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Start Date 16/01/2010
End Date 19/01/2010
Location Hannover 
Country Germany 
Description DOMOTEX HANNOVER 2010 is hosting the second European Competition for the Interior Furnishing Trades. During the two-day competition young interior furnishers up to the age of 25 will be able to demonstrate their skills by designing and furnishing a room from scratch. To qualify for entry, candidates must have passed their apprenticeship examination during the previous year and won their respective national competitions for interior furnishing tradesmen. In order to reflect the complexity of the job that interior furnishers do, the competition is divided into four sections, each covering a different area of activity: modern and traditional upholstery work; the fitting of textile and resilient floor coverings; the fabrication and installation of window blinds; and the application of wall coverings. All contestants are assigned an empty booth that simulates a typical room, and given 15 hours to complete the same set of tasks. The jury consists of representatives from the four national trade associations concerned. Urs Kern, President of EuroInterior, will present the prizes to the winners on Sunday 17 January 2010 at a ceremony staged in the competition arena. In order to represent the interests of the interior furnishing trades in the German-speaking countries at a European level, the national trade associations for Switzerland, Germany, Austria and South Tyrol banded together in 2006 to revive the previous European interior furnishing association under the name EuroInterior. The newly formed body staged the first European competition for the interior furnishing trades in 2008, also hosted by DOMOTEX HANNOVER. The member associations of EuroInterior are the Central Association for Interior Furnishing (Germany); interieursuisse – Swiss Association of Interior Decorators, Furniture Dealers and Saddlers (Switzerland); the Federal Guild of Wallpaper Hangers and Interior Decorators (Austria); and the South Tyrol Guild of Wallpaper Hangers and Interior Furnishers (Italy). 
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