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Talk: A Confection Of Concrete
Event Date 12/01/2011
Location London
Country United Kingdom
Description Featuring two new projects in London and Bristol, with an emphasis on structure, surface and style.

The Angel Building, London.
Speaker: Steve Smith, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris.

The atrium space at the core of the newly refurbished Angel Building acts as a hub for workers and visitors and is a beautifully crafted dramatic space. The ETFE foil roof allows natural light to flood in. The exposed smooth, monolithic concrete structure and the double height bays draw the eye up towards the lightweight roof construction.

Redcliff Street Plaza, Bristol.
Speaker: Jon Akers Coyle, Gillespies.

Artistic collaboration is at the heart of this public space which features 'plinths' of stone developed using a technique of layering coloured concrete to create an elegant ‘strata’ effect.

Free to attend. Book online.

URL www.buildingcentre.co.uk/events/event_diary_details.asp?id=635