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Ecology. Design. Synergy
Start Date 18/03/2010
End Date 19/04/2010
Location Los Angeles
Country United States
Description The exhibition Ecology.Design.Synergy is designed to redefine the term ‘sustainability’ by examining how people inhabit their built environments. This exhibition showcases the innovative design approach of Behnisch Architekten and Transsolar Climate Engineering as illustrated by a roster of international projects and ongoing collaborations.

Ecology.Design.Synergy tries to educate and inspire through large-scale graphics, architectural models, photographs, videos, and diagrams in a dynamic and engaging space. Divided into three segments—Exposition, Development, and Recapitulation—the exhibition posits the state of environmental challenge, practical solutions to create responsible places for people to thrive, and the social implications of necessary changes. Discussions of economics, development, population, politics, biology, standards, materials, and scale are woven through the exhibition, in an attempt to show the complexity of these synergistic issues.

URL www.ciscocatalog.com/