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On course to a greener future
Start Date 10/06/2010
End Date 11/06/2010
Location Edinburgh
Country United Kingdom
Description The College of Estate Management (CEM) will be delivering a two day RICS course, Introduction to Sustainability and the Built Environment, in Edinburgh on June 10/11.

The course is a definitive guide to sustainability in the built environment and is aimed at not only RICS members but also others involved in the property sector such as professionals within legal, financial or administration. It will take place from 9.30am to 5.00pm at RICS, 9 Manor Place, Edinburgh EH3 7DN.

Among its aims, the course hopes to provide a clear understanding of the issues that underpin sustainability, the risks and opportunities it presents to businesses and developing action plans to meet its challenges. The course costs £595 excluding VAT.

URL www.cem.ac.uk