WAN Mobile
Designers in Residence
Start Date 10/09/2014
End Date 08/03/2015
Location London
Country United Kingdom
Description This annual exhibition, which celebrates new and emerging design talent, will open 10 September 2014 and feature the designers selected by a distinguished panel. This year’s theme is disruption and Deyan Sudjic, Director of the Design Museum, explains: "More than most, ‘disruptive’ is a term whose meaning is dependent on the context. Conventionally considered almost invariably a bad thing – difficult pupils, bad neighbours, ill-considered town planning - it is now the most sought after quality in a new product. It has completely overtaken the previously well regarded term sustainable, and its slightly more current synonym, resilient. Disruptive technologies are what made Apple’s comeback a decade ago so successful. Disruptive innovation interrupts established ways of thinking, diverges from traditional practices and proposes new, unexpected ideas. This year we are asking the Designers in Residence to reflect on and explore the multiple possibilities expressed by the concept of disruption and the disruptive."
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