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Architecture Week 2007
Start Date 15/06/2007
End Date 24/06/2007
Location London
Country United Kingdom
Description Could you run an event for Architecture Week 2007?

Architecture Week is a great opportunity to ‘big up’ architecture and an excellent hook on which to hang any activities relating to the built environment locally.

Now’s the time to get cracking on organising your events and activities for Architecture Week!

Planning for Architecture Week South East is already well under way, because ACE SE has committed funding for us – the Solent Centre for Architecture + Design; and the RIBA locally – to run it.

Possibilities include:

Building tours
Fun Design Day (get teams of public, staff etc to compete to redesign a part of your town – we can probably find you some architects to help out)
Photo competition (guess which building, from roofline or detail)
Guided walks
Workshops for schools

Theme for 2007

The theme for Architecture Week in the South East will be:
different perspectives
… to be interpreted as broadly as you like! How about …
How different groups of people perceive a building or space
Looking at places which are usually hidden or ‘invisible’
Making fresh connections between places
Making the most of every centimetre of a space
How to get people to see your town/building/space in new ways

Start planning now. If you would like to bounce ideas off us, do get in touch – or call 01892 515878