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Mind your behaviour
Start Date 12/02/2010
End Date 13/05/2010
Location Copenhagen 
Country Denmark 
Description Mind your behaviour invites you to step in behind the scenes at one of the largest and most successful architectural companies in Denmark, 3XN, known for prestigious projects such as: Ørestad College, the new Denmark’s Aquarium, 'The Blue Planet', Saxo Bank's award-winning head offices and the Danish Embassy in Berlin.

The exhibition is based on 3XN's most recent and remarkable projects, and provides an insight into the thoughts, visions and processes that lie behind 3XN's architecture. 3XN has carved out a unique position for itself within Danish architecture and is a strong presence internationally – thanks to the studio’s spectacular buildings, a firm focus on innovation and not least the important position given to human behaviour.

Mind your behaviour focuses on and challenges the concept of behaviour as expressed in seven themes directly associated with the design universe of its architectural practice. These themes of ‘Cultural Behaviour’, ‘Learning Behaviour’, ‘Human Behaviour’, ‘Social Behaviour’, ‘Public Behaviour’, ‘Building Behaviour’, and ‘Responsible Behaviour’, place focus on that which happens when architecture shapes behaviour and indeed when architecture through its own behaviour shapes our lives and relationships. 

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