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Bruno Cals photography exhbit
Start Date 06/05/2010
End Date 31/07/2010
Location New York City
Country United States
Description Horizons, a series of architectural photographs by Brazilian photographer Bruno Cals, will be on view at 1500 Gallery in New York City. The six photographs in the exhibition are part of a personal artistic project that Cals, a well-known fashion and advertising photographer based in São Paulo, Brazil, has been working on since 2008.

The photographs in the Horizons series are suggestive of something beyond the record presented. The images of the buildings in São Paulo, Tokyo and Buenos Aires explore the limits of two-dimensionality, and articulate a radically different perspective on a commonplace visual scenario. In expressing this fresh point of view, Bruno Cals has invoked contrasting themes of possibility versus impossibility, presence versus emptiness, and search versus satisfaction.

URL www.1500gallery.com