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21-04-17 Government township development  India 
21-04-17 Schools design review  Turkey 
21-04-17 New auditorium  Nigeria 
21-04-17 Vocational school design  China 
21-04-17 Marina ocean park development  France 
21-04-17 Education centre renovation  Germany 
21-04-17 New daycare centre  Germany 
21-04-17 High school expansion  Germany 
20-04-17 Medical campus expansion  United States 
20-04-17 Health science campus expansion  United States 
20-04-17 College upgrade  United States 
20-04-17 New school  Canada 
20-04-17 3 new school buildings  Philippines 
20-04-17 Scientific centre design  France 
20-04-17 College renovations  France 
20-04-17 Elementary school expansion  France 
20-04-17 Kindergarten expansion  France 
20-04-17 Mixed-use development  Austria 
20-04-17 Training centre expansion  France 
20-04-17 University buildings renovation  France 
20-04-17 Vocational school design  China 
20-04-17 Student accommodation redevelopment  France 
20-04-17 University campus development  Germany 
20-04-17 University building design  Germany 
20-04-17 Sports hall design  Germany 
20-04-17 Kindergarten design services  France 
20-04-17 University expansion  United States 
20-04-17 New research building  United States 
19-04-17 School complex design  France 
19-04-17 Technology centre expansion  United States 
19-04-17 University master plan update  United States 
19-04-17 University landscape design  United States 
19-04-17 New museum building  United States 
19-04-17 New school  Philippines 
19-04-17 Innovation hub design  United Kingdom 
18-04-17 New student dormitory  Japan 
18-04-17 New museum buildings  Pakistan 
18-04-17 University design services  South Korea 
18-04-17 New day care & youth centre  Switzerland 
18-04-17 University facilities improvement  United Kingdom 
18-04-17 New university library  United Kingdom 
13-04-17 School group design  France 
13-04-17 Arts school technological hall design  France 
13-04-17 School rehabilitation  France 
13-04-17 School design services  Ireland 
12-04-17 Schools design services  United States 
12-04-17 New student centre  United States 
12-04-17 Ideas: Bauhuas inspired design  United States 
12-04-17 University building redevelopment  France 
12-04-17 New daycare centre  Germany 
12-04-17 School design services  Germany 
12-04-17 Kindergarten & school design  Finland 
12-04-17 Primary school restoration  Germany 
12-04-17 Primary school development  United Kingdom 
11-04-17 Hospital renovation  United States 
11-04-17 University hall expansion  United States 
11-04-17 Schools design services  United States 
11-04-17 New university building  United States 
11-04-17 Children's centre design  France 
11-04-17 School design  France 
11-04-17 Council design services  United Kingdom 
11-04-17 Football pitch refurbishment  United Kingdom 
11-04-17 Civic building redevelopment  United Kingdom 
11-04-17 Science museum planning  United Kingdom 
10-04-17 New children & family centre  Australia 
10-04-17 New calving facilities  Canada 
10-04-17 School design services  Canada 
10-04-17 New family centre  Australia 
10-04-17 School & surrounding areas design  France 
10-04-17 Research centre design  United Kingdom 
10-04-17 Children's centre design  France 
10-04-17 Manufacturing training base design  China 
07-04-17 New prefabricated schools  Malawi 
07-04-17 School rehabilitation  France 
07-04-17 New college & housing design  France 
07-04-17 Mixed-use development  France 
07-04-17 New agricultural training centre  France 
07-04-17 Training centre design  France 
06-04-17 City facilities design  Australia 
06-04-17 University laboratory renovation  United States 
06-04-17 School remodelling  Belgium 
06-04-17 Water & energy centre extension  Germany 
06-04-17 Exhibition spaces design  Germany 
06-04-17 New kindergarten  Germany 
06-04-17 University hall design services  United Kingdom 
06-04-17 Daycare centre design  Germany 
06-04-17 New police training building  Austria 
06-04-17 New seniors & childhood centre  United States 
06-04-17 Educational facilities design  United States 
05-04-17 New mechanics training centre  United States 
05-04-17 New school aquatic centre  United States 
05-04-17 School design services  France 
05-04-17 Civic spaces redevelopment  France 
05-04-17 Business incubator rehabilitation  France 
05-04-17 New hospital  China 
05-04-17 College design services  United States 
05-04-17 New campus  United Kingdom 
05-04-17 New research complex  Ethiopia 
04-04-17 School feasibility study  United States 
04-04-17 Music library remodel  United States 
04-04-17 Sport hall development  Germany 
04-04-17 School design services  Germany 
04-04-17 Community spaces design  Germany 
04-04-17 Healthcare building design  Germany 
04-04-17 Schools major overhaul  Germany 
04-04-17 4 civic buildings redevelopment  France 
04-04-17 School complex design  France 
04-04-17 Smart workshops design  France 
04-04-17 University healthcare design  France 
03-04-17 School modernisation  New Zealand 
03-04-17 University institute rehabilitation  France 
03-04-17 School & sports redevelopment  France 
31-03-17 University design services  Chile 
31-03-17 Art museum rehabilitation  France 
30-03-17 New playground  Canada 
30-03-17 Bob Dylan Centre master plan  United States 
30-03-17 Community schools design  China 
30-03-17 School upgrade  France 
30-03-17 School design services  France 
30-03-17 University hospital redesign  France 
30-03-17 School museum redevelopment  Lithuania 
30-03-17 Residential design services  France 
29-03-17 Library design  Germany 
29-03-17 New school  Hungary 
29-03-17 Campus hall restructuring  France 
29-03-17 Primary school campus design  China 
29-03-17 Library department refurbishment  United Kingdom 
28-03-17 University expansion  Portugal 
28-03-17 Educational facilities renewal  Germany 
28-03-17 New school sports hall  Germany 
28-03-17 Campus outdoor facilities upgrade  Germany 
28-03-17 New housing complex  France 
28-03-17 Educational facilities upgrade  Sweden 
28-03-17 School improvement  Poland 
27-03-17 Primary & community school extension  Germany 
27-03-17 New school sports hall  Germany 
27-03-17 New university laboratory building  Germany 
27-03-17 Ideas: innovative school  Germany 
27-03-17 Job corps centre renovation  United States 
27-03-17 Gymnasium renovation  Germany 
24-03-17 New university building  Philippines 
24-03-17 University design framework  Ireland 
24-03-17 University campus design  United Kingdom 
24-03-17 College extension  France 
23-03-17 School complex reconstruction  France 
23-03-17 Public infrastructure design  Jamaica 
22-03-17 Schools design services  Germany 
21-03-17 University renovation  United States 
21-03-17 Primary school development  China 
21-03-17 College campus design  United Kingdom 
17-03-17 Diagnostic centre improvements  United States 
17-03-17 Educational centre design  France 
16-03-17 Science museum master plan  United States 
15-03-17 University building design  United Kingdom 
14-03-17 School complex expansion  Italy 
07-03-17 New school building  Spain 
06-03-17 Mixed-use development  India 
06-03-17 Fine arts showrooms renovation  Belgium 
02-03-17 School facilities upgrade  Switzerland 
01-03-17 Science centre design  United Kingdom 
28-02-17 Fire training facility  United Kingdom 
22-02-17 University design services  United States 
20-02-17 Mixed-use regional framework  United Kingdom 
08-02-17 Ideas: new island  United States 
03-02-17 New multifunctional building  Latvia 
03-02-17 Technology centre redevelopment  Latvia 
01-02-17 School design services  France 
20-01-17 University hospital design  Slovakia 
09-01-17 Ideas: architecture in nature  Spain 
05-08-16 Government facilities design  Australia 
12-04-16 Government design excellence scheme  Australia 



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