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Was macht der Einsiedlerkrebs in der Kuschelecke?
Start Date 01/04/2011
End Date 12/05/2011
Location Berlin
Country Germany
Description For over a decade now, Gmür & Geschwentner Architekten have worked in the area of urban residential development. Exploiting their keen intuition for context and for the needs of users, they design buildings characterised by two principal traits: a conspicuous delight in narrating the residential biography of the respective town, and a sensual approach to colour in space.

Through selected works, that suggest how residential development can be straightforward and functional on the one hand, yet individualistic and personalized on the other. For example in the residential project 'James' in Zürich-Albisrieden, the architects devised seventy-six different floor plans for the 283 units – a genuine lexicon of residential types. The installation succeeds on multiple levels as an scenarization of the experiences of dwelling and emotion.

URL www.aedes-arc.de