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29-05-15 New museum  Colombia 
29-05-15 New embassy compound  Brazil 
29-05-15 Parks & trails master plan  Canada 
29-05-15 Cultural & sports activities complex  China 
29-05-15 Tourism development  China 
29-05-15 New social space  Russia 
28-05-15 Ideas: commemorative library  Morocco 
28-05-15 New temporary pavilion  Spain 
28-05-15 New hotel complex  Russia 
28-05-15 New community centre  Australia 
28-05-15 New library  New Zealand 
28-05-15 New high-end urban complex  China 
27-05-15 Administration building upgrade  Germany 
27-05-15 Museum & library design competition  China 
26-05-15 Stadium upgrade  Canada 
26-05-15 Urban park development  China 
22-05-15 New swimming pool  United States 
22-05-15 School extension  France 
22-05-15 Urban development plan  France 
22-05-15 New community centre  United States 
22-05-15 Regional tourism master planning  China 
21-05-15 New sports complex  India 
21-05-15 Park master plan  Canada 
21-05-15 Two parks improvement  United States 
20-05-15 Library extension  Canada 
20-05-15 New entertainment centre  Canada 
20-05-15 Property complex conversion  France 
20-05-15 Country park master plan  United Kingdom 
18-05-15 New cultural & science centre  Canada 
15-05-15 Downtown restoration & redevelopment  United States 
15-05-15 New entertainment centre  Canada 
15-05-15 New hotel & convention centre  United States 
15-05-15 Civic developments  Switzerland 
15-05-15 Town design & preservation  United States 
15-05-15 University extension  United States 
14-05-15 Historic building restoration  United States 
14-05-15 Foreign embassy upgrade  United States 
14-05-15 Bank leisure facilities  India 
14-05-15 Ideas: Sport complex renovation  Korea 
14-05-15 Ideas: Urban Dreams  Turkey 
12-05-15 School expansion  France 
12-05-15 Parks & trails master plan  Canada 
12-05-15 Youth & community developments  Belize 
12-05-15 Mixed-use development  United Kingdom 
12-05-15 WIN Awards 2015  United Kingdom 
12-05-15 Retail precincts design  Australia 
11-05-15 Town centre development  Germany 
11-05-15 New war memorial  United States 
11-05-15 New cultural complex  Russia 
11-05-15 Public space regeneration  Croatia 
11-05-15 Riverside regeneration  Canada 
11-05-15 Ideas: temporary pavilion  Spain 
11-05-15 New sports pavilion  Australia 
11-05-15 New cultural precinct  Australia 
07-05-15 WAN sustainable buildings award  United Kingdom 
07-05-15 New library  Martinique 
07-05-15 New multi-purpose hall  France 
07-05-15 Castle visitor development  Ireland 
01-05-15 Concert hall restoration  Canada 
01-05-15 Sports & leisure development  Denmark 
30-04-15 New commercial complex  India 
24-04-15 Historic district upgrade  Romania 
24-04-15 Tourism infrastructure design  Oman 
23-04-15 Educational framework agreement  United States 
23-04-15 Parks framework agreement  United States 
21-04-15 Ideas: waterfront development  Latvia 
21-04-15 Urban regeneration  Russia 
21-04-15 Ideas: sustainable design  Russia 
21-04-15 Historic landscape design  United States 
21-04-15 Historic landscape preservation  United States 
17-04-15 New temporary pavilion  United Kingdom 
16-04-15 Council framework agreement  Finland 
15-04-15 New library & multipurpose room  France 
15-04-15 International tourism town design  China 
14-04-15 New museum exhibition  Sweden 
13-04-15 Council property framework  Ireland 
10-04-15 Garden show exhibit  Italy 
09-04-15 Architecture biennale exhibits  Austria 
09-04-15 New war memorial  United States 
09-04-15 Historic centre urban regeneration  Portugal 
02-04-15 Army base consulting services  United States 
01-04-15 New convention centre  Philippines 
30-03-15 Ideas: new marketplace  Turkey 
27-03-15 New memorial  United States 
27-03-15 New gymnasium  Japan 
26-03-15 Developer lead: waterfront complex  Australia 
24-03-15 New urban plaza  Peru 
19-03-15 Government consultancy  Australia 
16-03-15 Ideas: urban development  Norway 
06-03-15 Ideas: sustainable building  United States 
06-03-15 Ideas: unbuilt design concepts  United States 
05-03-15 Ideas: new music centre  Japan 
04-03-15 Developer lead: library extension  United Kingdom 
19-02-15 New cycling park  United States 
11-02-15 Ideas: innovative use of windows  Poland 
08-01-15 Ideas: virtual design  United States 
28-11-14 Developer lead: mixed-use facilities  United Kingdom 
07-10-14 Historic park design  United Kingdom 



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