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    Doha | Qatar

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    Dubai | United Arab Emirates

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    London | United Kingdom

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Raum und Zeit
Start Date 26/03/2011
End Date 03/07/2011
Location Ghent 
Country Belgium 
Description Raum und Zeit is the first solo exhibition by German sculptor Michael Sailstorfer (°1979, Velden/Vils) in Belgium and the largest so far. On the basis of more then twenty works, S.M.A.K. sketches a nuanced picture of Sailstorfer's still young oeuvre.

Central to this exhibition are the two components that shape our reality: time and space. It is precisely these two components that Michael Sailstorfer tries to influence. In his experiments of how a droning sound fills a room or how the smell of burning rubber slowly but surely takes over the whole museum, he poses the question of how sculptures occupy space, how they expand beyond their physical size and how we, the spectator, relate to this. 

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