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Kew’s Herbarium opening
Event Date 28/09/2010
Location Kew
Country United Kingdom
Description The opening of a new wing of Kew’s Herbarium, Library, Art and Archives, designed by Edward Cullinan Architects

Every 40 years or so Kew’s Herbarium has to expand to accommodate all the specimens brought back to Kew by botanists and partners from their expeditions (30,000 - 50,000 new specimens every year). Kew’s Herbarium is an active research centre and its collection of some 8 million preserved plant and fungal specimens are used by scientists trying to find out how plants, fungi and their ecosystems are thriving or declining in the face of threats such as biodiversity loss and climate change.

Located on Kew Green, Kew TW9 3AE

URL www.kew.org/collections/herbcol.html