Arts & leisure (Contact us to see full tender details)
17-04-14 New museum building  Lithuania 
17-04-14 New multipurpose facility  United States 
17-04-14 Sports pavilion redevelopment  Australia 
16-04-14 New theatre  Netherlands 
16-04-14 Museum facility renovation  France 
16-04-14 New Balinese garden hall  Germany 
16-04-14 Open space & recreation master plan  United States 
16-04-14 New cinema/theatre  Pakistan 
15-04-14 Parks master plan  Canada 
15-04-14 Art academy school design  Estonia 
15-04-14 New sports centre  Georgia 
15-04-14 Scenic area engineering design  China 
14-04-14 Public park projects  United Kingdom 
14-04-14 New multi user facility & youth precinct  Australia 
14-04-14 Arena replacement  Canada 
11-04-14 Heritage museum  China 
11-04-14 Scenic area master plan  China 
11-04-14 Theatre restoration  United States 
10-04-14 Thermal baths renovation  France 
10-04-14 New leisure facility  United Kingdom 
10-04-14 Library expansion  Canada 
10-04-14 New library  United States 
10-04-14 Museum renovation  Belgium 
10-04-14 Ideas: New mixed-use development  Russia 
09-04-14 New library  Germany 
09-04-14 Wetland park  China 
09-04-14 Component kiosk installations  New Zealand 
09-04-14 Hospitality projects  Qatar 
08-04-14 Tourism master plan  China 
07-04-14 New cultural centre  China 
07-04-14 New sports/cultural complex  Chile 
07-04-14 Parks development  United States 
07-04-14 Recreational sporting facility design  Australia 
04-04-14 New park  Canada 
04-04-14 Park and theatre renovaton  United Kingdom 
04-04-14 Tourism building complex  China 
03-04-14 Chief architect  Belgium 
03-04-14 Pool renovation  Germany 
02-04-14 Cultural centre renovation  Finland 
02-04-14 Pavilion renovation  Belgium 
01-04-14 Museum conservation plan  South Africa 
31-03-14 Architectural services  Lithuania 
28-03-14 Museum renovation  Switzerland 
26-03-14 Museum restoration  Belgium 
26-03-14 Theatre expansion  Germany 
26-03-14 New outdoor museum installations  Germany 
26-03-14 Wine culture centre  Italy 
26-03-14 Health & wellness centre renovation  United States 
25-03-14 Building change of use  France 
25-03-14 Innovative Architectural Projects  France 
24-03-14 New pool  France 
24-03-14 Pool renovation  Germany 
24-03-14 New sports arena  Bulgaria 
18-03-14 Theatre restoration  United Kingdom 
18-03-14 New theatre  Belgium 
17-03-14 Martial arts centre  France 
12-03-14 House of music design  Germany 
11-03-14 New multipurpose hall  Germany 
11-03-14 Park improvements  France 
07-03-14 New museum bulding  Hungary 
07-03-14 House of music design  Hungary 
07-03-14 Museum design services  United Kingdom 
06-03-14 New museum building  France 
05-03-14 Green square design  Australia 
03-03-14 Museum buildings  Hungary 
03-03-14 Multifunctional complex  Italy 
24-02-14 Sports complex renovation  Czech Republic 
04-02-14 Tourist centre urban design  Bosnia and Herzegovina 
23-01-14 Sky Pavilion  United Kingdom 
03-01-14 Bath house revitalisation  Latvia 
11-10-13 Land art generator initiative  Denmark 



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