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Friday January 30 2015


Date Headline Project Name Architect
30/01/2008  Another year of architecture for the  METRO ROUND_UP: Rotterdam  Rookje Meijerink 
03/10/2014  Rotterdam heads to market  Markthal  MVRDV 
16/09/2014  Community spirit keeps park initiative  Easehouse Pop Up Toilet  LAGADO architects 
15/08/2014  Disused section of canal to be revamped  RiF010 Water Sports Arena  WAN Editorial 
24/03/2014  Key European transport hub now open  Rotterdam Centraal Station  Benthem Crouwel Architects 
14/03/2014  Art storage facility put on display  Collection Building, Museum Boijmans  MVRDV 
28/02/2014  Reinventing De Kuip  Feyenoord Stadium (De Kuip)  Erick van Egeraat 
09/10/2013  Cut from the same cloth...  Fabriek Delfshaven  Mei Architecten en stedenbouwers b.v. 
23/08/2013  New angle on existing homes  Supercube  Personal Architecture BNA 
22/03/2013  Branching out in Rotterdam  Bosse Bridge  LAVA 
18/09/2012  A school with a difference  Arconik Nieuwstraat school  arconiko 
17/05/2012  The World's Most Temporary Pavilion  The Bubble Building  DUS Architects 
13/03/2012  Architecture finds its roots  24H>architecture  24H-architecture 
09/03/2012  Lets go Dutch  KCAP  KCAP Architects & Planners 
05/03/2012  Food, glorious food  NIO architecten  NIO architecten 
16/12/2011  Oozing sophistication  Villa Rotterdam  Ooze 
19/07/2011  Sputnik takes a chance  Achterhaven  Sputnik Architecture Urbanism Research 
03/06/2011  Flexible to the core  Erasmus University Campus  De Zwarte Hond architects 
16/11/2010  A sign of the times  House in a church  Ruud Visser Architects 
08/11/2010  Urban intimacy  Blaak 31  KCAP Architects & Planners 
09/09/2010  A ‘GREEN RIVER’ for Rotterdam  GREEN RIVER  Monolab Architects 
12/04/2010  A community school in the heart of  Transformation Community School  Arconiko architecten 
15/12/2009  Koolhaas returns home  The Rotterdam  OMA 
30/11/2009  Water works  The Watersquare  De Urbanisten 
19/11/2009  Tunnel to the future  Rotterdam Market Hall  MVRDV 
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