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'Convivencia' at Timbuktu: Jewish Influence on West African Architecture
Event Date 30/03/2011
Location New York
Country United States
Description Sightlines series of lectures continues - Labelle Prussin examines Jewish influence on West African architecture

In the past, many in the academic community viewed West Africa as isolated from the rest of the continent. In this lecture, titled ‘Convivencia’ at Timbuktu: Jewish Influence on West African Architecture, distinguished scholar Labelle Prussin discusses a historic nexus of Jewish traders, scholars, builders, and artisans in Timbuktu who were linked to North Africa via the historic trans-Saharan trade routes. Dr. Prussin will share examples of architectural and artisanal similarities that may point to an Islamic-cum-Judaic convivencia (coexistence) that contributed to, and enriched the African architectural landscape.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
6:30–7:45 pm

Columbia University, Knox Hall, room 207
606 West 122nd Street (southwest corner of 122nd and Broadway),
New York City

Free entry

URL www.africanart.org