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19-12-14 Tourist development  Poland 
19-12-14 New lakefront kiosk  United States 
19-12-14 New temporary theatre  United States 
19-12-14 Ideas: bullring conversion  Spain 
19-12-14 New walking & bike trail  Australia 
19-12-14 Civic centre alterations  Australia 
19-12-14 Arts centre redevelopment  Australia 
19-12-14 Museum upgrade  United Kingdom 
19-12-14 Heritage museum design  China 
18-12-14 Arena upgrade  France 
18-12-14 Historic buildings framework  France 
18-12-14 State park development  United States 
18-12-14 Park master plan update  United States 
17-12-14 New aquatic centre  France 
17-12-14 Tea rooms development  Ireland 
17-12-14 City square renewal  France 
17-12-14 Community centre redevelopment  United Kingdom 
17-12-14 Ski facilities design  Turkey 
17-12-14 Design & construction consultancy  Afghanistan 
17-12-14 Tourist site master plan  Philippines 
17-12-14 Art museum expansion  China 
17-12-14 New mixed-use facility  Rwanda 
17-12-14 Scenic conceptual masterplan  China 
16-12-14 City square renewal  Germany 
16-12-14 Restaurant renovation  Germany 
16-12-14 Urban renewal  France 
16-12-14 School renovation  Germany 
16-12-14 Community centre conversion  United States 
16-12-14 Library expansion  United States 
16-12-14 New gymnasium  United States 
16-12-14 Sports facilities upgrade  United States 
16-12-14 Park design  United States 
16-12-14 River front master plan  India 
16-12-14 Eco-tourism development  India 
16-12-14 Park master plan  United States 
16-12-14 High-rise apartments  China 
15-12-14 Historic buildings reuse  Czech Republic 
15-12-14 State archives extension  Germany 
15-12-14 Developer lead: town regeneration  United Kingdom 
15-12-14 Developer lead: leisure centre  United Kingdom 
15-12-14 Industrial land reclamation  Germany 
15-12-14 Ideas: stormwater management  United Kingdom 
15-12-14 Nature park development  India 
15-12-14 National park master plan  United States 
15-12-14 University library expansion  United States 
15-12-14 Tourist area regeneration  Ecuador 
15-12-14 Wildlife park landscaping  Canada 
15-12-14 New educational facilities  China 
15-12-14 Park & sports facilities redevelopment  United States 
12-12-14 Community centre upgrade  United States 
12-12-14 New museum  United States 
12-12-14 Skatepark design  Canada 
12-12-14 Park improvements  United States 
12-12-14 Coliseum renovation  United States 
12-12-14 New water playground  Australia 
12-12-14 New sports museum  Germany 
12-12-14 Heritage trail extension  Malta 
12-12-14 Heritage structures assessment  Philippines 
11-12-14 Workshop renovation  France 
11-12-14 Water playground design  Australia 
11-12-14 Park upgrade  Australia 
11-12-14 Railway precinct masterplan  Australia 
11-12-14 Arena upgrade  United States 
11-12-14 Stadiums upgrade  India 
11-12-14 Sports facilities design  India 
11-12-14 Park development  United States 
11-12-14 Leisure centre improvements  Canada 
11-12-14 Urban passage competition  China 
11-12-14 Heritage parks design  Australia 
11-12-14 State park master plan  United States 
11-12-14 Regional park improvement  United States 
10-12-14 New cricket stadium  India 
10-12-14 New town gate  India 
10-12-14 Park design  United States 
10-12-14 Public space design  Germany 
10-12-14 New museum exhibitions  France 
10-12-14 Zoo development  Germany 
10-12-14 Observatory upgrade  Denmark 
10-12-14 Residential develpment  Denmark 
10-12-14 City square design  Germany 
10-12-14 Museum upgrade  Germany 
10-12-14 Stadium conversion & extension  Germany 
10-12-14 Council framework  Ireland 
10-12-14 New museum & archive centre  United Kingdom 
10-12-14 Swimming pool upgrade  Canada 
10-12-14 New playground facility  United Kingdom 
10-12-14 Council framework  Ireland 
09-12-14 New student centre  Canada 
09-12-14 Museum redevelopment  France 
09-12-14 New coastal facilities  United Kingdom 
09-12-14 New community hall  India 
09-12-14 Mixed-use development  India 
09-12-14 Public space improvement  Canada 
09-12-14 Ideas: use of ceramics  Italy 
09-12-14 New athletics arena  Sweden 
09-12-14 Community centre upgrade  United States 
09-12-14 Eco-tourism development  India 
09-12-14 Tourist facilities development  India 
09-12-14 Historic temples development  India 
09-12-14 Embassy renovation  Serbia 
09-12-14 Administrative quarters restoration  Japan 
09-12-14 University extension  United States 
08-12-14 University extension  France 
08-12-14 School renovation  Germany 
08-12-14 Castle restoration  France 
08-12-14 New town park  Morocco 
08-12-14 Station redevelopment  Germany 
08-12-14 New park  Germany 
08-12-14 Rail facilities built & renovation  Canada 
08-12-14 New cafe & cycle centre  United Kingdom 
08-12-14 Park design  India 
08-12-14 **Ideas: New landmark bridge**  United Kingdom 
05-12-14 Church restoration  France 
05-12-14 Municipal projects  India 
05-12-14 Sports headquarters expansion  Singapore 
05-12-14 Community facilities restoration  Morocco 
05-12-14 New arts & cultural centre  France 
05-12-14 University development  Nigeria 
04-12-14 New community facilities  United States 
04-12-14 Community garden redesign  Morocco 
04-12-14 New urban green spaces  Morocco 
04-12-14 Aquatic centre redevelopment  France 
04-12-14 Ideas: Sports campus redesign  Germany 
04-12-14 Park design services  United States 
03-12-14 New youth palace  China 
03-12-14 New multipurpose hall  France 
03-12-14 Community garden design  Morocco 
03-12-14 New multipurpose hall  France 
03-12-14 Urban spaces development  France 
03-12-14 New community centre  Germany 
03-12-14 Heritage complex renovation  Germany 
02-12-14 New aquatic centre  Denmark 
02-12-14 City campus design  France 
02-12-14 Ideas: memorial centre  Poland 
02-12-14 Ideas: virtual spaces  Canada 
02-12-14 University renovation & expansion  Canada 
01-12-14 Tourist development  Poland 
01-12-14 Museum upgrade  Canada 
01-12-14 New business academy campus  Denmark 
28-11-14 Developer lead: mixed-use facilities  United Kingdom 
28-11-14 Museum upgrade  United Kingdom 
28-11-14 Sports club renovation & expansion  Germany 
28-11-14 Mixed-use development  United Kingdom 
28-11-14 20 children's play areas  United Arab Emirates 
27-11-14 New public gardens  Canada 
27-11-14 New cultural centre  Australia 
27-11-14 Ideas: fire resilient building  Denmark 
27-11-14 Museum design  Australia 
26-11-14 Church restoration  France 
26-11-14 New plaza  United States 
26-11-14 New park design  Canada 
26-11-14 Urban square design  Australia 
26-11-14 Sea front park development  United States 
26-11-14 New community centre  United States 
25-11-14 University renovation  France 
25-11-14 Art school restoration  United Kingdom 
25-11-14 Parks restoration  Belgium 
25-11-14 University development  United Kingdom 
24-11-14 New gymnasium  France 
24-11-14 Town centre development  France 
24-11-14 Ideas: historic fort redevelopment  Italy 
21-11-14 Aquatic centre upgrade  France 
21-11-14 Playgrounds development  Belgium 
21-11-14 Mixed-use framework agreement  France 
20-11-14 Grotto renovation  Germany 
20-11-14 New mobile parks  United Kingdom 
20-11-14 Ideas: visions for fashion hub  Thailand 
20-11-14 City precinct master plan  Australia 
20-11-14 Developer lead: commercial centre  Singapore 
18-11-14 Aquatic centre upgrade  France 
18-11-14 Town redevelopment  France 
18-11-14 Landscape framework agreement  Sweden 
18-11-14 New cultural centre  Afghanistan 
18-11-14 Ideas: new library  United States 
18-11-14 Ideas: temporary cinema  Senegal 
17-11-14 Park facilities redevelopment  United States 
17-11-14 Cultural park planning & design  China 
13-11-14 Museum renovation  Czech Republic 
13-11-14 Ideas: new fashion hub  Thailand 
13-11-14 Spa renovation  Spain 
12-11-14 Mosque renovation  Morocco 
12-11-14 New HQs of science centre  Italy 
11-11-14 Ideas: new museum  Portugal 
10-11-14 Ideas: velodrome within skyscraper  Canada 
10-11-14 Hospital repurpose master plan  United States 
07-11-14 Sculpture park installation  United States 
07-11-14 Innovative city developments  France 
03-11-14 Mixed-use development  Nigeria 
03-11-14 Automobile town design  China 
31-10-14 New gymnasium  France 
30-10-14 Flood defence solutions  United States 
29-10-14 Coastal tourist development  Romania 
28-10-14 Ideas: waterfront development  Portugal 
28-10-14 Ideas: site specific theatre  Germany 
22-10-14 Museum & arts centre development  Taiwan 
21-10-14 New cultural centre  Czech Republic 
17-10-14 New Olympic aquatic centre  Japan 
16-10-14 Park design  Italy 
15-10-14 Ideas: stories in architecture  United States 
08-10-14 New exhibition pavilion  Singapore 
07-10-14 Historic park design  United Kingdom 
17-09-14 Ideas: Mexico city development  Mexico 
17-09-14 New art museum  Taiwan 
01-08-14 Ideas: Facade design  Germany 



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