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World Architecture Day 2014
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Saturday April 19 2014


Date Headline Project Name Architect
20/05/2008  A vibrant change  Chifley Hotel Potts Point, Sydney,  Marchese + Partners International Pty 
22/04/2008  Sydney’s carbon secret  The Invisible House  EnterArchitecture 
05/04/2008  Futuristic houses approved in Sydney  The Moebius House and the Tide House  Tony Owen NDM Architects 
28/03/2008  New Opera House plans cause uproar  Sydney Opera House plans  Editorial 
06/12/2007  New meets old  Flour Mill Studios  Allen Jack+Cottier 
06/12/2007  The town within a town  Rouse Hill  Editorial 
06/12/2007  Journey into the wilderness  Emirates Resort & Spa  TURNER. 
03/12/2007  Luxury apartments on Sydney Harbour  Louisa Road Apartments  SJB Architects NSW 
30/11/2007  Striking office building approved  Elizabeth Street Offices  Aleksandar Design Group Pty Ltd 
28/11/2007  Latest news - city roundups..  Metro News  Editorial 
21/11/2007  Sydney Aquatic Centre opens with a  Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre  Editorial 
04/10/2007  Riding high  Harley Davidson Headquarters  Tony Owen NDM Architects 
12/09/2007  The Scarp House at Castlecrag  The Scarp House  Kooi-Ying Architects 
15/08/2007  A key site  The Entrance  Tony Owen NDM Architects 
03/07/2007  In a loop  Loop House  Tony Owen NDM Architects 
29/05/2007  Extreme make-over  Shavran Tower  Brenchley Architects 
04/04/2007  Sydney Water HQ - work starts  Sydney Water HQ  Denton Corker Marshall 
28/03/2007  New Sydney development approved  St Leonards Quarters  Aleksandar Design Group Pty Ltd 
19/02/2007  Multi-cultural workplace interaction  Sanofi Aventis, Sydney, Australia  PROJECT CONTROL GROUP 
07/01/2007  Contemporary Sustainability in the  The Clovelly House  kennedy associates architects 
06/01/2007  Bondi House causes waves at the Beach  Wave House Bondi  Tony Owen NDM Architects 
17/12/2006  Light Modernist  Palm Beach Residence  Bennett Architects & Associates Pty. 
12/12/2006  Like Nothing Else in the Harbour City  Bourke Street Apartment  Smart Design Studio 
11/12/2006  Rugged bushland setting  Kangaroo Valley House  TURNER. 
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