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Architecture ZA 2010
Start Date 21/09/2010
End Date 27/09/2010
Location Johannesburg
Country South Africa
Description Architecture ZA 2010 offers a week-long festival under the auspices of the South African Institute of Architects. It proposes to relocate architecture within the contemporary conditions and cultural production of South Africa. Local and international architects, as well as a wide collection of creative minds engaged in the imaging and production of the city - from filmmakers to urban geographers, space politicians to community organizers, philosophers to fashion critics - will be put into energetic contact. They will respond to a range of themes and topics designed to encourage the intersection of multi-disciplinary voices with architects and architecture.

Architecture ZA 2010 will engage with a wide, popular reach of interests to which sponsors and the general public can relate. Top international names, varied platforms for debate and a multitude of performances and events will ensure critical mass and major exposure.

URL www.aza2010.org