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24-10-14 New college  France 
24-10-14 University extension  Lithuania 
24-10-14 University refurbishment  United Kingdom 
24-10-14 University expansion  India 
24-10-14 New dental clinic  Canada 
24-10-14 College renovation  United States 
23-10-14 University facilities assessment  Germany 
23-10-14 School upgrade  Germany 
23-10-14 Medical colleges upgrade  India 
23-10-14 College expansion  United States 
23-10-14 New vocational high school  China 
23-10-14 New middle school  China 
23-10-14 School renovation & extension  United Kingdom 
22-10-14 School redevelopment  France 
22-10-14 Medical college upgrade  Poland 
22-10-14 School extension  Germany 
22-10-14 Schools redevelopment  United Kingdom 
22-10-14 Military base upgrade  Poland 
22-10-14 University expansion  United Kingdom 
22-10-14 New air training centre  United States 
21-10-14 School expansion  Germany 
21-10-14 Nursery extension  Germany 
21-10-14 New education & sports centre  Netherlands 
21-10-14 University framework agreement  India 
21-10-14 Schools framework agreement  United States 
21-10-14 Museum design  China 
21-10-14 Tech institute renovation  India 
20-10-14 School extension  France 
20-10-14 School upgrade  Germany 
20-10-14 Institute extension  Germany 
20-10-14 University expansion  United Kingdom 
20-10-14 A/E - international aid projects  United States 
20-10-14 New education facilities  Morocco 
20-10-14 University master plan  United States 
20-10-14 New training institute  Pakistan 
20-10-14 Student residential halls  China 
20-10-14 University expansion  India 
20-10-14 New university R&D centre  United States 
17-10-14 Council framework agreement  United Kingdom 
17-10-14 Training college upgrade  Guadeloupe 
17-10-14 School upgrade  United States 
17-10-14 Sports facilities renovation  United States 
17-10-14 City park redevelopment  Brazil 
17-10-14 School expansion  China 
16-10-14 University extension  United Kingdom 
16-10-14 New school  United Kingdom 
16-10-14 Schools framework agreement  United States 
16-10-14 New school facilities  United States 
16-10-14 New training centre  Morocco 
15-10-14 College extension  Netherlands 
15-10-14 School upgrade  Germany 
15-10-14 Schools expansion  United States 
15-10-14 New school sports facilities  United States 
15-10-14 Schools framework agreement  United States 
15-10-14 School expansion  United States 
15-10-14 New school auditorium building  United States 
15-10-14 Schools framework agreement  United States 
15-10-14 Ideas: stories in architecture  United States 
14-10-14 New student accommodation  Germany 
14-10-14 New education & amusement park  Denmark 
14-10-14 School extension  France 
14-10-14 High school extension  Germany 
14-10-14 School renovation  France 
14-10-14 University extension  United States 
14-10-14 University renovation & expansion  United States 
14-10-14 Training centre upgrade  India 
14-10-14 New paramedic college  India 
13-10-14 University expansion  Croatia 
13-10-14 School extension  Germany 
13-10-14 Tall wooden structures  United States 
13-10-14 Art school restoration  United Kingdom 
13-10-14 New laboratory building  China 
13-10-14 New college campus  China 
13-10-14 School expansion  Canada 
13-10-14 School expansion  Canada 
13-10-14 New university campus  Finland 
10-10-14 18 colleges renovation  France 
10-10-14 University renovation  France 
10-10-14 Youth centres upgrade  Morocco 
10-10-14 New medical college  Switzerland 
10-10-14 New higher education campus  China 
10-10-14 3 colleges extension  Morocco 
09-10-14 New school  Norway 
09-10-14 New youth centre  France 
09-10-14 University refurbishment  United Kingdom 
09-10-14 School upgrade  United Kingdom 
09-10-14 Education park development  China 
09-10-14 New cancer centre  Finland 
08-10-14 University extension  Ireland 
08-10-14 New university campus  Finland 
08-10-14 College design  Belgium 
08-10-14 New school  Norway 
08-10-14 Community facility upgrade  United States 
07-10-14 New high school  Germany 
07-10-14 College reconstruction  France 
06-10-14 New college  France 
06-10-14 Framework agreement  United Kingdom 
03-10-14 New educational facility  Poland 
03-10-14 University refurbishment  United Kingdom 
03-10-14 School renovation  France 
03-10-14 Dockside facilities framework agreement  United Kingdom 
03-10-14 Mixed-use development  France 
03-10-14 University development  United Kingdom 
03-10-14 College extension  Ireland 
03-10-14 Design for Tolerance pavilion  Russia 
02-10-14 School extension  Germany 
02-10-14 New university buiilding  Canada 
01-10-14 New nursery  France 
01-10-14 Colleges expansion  Bahamas 
01-10-14 New school  France 
01-10-14 Developer lead: student accommodation  United Kingdom 
01-10-14 New cultural centre  France 
30-09-14 New school  Norway 
30-09-14 New prison  Germany 
30-09-14 New parking garage  Germany 
30-09-14 New college campuses  United Kingdom 
29-09-14 New education centre  Germany 
29-09-14 Castle restoration  United Kingdom 
29-09-14 Student accommodation renovation  Germany 
29-09-14 University conservation assessment  India 
29-09-14 Ministry extension  Germany 
29-09-14 New school & community facilities  Belgium 
26-09-14 School redevelopment  France 
26-09-14 Ideas: architectural drawing  Russia 
26-09-14 Developer lead: student accommodation  United Kingdom 
25-09-14 Medical university expansion  Austria 
25-09-14 Mixed use development  United Kingdom 
25-09-14 New education campus  United Kingdom 
25-09-14 University site assessment  United States 
24-09-14 School restructuring  France 
24-09-14 Council framework agreement  United Kingdom 
24-09-14 Ideas: innovative design  United States 
23-09-14 Developer lead: new school  United Kingdom 
19-09-14 New sports hall  France 
16-09-14 Food agency expansion  Canada 
10-09-14 University expansion  Croatia 
09-09-14 Urban regeneration project  United Kingdom 
08-09-14 College renovation  France 
05-09-14 School renovation & expansion  China 
03-09-14 Ideas: Structure celebrating nature  Sweden 
01-09-14 Ideas: Bamboo building  Korea 
26-08-14 Architectural drawing  United States 
26-08-14 New school  Germany 
19-08-14 University extension  Croatia 
11-08-14 Use of Spanish tiles  Spain 
28-07-14 Ideas: Architectural drawing  Russia 
15-07-14 Ideas: Freehand architecture sketch  United Kingdom 
10-07-14 Ideas: New temporary pavilion  Russia 
06-02-14 New university research park  Bangladesh 



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