FRIDAY 22 MAY 2015



  • Senior Design Architect – Shopping Malls Experience 

    Riyadh | Saudi Arabia

  • Senior Transport Architect 

    Doha | Qatar

  • Architectural Designer 

    Singapore | Singapore

  • Associate Interior Designer 

    Dubai | United Arab Emirates

  • Head of Marketing & Communications 

    London | United Kingdom

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9/11 and Trials of Terror
Event Date 28/04/2010
Location New York 
Country United States 
Description A panel will offer a dialogue with multiple perspectives on a complex subject – trying terror suspects in civilian courts and military tribunals, with a discussion regarding the Khalid Sheikh Mohammed trial. Panelists include Karen Greenberg, the executive director New York University’s Center on Law and Security, and Dennis Farrell, a nationally recognized security expert with more than three decades in law enforcement, and New York State Supreme Court Judge Edward McCarty, an expert in military tribunals. 
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