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Lunchbox Talk: Food for the city, from the city
Event Date 05/07/2011
Location London
Country United Kingdom
Description Architecture Centre Network presents the first talk in the series 'Urban Food': two mouth-watering lunchbox talks that will plant seeds in your mind about opportunities to grow food and nourish our communities in the very heart of our cities.

Ben Reynolds, Network Director at Sustain, will be talking about his role developing a sustainable local food system for London. He will describe innovative projects illustrating that with imagination, the inner city provides opportunities to create urban market gardens growing fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables for local people, for local urban gardening apprenticeship and volunteering, to map, nurture and harvest local fruit trees to create jam, chutney, puddings and drinks, to turn empty shops into urban farming hubs and to create urban farmers’ markets. This is all happening here in London!

URL https://www.eventelephant.com/foodforthecity