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Lecture series: The Production of Appearance
Start Date 06/05/2010
End Date 29/06/2010
Location Frankfurt am Main 
Country Germany 
Description The Städelschule Architecture Class (SAC) presents its forthcoming public lecture series. The series commences in May, runs till July and is entitled, 'The Production of Appearance'. The series has been conceived and is executed by Nikolaus Hirsch and Johan Bettum.

With The Production of Appearance, SAC will address how contemporary architecture can be understood in terms of how it emerges in a critical public context. This context includes the way that architecture is mediated in printed and online media, but also the subtle and not-so-subtle means that architects engage with to manifest an identity for their buildings and transform formal and informal gestures into architectural qualities.

Unless otherwise stated, the lectures take place in Städelschule Aula at 19:00. Dates and guest lecturers are as follows:

6 May
The Colonial Modern
Marion von Osten - Artist/Curator, Berlin/Vienna

27 May
How To Be Relevant?
Ingo Niermann - Writer, Berlin

2 June
Almost Everything
Adam Caruso - Architect, London

9 June
Computational Form and Material Gestalt: Architectural Phenotypes
Achim Menges - Architect, Frankfurt/Stuttgart

18 June
Views from the South: Thinking Again About Building Dwelling Thinking
Jeff Malpas - Philosopher, Tasmania

22 June
Unbuilt Speculative: On the Death of the Magazine and the Rise of the Biennale
Joseph Grima - Curator/Editor, New York/Milan

24 June
A New Understanding
Ben van Berkel - Architect, Amsterdam

29 June
On-Site: Publication as Practice
Zak Kyes - Graphic Designer/Curator, London 

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