Arts & leisure (Contact us to see full tender details)
24-10-14 New library  France 
24-10-14 Developer lead: market relocation  United Kingdom 
24-10-14 Mixed-use development  France 
24-10-14 Town master plan  United States 
24-10-14 Sports facilities upgrade  Canada 
24-10-14 Tourism resort master plan  China 
24-10-14 College renovation  United States 
24-10-14 Heritage building renovation  United States 
23-10-14 Library renovation  United States 
23-10-14 City square design  United Kingdom 
23-10-14 Botanical garden design  Philippines 
23-10-14 Parks master plan  Canada 
23-10-14 Sports facilities  Australia 
23-10-14 College expansion  United States 
22-10-14 Inland waterway development  France 
22-10-14 Mining museum renovation  Poland 
22-10-14 Schools redevelopment  United Kingdom 
22-10-14 Museum & arts centre development  Taiwan 
22-10-14 University expansion  United Kingdom 
22-10-14 New museum headquarters  Brazil 
22-10-14 Television centre expansion  China 
22-10-14 Cultural activity centre  China 
21-10-14 New concert hall  France 
21-10-14 New cultural centre  Czech Republic 
21-10-14 Station upgrade  Germany 
21-10-14 New education & sports centre  Netherlands 
21-10-14 Central park development  Cambodia 
21-10-14 Theme park master plan  China 
21-10-14 Museum design  China 
20-10-14 New museum  Germany 
20-10-14 Beach installations  Canada 
20-10-14 Park landscaping  United States 
20-10-14 New municipal mall  Morocco 
20-10-14 Tourism facilities  United States 
20-10-14 New passenger terminal  France 
17-10-14 New national archive  Poland 
17-10-14 City park redevelopment  Brazil 
17-10-14 New Olympic aquatic centre  Japan 
17-10-14 Golf course master plan  United States 
17-10-14 New senior centre  United States 
17-10-14 Recreation & tourism facilities  China 
16-10-14 Developer lead: parkland upgrade  United Kingdom 
16-10-14 Park design  Italy 
16-10-14 New urban park  China 
15-10-14 Theatre renovation  Germany 
15-10-14 Sports centre master plan  Australia 
15-10-14 Museum extension  Germany 
15-10-14 City parks framework  South Africa 
15-10-14 Park masterplan  United States 
15-10-14 Ideas: stories in architecture  United States 
15-10-14 New park  China 
15-10-14 Island city development  United States 
14-10-14 New education & amusement park  Denmark 
14-10-14 High school extension  Germany 
14-10-14 Leisure centre development  United Kingdom 
14-10-14 New visitor centre  United Kingdom 
14-10-14 Town hall & library renovation  United States 
14-10-14 New public amusement park  Morocco 
14-10-14 New opera theatre  China 
13-10-14 City square design  Germany 
13-10-14 New parish hall  Germany 
13-10-14 School extension  Germany 
13-10-14 New sports park  Belgium 
13-10-14 Tall wooden structures  United States 
13-10-14 New resource centre  United States 
13-10-14 Art school restoration  United Kingdom 
13-10-14 Pool redevelopment  Australia 
13-10-14 New sports centre  Morocco 
13-10-14 Sports club expansion  Bahrain 
13-10-14 Museum upgrade  Canada 
13-10-14 New cultural centre  Morocco 
13-10-14 Leisure facilities upgrade  Canada 
10-10-14 New leisure facility  United Kingdom 
10-10-14 Park rehabilitation  Lithuania 
10-10-14 Youth centres upgrade  Morocco 
10-10-14 Regional framework agreement  Sri Lanka 
10-10-14 New museum design  India 
10-10-14 National museum design  Morocco 
10-10-14 Stadium upgrade  Australia 
10-10-14 New community centre  Canada 
09-10-14 New youth centre  France 
09-10-14 University refurbishment  United Kingdom 
09-10-14 School upgrade  United Kingdom 
09-10-14 Waterfront development  United States 
09-10-14 Park design  Iran 
08-10-14 New urban park  United States 
08-10-14 City parks master plan  Canada 
08-10-14 Various civic urban projects  Poland 
08-10-14 Water park design  United States 
08-10-14 Historic building conversion  France 
08-10-14 New exhibition pavilion  Singapore 
08-10-14 Community facility upgrade  United States 
07-10-14 New multi-purpose sports facility  Netherlands 
07-10-14 Council framework agreement  United Kingdom 
07-10-14 Historic park design  United Kingdom 
07-10-14 New historical archives  Germany 
07-10-14 City centre development  Germany 
06-10-14 Public space design  Switzerland 
06-10-14 Museum framework agreement  United States 
06-10-14 New museum retail space  France 
06-10-14 New swimming pool  Norway 
06-10-14 Promenade development  France 
06-10-14 Theater restoration & redevelopment  Belgium 
06-10-14 Castle restoration & expansion  United Kingdom 
03-10-14 New youth hostel  Germany 
03-10-14 University refurbishment  United Kingdom 
03-10-14 City plaza design  United States 
03-10-14 Bike park renovation  Canada 
03-10-14 Dockside facilities framework agreement  United Kingdom 
03-10-14 Mixed-use development  United Kingdom 
03-10-14 Lighting solutions  Spain 
03-10-14 Design for Tolerance pavilion  Russia 
02-10-14 Ideas: memorial park  Netherlands 
02-10-14 New pedestrian bridge  United States 
02-10-14 Leisure area landscaping  China 
02-10-14 Developer lead: convention centre  United States 
02-10-14 City square regeneration  United Kingdom 
01-10-14 New ice rink  Germany 
01-10-14 Ideas: urban excellence  United States 
01-10-14 New cultural centre  France 
30-09-14 Multipurpose hall upgrade  France 
30-09-14 Developer lead: waterfront development  United Kingdom 
29-09-14 Recreation centre expansion  France 
29-09-14 New leisure centre  Lithuania 
29-09-14 City square design  Germany 
29-09-14 Park master plan  Pakistan 
29-09-14 Public square improvement  Poland 
29-09-14 Castle restoration  United Kingdom 
29-09-14 Ministry extension  Germany 
29-09-14 New school & community facilities  Belgium 
26-09-14 Ideas: architectural drawing  Russia 
26-09-14 Zoo master plan  Pakistan 
26-09-14 Public space development  France 
26-09-14 Park master plan  Panama 
25-09-14 New education campus  United Kingdom 
25-09-14 New museum exhibition  United Kingdom 
25-09-14 New urban park  China 
24-09-14 Council framework agreement  United Kingdom 
24-09-14 Ideas: innovative design  United States 
23-09-14 New performance space  France 
22-09-14 County park masterplan  United States 
22-09-14 Recreation & tourism development  Poland 
22-09-14 New pedestrian plaza  United States 
18-09-14 Coastal planning  Lithuania 
18-09-14 Cultural group framework agreement  United States 
18-09-14 New presidential residence  Estonia 
17-09-14 Ideas: Mexico city development  Mexico 
17-09-14 New memorial  Poland 
17-09-14 New art museum  Taiwan 
16-09-14 Festival showcase garden  Canada 
16-09-14 Food agency expansion  Canada 
15-09-14 Castle restoration  Belgium 
15-09-14 New aquatic facilities  Australia 
15-09-14 New community hub  United Kingdom 
09-09-14 Urban regeneration project  United Kingdom 
09-09-14 Basilica restoration  Belgium 
08-09-14 British design competition  United Kingdom 
08-09-14 New social centre  Estonia 
08-09-14 Theatre renovation  France 
05-09-14 National parks redevelopment  United States 
05-09-14 Ideas: new logistics centre  Finland 
03-09-14 Ideas: Structure celebrating nature  Sweden 
03-09-14 Art installation  Italy 
02-09-14 Park tourism infrastructure  Turkey 
01-09-14 Ideas: Bamboo building  Korea 
01-09-14 Museum renovation  Lithuania 
29-08-14 New leisure facilities  Croatia 
26-08-14 Ideas: Inspirational space  Spain 
26-08-14 Architectural drawing  United States 
14-08-14 Ideas: Town hall renovation  Germany 
11-08-14 Use of Spanish tiles  Spain 
07-08-14 Ideas: Interior/exterior use of wood  Russia 
01-08-14 Ideas: Facade design  Germany 
28-07-14 Ideas: Architectural drawing  Russia 
25-07-14 Trade fair exhibit  Italy 
25-07-14 Ideas: World Expo Pavilion  Italy 
17-07-14 Ideas: new library  Denmark 
15-07-14 Ideas: Freehand architecture sketch  United Kingdom 
10-07-14 Ideas: New temporary pavilion  Russia 
23-01-14 Sky Pavilion  United Kingdom 
30-11--1 Theatre upgrade  Norway 



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