kenya 
14-04-15 University extension  United Kingdom 
14-04-15 Hospital extension  United Kingdom 
14-04-15 College extension  South Africa 
14-04-15 Marine masterplan  United States 
14-04-15 New educational facilities  United States 
14-04-15 University expansion  Germany 
14-04-15 Government building extension  Germany 
14-04-15 Kindergartens upgrade  Poland 
14-04-15 New technology park  China 
13-04-15 Leisure facilities development  Lithuania 
13-04-15 Education campus masterplan  Finland 
13-04-15 New middle school  China 
13-04-15 Schools design services  United States 
13-04-15 New educational facilities  Germany 
13-04-15 University masterplan  Australia 
10-04-15 University expansion  United States 
10-04-15 School district masterplan  United States 
10-04-15 New school  Canada 
10-04-15 University upgrade  United States 
10-04-15 Education park masterplan  China 
09-04-15 New regional innovation centre  Germany 
09-04-15 Schools upgrade  Germany 
09-04-15 New mobile classrooms  United Kingdom 
08-04-15 New schools  France 
08-04-15 University framework agreement  Canada 
08-04-15 New university laboratories  Canada 
08-04-15 University facilities expansion  United States 
07-04-15 New sports hall  Germany 
07-04-15 Education framework agreement  Canada 
07-04-15 New educational facilities  Kazakhstan 
07-04-15 New culinary institute  India 
07-04-15 College upgrade  Germany 
02-04-15 School expansion  Ireland 
02-04-15 University renovation  United States 
02-04-15 University framework agreement  United States 
02-04-15 Sports facilities upgrade  United States 
02-04-15 University master plan  Australia 
02-04-15 University extension  Czech Republic 
01-04-15 New convention centre  Philippines 
31-03-15 Naval facilities upgrade  United States 
31-03-15 School master plan  Australia 
31-03-15 New primary school design  China 
30-03-15 Mixed-use development  Ireland 
30-03-15 University extension  Germany 
30-03-15 New school design  China 
30-03-15 School modernisation  United States 
27-03-15 School expansion  Norway 
27-03-15 New educational facilities  Guatemala 
27-03-15 School upgrade  New Zealand 
26-03-15 School upgrade  Denmark 
26-03-15 School upgrade  Germany 
26-03-15 City square development  Australia 
26-03-15 Naval base expansion  Canada 
26-03-15 College upgrade  United States 
26-03-15 University upgrade  United States 
26-03-15 New college campus  United States 
26-03-15 New kindergarten  Saudi Arabia 
26-03-15 New medical school facilities  United States 
25-03-15 BIM consultancy  New Zealand 
25-03-15 College master plan  United States 
25-03-15 New sports facilities  Malaysia 
23-03-15 School renovation  Germany 
23-03-15 College upgrade  France 
20-03-15 Renovation 17 schools  France 
20-03-15 Museum design  Morocco 
20-03-15 College extension  United States 
20-03-15 Park centre upgrade  United States 
19-03-15 New college  France 
19-03-15 New kindergarten  Finland 
19-03-15 Government consultancy  Australia 
16-03-15 New kindergarten  France 
16-03-15 Primary school expansion  China 
16-03-15 New holistic educational facilities  Austria 
16-03-15 College redevelopment  France 
13-03-15 Hospital redevelopment  Canada 
13-03-15 University health facilities  Nigeria 
11-03-15 Research institute upgrade  Switzerland 
06-03-15 Ideas: sustainable building  United States 
06-03-15 Ideas: unbuilt design concepts  United States 
05-03-15 New school  Czech Republic 
05-03-15 School upgrade  Spain 
05-03-15 University development  United Kingdom 
27-02-15 New library  Japan 
26-02-15 New school  Finland 
11-02-15 Ideas: innovative use of windows  Poland 
23-01-15 Research facility upgrade  United Kingdom 
16-01-15 New field station  United States 
09-01-15 University framework agreement  United States 
08-01-15 Ideas: virtual design  United States 
28-11-14 Developer lead: mixed-use facilities  United Kingdom 
14-11-14 New school  Luxembourg 



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