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An Evening with Carolyn Steel
Event Date 06/05/2010
Location Manchester
Country United Kingdom
Description CUBE and the Institute of Urban Thinking will host a talk by best selling author Carolyn Steel, as part of the Manchester Architecture and Design Festival 2010. London based Architect and author of the Hungry City, Carolyn Steel has been invited by the IUT to introduce her visionary approach to food production and the future of urban planning. Every day cities require enough food to be produced, transported, bought, sold and cooked, to provide millions of meals for its inhabitants. Carolyn will discuss how, without a reliable food supply, even the most modern city would collapse quickly. The evening will be chaired by Manchester based Urban Designer and restaurateur Andy Spracklen, from Urban8 and Ning Restaurant. There will be an opportunity for book signing as well as tasters from Ning Restaurant and local producers.
URL www.madf.co.uk