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ACADI@NY Event - The Cooper Union
Event Date 23/10/2010
Location New York
Country United States
Description On October 23, The Great Hall @ Cooper Union will host a 3-hour revolutionary event celebrating digital innovation in the arts. ACADI@NY will bring together architecture students and musicians/technologists alike who have pushed the limits of software, stretching the status-quo of digital production to a technical 'breaking point'.

The event will showcase 20 students who have competed across the New York Tri-State region to offer a platform for their talent in spontaneous 4-minute interval presentations. Student innovation will be bolstered by DJs, producers, technologists, and visualization artist performances by some of New York's leading talent in music production industry: Rob Swift, DJ Precision, Laura Escude, DJ Endo, Peter Kirn and Zemi 17. It will truly be a ground-breaking event to celebrate innovation for the ACADIA Conference. LIVE music performances and visualizations will be sponsored by Dubspot in Manhattan.

7th East 7th Street

Conference Chairs:
Aaron Sprecher
Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa
Shai Yeshayahu

ACADI@NY Event Curator:
Meredith Bostwick

URL www.acadia.org/acadia2010/acadiany